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In 2016, now more then ever, girls and women want or need a good spanking
when they misbehave or are naughty. Real Life Spankings gives you a 
bird's eye view into the discipline sessions our girls get when they need it.

If any of the girls misbehave, the deserved punishments are filmed and 

We are not just a paysite. We are a group of close friends and we 
love sharing our passion for spanking and discipline with the members.

You will not find any of our girls on other spanking sites because they
are not professional spanking models but real next door girls who are into
spanking and discipline or simply need it.

Our selected circle of discipline will continue to grow so join today and 
watch how the girls get their well deserved punishments by Mike and Kelly or 
their partners if they misbehave.

Real-life-spankings  is unique on the net as the members can participate 
in the discipline sessions. You can decide what the naughty girl should get.
 Then we film the most requested punishment and post the video and pics 
on the site.


As a member you can also share your fantasies with us
and send us your ideas, implements etc. and we will act it out
for you.


We have a very active forum where you can give us your ideas etc.

You can also Email us or the girls directly





Hi spankers and spankees!

We are the founders and owners of real life spankings.The site is run by us and it continues to grow fast!

We have been together a long time and are married. We believe firmly in good spankings for naughty girls and I discipline the girls soundly if they are naughty and Kelly spanks them too! 

Apart from the discipline side, we both love spanking and we love running this site and we have made some wonderfull friends here

We are a close group of friends here at real life spankings and we hope that you will join and sneak a peek into our exciting world of domestic discipline and spanking

Below are all the girls and couples who are part of our website. The girls are listed in order who joined last to first

Love Mike and Kelly


Kelly spanks jane

jenna joy


Greetings Spankfans,

28 year old Jenna Joy contacted us as she is a good friend of Jentina.

Jenna works in a shop and there is no man to tell her how to behave herself so she contacted us.

In part one I gave her bottom a jolly good first spanking followed by some well needed cornertime.

In part 2 I decided to paddle her bare bottom soundly with the hand shaped paddle she bought with her and let her bottom feel our Punishment Stool for the first time.

Make her feel welcome guys!




Greetings Spankfans,

I had our kathy over for her regular spanking when she told me that a friend of hers Marie will be joining us.

I put Kathy bare bottom in the corner while I interviewed 25 year old Marie and in part 1
I gave her her first spanking.

In part 2 Kathy went over my knee and I strapped them both soundly in part 3 and 4

Make her feel welcome guys!




Greetings Spankfans,

25 year old Jentina is new in the scene and she soon became close friends of Scarlett, Ivey and others.

It soon became apparent that our little miss needs a firm hand occassionally so she came to us for well needed discipline.

I first gave her a sound spanking followed by cornertime.

Then I made her write punishment lines and encouraged them with my trusty old leather paddle.

Then I finished off the discipline session with my Slipper while she read the punishment lines.

That session kept her well behaved for a while.

Make her feel welcome guys!




Greetings Spankfans,

Kathy contacted us and told us she has a friend Elizabeth who is a switch.

Lizzy, as she is called, is also quite naughty and she needs a firm hand sometimes.

She is 25 years old and she came over with Kathy.

I spanked Kathy first as an example and I put Lizzy over my knee.

Then some cornertime and I gave them both a sound leather paddling.

I also gave Lizzy the oppertunity to paddle Kathy and she did a good job.


 rachel rose 


Greetings Spankfans,

Today we are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our team.

Meet the lovely 21 year old Rachel Rose

Rachel is new to spanking but she is very curious about it.

That is good because before her first shoot she overslept and missed the shoot entirely and before the second shoot we planned, she was an hour late.

She obviously needs regular spanking which she will get




Greetings Spankfans,

Today we are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our team.

Meet the lovely 33 year old Vanessa

Vanessa has a love for old cars especially the classic Americans.

This means that she spends too much money on them, gets caught speeding often etc.

She is in need of a firm hand to control her 4 wheel desires so she contacted us.

She has never been spanked before.




Greetings Spankfans,

It looks like our Ivey is connected to a whole network of naughty girls because she brought over another one of her close friends.

Meet the lovely 28 year old Aaliya

Aaliya is the true next door girl type but also a bit shy and very naughty apparently.

