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Part 5 :
Strapping And Punishment Lines

Special Spanking Unit
Episode 10 :
The Parking Tickets Part Two
Special Spanking Unit
Episode 9 :
The Parking Tickets Part One
St. Catherines Private
School For Girls
Episode 102 : Disruptive In Class Part Two

St. Catherines Private
School For Girls
Episode 101 : Disruptive In Class Part One

Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency
Episode 23 : Taking Liberties Part Two

Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency
Episode 22 : Taking Liberties Part One

Special Spanking Unit
Episode 8 : Strapped For Peeing In The Woods

The Bellview Catholic School
Episode 22 : Detention. Part Two

St. Elizabeth Hospital
Episode 69 : Jenna's Weekly Evaluation
Part Two

The Bellview Catholic School
Episode 21 : Detention. Part One

St. Elizabeth Hospital
Episode 68 : Jenna's Weekly Evaluation
Part One



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