This time I decided to show Aaliya first how we do things so I gave Ivey a brisk hard spanking first

Then I gave Aaliya her first ever spanking.




Greetings Spankfans,

As I promised when I posted Sabrina's first video you would also meet the lovely but very naughty Leona well here she is

Leona is 29 and she loves what we do.

She told us that she needs a good spanking from time to time to keep her on the straight and narrow and we provide that service :)




Greetings Spankfans,

With the Victorian style censorships currently in Britain, more adult models are looking for work abroad and that includes Holland.

A modelling agency contacted me and they have a lovely, sexy 22 year old English model called Sabrina.

I met her and Sabrina loves the RLS principle and she needs discipline. She is a natural submissive

Now as she will be coming over frequently, we decided to add her to our team instead of making her a guest.

Btw, You will see Leona soon too because she also loves RLS and she needs her bottom smacked on occasion :)




Greetings Spankfans,

One of Ivey's friends the lovely 26 year old Ruby joined RLS.

Ruby is originally from Australia but she lives in Britain now.

She is intrigued by spanking and she needs discipline in her life.

She is the first Aussie I have ever spanked and I must say her bottom was a little more south then usual :)




Greetings Spankfans,

Our lovely and ever so naughty Scarlett told us she has a naughty friend who needs discipline.

Meet the lovely 19 year old Sidney.

Sidney is still in her last year at school and as you can guess she had to do a few years over as she is lazy and a bit of a party girl.

Well if her parents and her school cannot control her and put her back on the straight and narrow, I will!

I gave her her first ever spanking and of course I had to spank Scarlett as well in part two for misbehaving herself while she was in London

What a surprise! :)




Greetings Spankfans,

Meet the lovely 25 year old Mila

Mila is a charming, lovely and bubbling young lady who has been fascinated by spanking for a while now.

She saw our website and decided to give us a call

She loves playing the naughty little girl :)




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely 23 year old Samantha

Samantha has just finished her studies at university and now she has to apply for work but the little madam is quite lazy so she asked us for help

She has never been spanked before but she wants to try this old fashioned style of discipline and we are glad to help




Hi Guys!,

Mandy called us and she told us she would be bringing one of her close friends Ivey with her and she did

Ivey is 27 and she works with Mandy. She is simply one of the most naughtiest, cheekiest girls we have ever had here on RLS.

She is a real cutie though and simply gorgeous but Heaven help us she is a hand full :)

Make her feel welcome guys. You will be seeing her quite frequently I am sure




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely mature 40 year old Cassie.

She is part of our "You are never too old to be spanked"section of our website

She is a lazy housewife and her husband is not into spanking but he saw our website and they both decided that our brand of "ASSistance" could be helpfull to Cassie

You will be seeing a lot of her I am sure




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely 29 year old tomboy Annelies.

She is quite the rebel and a lefty with an attitude that will make your hand itch. :)

We were quite delighted that she contacted us though because this little madam certainly deserves a good spanking from time to time.

As usual make her feel welcome here at RLS




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely 20 year old student Nikita.

She is also a Dutch beauty from the South of Holland and she needs firm guidance with her studies.

After her first spanking we made a study schedule for her and she better follow it or else...

She has never been spanked before so obviously I didn't spank the living daylights out of her but she sure felt it

As usual make her feel welcome here at RLS




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely Angelique. She is a true Dutch blonde beauty from the south of Holland.

Angelique is 24 years old and a good friend of Mandy.

Mandy suggested to Angelique that our brand of "supervision* is just what Angelique needs and she agreed.

She has never been spanked before but it is high time someone did :)




Hi Guys!,

As I mentioned in Sacha's first spanking she has a close friend called Zina.

Zina is originally from Greece but living in Amsterdam now.

She loves getting spanked and dishing it out but finding someone in our scene is not easy as most of you know.

When Sacha told her about us, she jumped for joy and here she is.

She is 24 years old and very naughty

I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this one :)




Hi Guys!,

We mainly discipline girls from Holland but we also have girls from Belgium and occasionally England.

We never had a call from Scotland untill now.

Meet the lovely Scottish lass Sacha.

Sacha travels frequently between Scotland and Holland and she needs discipline in her young life so she contacted us.

Sha also has a Greek friend called Zina who is quite unruly I believe so you will be seeing her soon as well


zoe page


Hi Guys!,

We felt it is high time to introduce a good female disciplinarian on the site.

As you know I took over Bars And Stripes and the previous owner and I are good friends. Through him we met Zoe Page and we get along great!

She is one of the best Female spankers online!

She will continue to spank on Bars And Stripes but She also loves RLS and SIU so she will appear here and on SIU frequently.

I am sure you guys wil love her




Hi Guys!,

We are delighted to introduce the gorgeous but ever so naughty Angela to you

Angela is a close friend of Kitty and just as naughty so you will be seeing a lot of her I am sure

She is 22 and lives in Belgium




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely but very naughty 37 year old Esther.

Esther is a good friend from Scarlett and Milena and the three of them love to hang out. Getting up to no good I imagine

Anyway Esther heard everything about us and she is intrigued and feels she needs discipline too.

During her first spanking when I lifted up her skirt she wasn't wearing any panties so it was the first time where a first spanking video ended up having a part 2 involving my trusty old leather paddle.

Shows you how naughty this little madam is :)




Hi Guys!,

Meet the lovely and very naughty Lina dear members.

Lina is from Belgium. 

She is 30 years young and she is apparently quite wild
and naughty.

No worries as we have ways to deal with that sort of thing don't we? :)




Hi Guys!,

We are delighted to welcome the beautifull and lovely 18 year old Vanessa on the site.

She has been fascinated and loves spanking for many years now and when she saw RLS she had to contact us.

Just like any 18 year old she is naughty as Hell so she will be seen lots and lots on RLS :)




Hi Guys!,

Please welcome the young and beautifull 22 year old Silvia.

Silvia, like so many young girls online, discovered spanking on the net and was fascinated by it all.

When she saw our site she knew that this is exactly what she needs as she is quite lazy she says.

She contacted us and she is now part of our ever growing team.




Hi Guys!,

Please welcome the young and beautifull 20 year old Emily.

Emily is quite a unique case. Not so long ago she was living with family and they were very very strict with her. 

Every Friday afternoon she was punished for wrongdoings during the week and her bottom was not

She is now living on her own and she found out she needs the strict discipline in her life.

She is a student and we agreed to take over her discipline.

Now keeping with their Indian traditions, we will tell her to come over on friday afternoons and punish her for things she did wrong during the previous week.




Hi Guys!,

Masie suprised us by bringing one of her best friends over.

Meet the lovely 21 year old Satine!. Make her feel welcome

She comes to Holland regularly and she is in dire need of discipline as well so she is now part of our team.

Satine stays with Masie when she is here and Masie told us that she doesn't help around the house etc.

In their first video I give Satine her first spanking but then it became clear that Masie hadn't shown Satine at all how to help around the house so it was only fair that I spank Masie as well.

Both girls left with very red and sore bottoms.

Untill the next time that is....


masie dee


Hi Guys!,

Please welcome the gorgeous, sexy and fun Masie Dee dear members. You might recognise her from Game of Thrones Season 2

It was a pleasant surprise when we found out Masie moved to Amsterdam a while back so we will be seeing a lot of her.

You can see her allready on our sister site SIU but she will also be a regular here

That is because she confessed to me that she misses the discipline she had in England as she knew a few spankers in England.

She has no one in Holland so I suggested to be her disciplinarian and she happilly agreed :)




Hi Guys!,

Please welcome the gorgeous but ever so cheeky Natalia on the site guys and gals.

Natalia is 27 and lives in Holland.

She is originally from Poland and she is a professional pole dancer

Sha admits herself that she is very naughty and cheeky and she needs a father figure to spank her so she came to us

It has been many years since she was spanked so her bottom is quite sensitive

I am going to have my hands full with this one




Hi Guys and Gals,

We have a surprise for you today. It came as quite a surprise to us as well.

The father of a Dutch family who employs a very cute girl from Latvia as Au Pair contacted me.

Her name is Nisha and apparently she started of great. Doing her work, chores etc. but then she met some Dutch teenagers and her work went downhill.

Now instead of sending her back, it was agreed by all parties that I would punish her and she can stay.

Nisha is 19 years old




Hi guys,

Please welcome the adorable Shelley on the site guys and gals.

Shelley is 21 and lives in Holland.

She has been fascinated by spanking for a while and she is looking for a boyfriend who will spank her when she needs it. In other words a DM relationship.

Now untill she finds him, we agreed, she will be disciplined by me

She is a quiet spankee but you will see tears in her eyes after her first spanking




Hi guys,

We are going to get very busy here on RLS as we have yet another lovely but ever so naughty lady join us.

Meet 33 year old Rani

Rani is recently divorced and since her divorce she has been going off the rails as it were. Naughty parties, swinging clubs, etc.

Now she needs someone to keep her in line so here she is

I am going to be very strict with her




Hi guys,

Please welcome the adorable Wenny on the site guys and gals.

Wenny is 25 years old, lives in Belgium and has been into spanking for many years.

She is a real next door girl who loves spanking

Currently she has an online relationship with a Dom and that has it's drawbacks.

The main one is that she doesn't get spanked when she is naughty or disobedient.

Now we came up with the perfect solution. If she needs a spanking, I will be contacted and I will give Wenny the punishment she deserves.




Hi guys,

Please welcome the lovely Christa on the site guys and gals.

Christa is 23 years young and very shy.

She has one problem with which we will help her namely she cannothandle money very well and every weekend she spends a lot.

We decided that for the next few months every Friday she would cometo us and she will get a spanking and she will get an allowance for the weekend.

If she spends more during the weekend, she is back here on Mondaysand she will get a harder punishment.




Hi guys,

I love pleasant surprises and and I got quite a good one a while ago.

Julie was ordered to come over because she spent more money on clothes then she can afford and she brought a friend with her.

Meet 21 year old Brooke

Brooke has been quite fascinated by how Julie is disciplined by us and now she wants to experience it for herself.

And experience it she will! :)




Hi guys,

Please welcome the lovely Cheyenne to the site guys and gals.

Cheyenne is 28 years old and she is what is known in BDSM as a switch.

She spanks men and women mostly but she also needs someone to correct her if she needs it so she came to us.

She is quite a handfull but we will tame her and get her in line :)




Hi guys,

Please welcome the lovely Nicky.

Nicky is only 22 years old and living in Holland. She is single and from a very early age she has been fascinated by spanking.

Luckily she found our website and contacted us so we will give her the guidance she needs in her young life.

She herself admits she can be ill mannered and rude and she doesn't listen well so she will be in my office a lot I think.

Join now and see her progress




Greetings spankfans,

Please welcome the lovely Liesje.

Liesje is 27 years old, single and has been fascinated and has loved spanking since she was a little girl.

She lives in Belgium and it is very hard finding someone who will giveher what she craves and then she saw our website and she contacted us so here he is.

She loved the first spanking I gave her so she will be with us for a long time I am sure :)




Greetings spankfans,

Meet the adorable but very naughty and cheeky Nina 

She is a real next door girl and not a model.

Nina is 27 years young and her Dom spends a lot of time abroad so they contacted us and would we please keep an eye on Nina while He is away.

She gets regular maintenance spankings to keep her well behaved and of course discipline when she is naughty.

I will give her the sore bottoms when he is abroad.

I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this one :)




Greetings spankfans,

It looks like our nation's youth is out of control and in dire need of strict discipline because we have an endless line of young women wanting to join our website and who need to be spanked.

Meet 20 year old Mona!

Mona is very lazy and needs a daily routine so she can get organised, look for work etc.

She came to us and we will help her with that of course

Join and see her progress





Greetings spankfans,

This was quite a surprise dear members.

I asked Angel to come over because she hadn't done her laundry in a few weeks and she showed up with a close friend Betty.

Betty is very curious about us and she has seen and heard about Angel's spankings and she wants that too.

She is 22 and just as naughty as Angel.

I welcomed her to our team and I gave her lovely firm bottom it's first ever spanking over my knee.

I am going to have my hands full with this one :)





Greetings spankfans,

The unbelievably cute and gorgeous Scarlett contacted us and she needs discipline in her young life.

She is only 20 and she has just started living on her own which means the usual. Late nights, too much drinking, no responsibilities etc.

Of course we can help her with that.

She was quite surprised that after her interview, she was spanked.

The spanking sure was needed as no one had ever so much as smacked her bum.

She has been fascinated by spanking since a very early age and she can also be seen on SIU where she plays a very cute and naughty schoolgirl. One of her all time fantasies





Greetings spankos,

This tall Dutch beauty contacted us because she needs discipline.

She works for a travel agency and she says she is easily disctracted.

That means she makes mistakes etc. so she needs someone who will quickly and effectively correct her so she came to us.

Tracy is 27 and has never been spanked before

Join today and follow her progress.





Hi there,

Meet the lovely but very naughty Erica

Erica contacted us and we are happy to have her on our site.

She has been into BDSM for a long tome and untill recently, she had a Partner/Master but that relationship ended.

One thing she does miss awfully is the spankings so she contacted us.

She is 36 and a lovely woman. She does feel that she has too much freedom right now so we will punish her when her behaviour warrants it

I am sure we will be seeing a lot of her :)






21 year old Samantha contacted us because she is quite wild and she needs our special guidance to try and curb her unruly behaviour.

Someone close to her has had enough and wants her to change so here she is.

She likes to provoke people with the way she dresses and wild behaviour

Well those days wll be behind her as we will take her in hand.

She has never been spanked before.





Hi spankos,

The lovely 26 year old Jenna contacted us and she has one problem that she wants us to deal with and that is she wants to stop smoking.

Of course we can help and she will be strictly monitored in the months to come and every time she doesn't follow our stop smoking program, her lovely
bottom will get very red and sore indeed.

She has never been spanked before so after her introduction, I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking





Hi Guys and gals,

The lovely 24 year old Ruby has joined RLS.  

She is originally from Surinam and living in Holland.  

She is a very naughty young lady and instead of looking for a job, she does naughty webcam and modelling work which she feels bad about.  

She needs help and I will give it to her. I will help her find employment but the webcam and photo work has to stop.  





Hi Guys and gals,

Meet the lovely 21 year old Cory dear members

Cory is originally from Italy and she is now living with her older sister here in Holland.

Her sister contacted us because Cory does not do her share of housework.

She forgets to do the shopping, doesn't keep her room clean etc. so we all decided a firm old fashioned hand is needed

Her sister will report any laziness etc. to us and Cory will come over and her bottom will pay the price.





Hi Guys and gals,

The adorable 19 year old Sydney contacted us and she needs help with her studies.

She is lazy and does what most girls of her age do, and that is go out and party and her grades are slipping.

We are going to help her with that and that means she has to follow a strict schedule we laid out for her and if she doesn't follow it, her bottom will pay the price.

She has never been spanked before





Hi Guys,

Meet the lovely Brittany dear members!

Brittany is 28 years old, single and lives in Holland

She is a close friend of Leandra and Leandra has told her all about us and the spankings she gets and Brittany was very intrigued and fascinated by it all

Brittany is very lazy and she is a bit of a wild one at times so she asked Me to keep her in line which of course we will do :)

She has never been spanked before





Hi Guys,

Meet Jolene dear spankos!

Jolene is 24 years old and lives in Holland

She contacted us because her Vanilla boyfriend is not into spanking at all and she really needs a good spanking on a regular basis.

Of course we will oblige and she will be a regular feature on RLS as she is very lazy and just plain naughty!

Join and see her get spanked





Hi Guys,

We are delighted to introduce the lovely but very naughty rebelious teen Mandy to you today

Mandy is 19 years old and she hasn't been living on her own that long.

She is without a job at the moment and she does naughty things on her webcam to make some money

We will help her get a job and curb her unruly teen behaviour





Hi Guys,

Some of you will recognize Patricia from our new site www.spanked-in-uniform.com

During the SIU shoots she told us that in real life she is a real tomboy.

A wild thing as it were and she needs guidance on how to behave like a proper 24 year old lady not some rebel that does what she likes.

So that is how she ended up here.

It will be a long and hard road to travel but we are adament that through strict discipline and plenty of spankings, we will see a proper little lady soon.





Hi Guys and Gals,

The cuteness level on RLS has jumped up by 10 points

We were delighted when one of Stacey's best friend Sammie contacted us and she wants to be part of the site.

Sammie is a very cute and lively 21 year old who is fascinated by spanking and hearing about Stacey's discipline she wants and needs it too.

But I must warn you Sammie is very very naughty and playfull but I am sure you will adore her as much as we do. She is just so much fun to have around

But I am going to be strict with her because this girl is going te get into lots of trouble I am sure!





Dear spankos,

Even the very young these days realize that discipline is needed sometimes.

19 year old Milena is a shining example of that. She left her parental home not long ago and she has gotten completely out of hand so she contacted us and she is now under our proverbial wing

I am going to have this little cutie across my knee a lot I fear as she is very very naughty!

Join and see her the sore bottoms she deserves





Dear spankos,

Some of you might have seen Chervana on our new site http://www.spanked-in-uniform.com where she stars in many episodes.

Chervana is 26, single and living in the South Of Holland

After the last SIU shoot she confessed to me that she loves shooting the SIU films but she has come to realize that she needs strict discipline in her real life as well so she is now under our wing.

We are very glad she is now part of our RLS circle as well as she is a delightfull, beautifull but very very naughty little miss :)

Join and see her disciplined






Greetings spankfans,

The latest naughty minx to join our RLS team is the lovely but lazy 25 year old Denise

Denis is single and she has been fascinated by spanking for a long time although she hasn's been spanked since she was little.

She works in a well known Dutch bank and she is lazy at work, annoys her supervisor etc. so she feels she needs someone to spank her if she needs it

That is how she came to us.

I am sure you will love her as much as we do





Greetings spankos!

We are  delighted to introduce 23 year old Bianca to you

Leandra told us that Bianca is also a very naughty young lady who likes and needs regular spankings so she brought her over.

It is indeed quite obvious that Bianca is a very wild and naughty girl but she is also very charming, beautifull, delightfull, fun to have around and we are
glad she is part of our ever growing RLS team.

Join today and watch her get regular spankings





Greetings spankos!

We are proud to introduce the lovely 22 year old Kiara to you.

Kiara lives in Holland and she is single

She is one of those very rare girls who absolutelly loves a good spanking during which she will orgasm quite a few times. No faking!

Quite rare and amazing to witness.

We love having her as part of our team so join and see her spankings






My name is Astrid and I am a first year student at UNI

I am 19 years old and i have been living on my own now for 1 year

I am having loads of fun but my studies are not going well. I need help so I called Mike and kelly and they are going to help me

It is not fun the way Mike spanks me when i deserve it but it is the best way to teach me to listen

Join the site and see me get spanked


Astrid xx


foxxy angel


Hi there,

Foxxy Angel is a well known fetish, bdsm and porn model here in Holland

She is 29, single and wild to say the least.

She desperately needs someone to keep her in line so she contacted us and here she is!

We will keep a close eye on her behaviour but I am sure she will be across my knee a lot because she is one naughty little madam

She can also be seen on our new site www.spanked-in-uniform.com 




Hi there,

It is quite amazing how many girls here in Holland contact us to be part of our website and need spanking in their lives

The next little cutie to join us is 21 year old Monique

She lives in Holland and is familiar with spanking. Her ex boyfriend spanked her. Now she misses it and she contacted us

As usual we will keep an eye on her and spank her when she needs it which will be a lot I am sure

She can also be seen on our new site www.spanked-in-uniform.com 






Hallo spankos,

Those of you who are also members of our fast growing website http://www.spanked-in-uniform.com 
will recognize 24 year old Leandra from Holland.

We did a few great shoots with her and she is brilliant!

Imagine My surprise when she told Me that she really needs to be disciplined sometimes too! For real life things and not on SIU

And now she is part of our RLS team as well and she will be spanked and punished if she doesn't behave herself

She really needs it though!

Join and enjoy her discipline sessions




kirsten and celina


Hallo spankos,

The phrase you are never to old to be spanked applies to our latest addition to our website.

We were quite delighted when two sisters contacted us and they need to be disciplined like when they were young girls.

Kirsten is 37 and Celina is 39 years old

They were bought up very strictly but no hand has spanked their bottoms in over 25 years.

That is why they came to us and they have been taken under our wing.

They are both single btw and live in Belgium







My name is Kathy and i am a single 25 year old girl from Holland.

I have expereince with spanking and i have looked for a strict man to keep me in line but no luck untill I contacted Mike and wow He knows how to deal with me :)

I am happy now but my bottom sometimes isn't ;)

Join so you can see what i mean







The latest naughty minx to join us is the very petite and gorgeous 22 year old Stacey.

Stacey loves to be naughty, shock people by wearing provocative clothing and she just begs to be soundly spanked.

She has fantasized about someone spanking her for years and she finally took the courage and contacted us

She is now under our caring but very strict wing and we are going to have our hands full with this one

She is a darling though :)





Hi Spankos!

We were delighted to get a phonecall from 22 year old Miranda who is Yasmine's best friend and she is also following the same study as Yasmine

Miranda saw how yasmine's grades improved after a good number of sound spankings from us so she contacted us because she is as lazy as Yasmine

She is now under our wing so to speak and her bottom will get soundly spanked if she does not perform well in her studies

She is a real sweetheart and I am sure you will love her as much as we do

Do join and follow her progress





Hi Guys!

The latest addition to our website is the lovely and very naughty 36 year old heidi

Heidi also lives in Holland and she really wanted to join our website because she needs regular spankings in her daily life.

At first we were hesitant in disciplining Heid because she has been deaf since she was 5 but then we realised that we should not discriminate and deaf people can be just as naughty!

So here she is!





Hi Guys!

Lynn is a lovely 30 year old single Belgian lady who contacted us because she is very frustrated.

She had a boyfriend who spanked her but he is gone and she really misses the spankings. 

She just needs them so she contacted us and we will make sure she gets plenty of sore bottoms if and when she needs them. 

Cindy is very lazy sometimes and needs a firm hand

Join and see her progress





Hello lovers of sore red bottoms!

The latest naughty minx to join our website is the ever so cute but VERY lazy and cheeky Lynn

Lynn is 20 years young and she lives with her sister and brother in law here in Holland. She is single

She is very lazy and doesn't do the housework, leaves her room a mess etc.

Her sister is fed up so she contacted us and now if Lynn is lazy, she is sent to us for a sore bottom.

It is going to take plenty of hard spankings I am sure as she is very cheeky, strong willed and bratty

Join and follow her progress





Greetings spankos!

We are super delighted to have Stella on our website

She is very well known here in Holland for her modelling work, adult work and television work

She is a wild little madam and a real diva who needs a firm hand once in a while to keep her down to earth

She came to us because that is just what we will give her

Stella is 26, single and a true Dutch beauty

I am sure you will love her as much as we do







Greetings spankfans!

We are starting 2010 with the introduction of another sexy, wild, naughty, gorgeous and cheeky little madam called Alice.

Alice is 22 and she has developed a fascination with spanking.

She is a wild thing and she dreams about someone taking her in hand and curbing her wild behaviour.

She saw our website and we are going to take care of her.

Alice is 22 years old, single and living very nearby us so she will visit us regularly






Greetings spankos!

The latest girl to be taken under our wing is the adorable and gorgeous 28 year old Loni

Loni is from Ibiza and has moved to Holland 2 years ago.

She admits she has become very very naughty, trying all sorts of bad things etc and generally getting out of hand.

She needs a firm hand in her life to keep her on the straight and narrow so she came to us.

Join and see Loni get her adorable little Spanish bottom spanked soundly







My name is Thalia. I am 24, single and a sub

I live in Belgium

I had a relationship with my Dom but we broke up. He used to spank me a lot and I really miss that.

I saw Mike and Kelly's website and this is exactly what I need!

I contacted them and now I get spanked HARD again if I don't behave or obey.

I am a very happy little sub again :)

Hope to meet some of you soon

Byeeeeeeee xxx






Dear Visitor!

We are delighted to introduce the gorgeous, petite and ever so cute 18 year old Destiny to you

She is half Thai and half Dutch living in Holland.

Since she finished school she has been very lazy in loooking for a job so she contacted us and we will help her to smarten up and get a job.

This is not going to be easy and she will get lots of sore bottoms because she is just very lazy and she loves to party.

Join and you will see how we deal with her

Kind regards




Dear spankos!

Meet Bella. She is a single girl of 22 living in Holland

Bella is a adorable sweet cute little lady and she is a beautician working in a big salon here in Holland.

One problem is that she is very lazy and forgetfull to the point that she needs someone to correct her when she slips up at work.

And that someone is Me. When she doesn't do her job properly she will come straight over and she will leave with her chubby bottom very red and sore

I am sure you will love her as much as we do




Dear spankos!

Allow Me to introduce the latest naughty girl who has joined our circle of discipline

Meet 26 year old Peggy. She is single and she lives in Holland.

She has Spanish blood in her and she is very naughty and needs a firm hand which we will provide

Join and watch her get spanked





I am Carla and I am single woman of 32

I live in the north of Holland and I was involved in a BDSM relationship but that ended.

I really need regular hard spankings to keep me in line and I really miss that.

I am sooooo glad I found Mike and Kelly because He can sure spank hard when I need it :)

Do I get turned on by hard spankings? YES! most definately!

Join and watch me get spanked soundly





My name is Sara and I a single girl 22 years old from Holland.

My best friend Angel has told (and shown me) how spanking really works for her and that she feels much better and protected almost.

That is a feeling I wanted as well so after much hesitation I went to see Sir Mike and now He "takes care" of me as well.

And that means lots of spankings because I am not what you would call a "good girl " :)

It is ever so exciting though and I do feel lots better

Join ok?





Hi Guys!

You are never to old to be spanked applies to the latest addition to our site

Meet 38 year old Felicia. She is just as lazy and naughty as an 18 year old and in need of regular spankings to make her behave.

Felicia is single and she lives in the South of Holland

If you enjoy seeing a mature woman spanked like a naughty girl then join because Felicia is going to get plenty of that




Hi Guys!

Alicia is the latest adition to our site

She is 19 and living in Holland

Alicia is one of those many girls who, as a punishment by her parents, is grounded, phone, computer taken away etc. and thanks to the internet has become fascinated by the old fashioned way of disciplining naughty girls.

She would much rather have a sore bottom then having her mobile taken away.

She contacted us and we will give her just that if her behaviour warants it

She is a lovely girl though and I am sure you will love her as much as we do




Hi Guys!

Allow me to introduce the latest girl who is to be soundly disciplined by Me.

Her name is Angelique. She is 24, she is single and living with a friend in a flat here in Holland.

Her flatmate contacted us and told me that Angelique is very lazy and does very little in the housework and what she needs is a good spanking now and then.

She sent Angelique to us and she was very suprised and shocked to learn that her delightfull 24 year old bottom is going to be soundly spanked from now on if her flatmate deems it necessary.

She will be under strict supervision so join and see how she progresses


jamy lee 


Hi spankfans!

The latest young girl who knocked on our door wanting desperately to be strictly disciplined is the ever so cute and adorable 21 year old Jamy Lee

She is a first year law student and she finds it very hard. She needs rules to study by and live by because like most young girls these days, she tends to slack off and we cannot allow that to happen.

I gave her a set of strict rules to follow but I am sure that she will have many many stinging sore bottoms before she learns.

Jamy Lee is single and she lives in the south of Holland

Join and come and meet her. I am sure you will love her :)

Warm regards







Dear Sir, Madam

My name is lisa and I am a submissive.

I live in Belgium and i was in a BDSM relationship but that ended.

Now i really miss the spankings and discipline and guidance and now i am delighted (and very turned on) that Sir Mike will take care of me with strict and hard discipline if i do not obey.

I do need regular hard and long spankings and Sir Mike sure can give me that :)

I hope you join and you will see my bottom get punished very hard :)








Hi Spankers and spankees

23 year old Mary is the latest girl to be taken under our wing as it were. She is single and lives near Amsterdam.

Mary is actually Stacy's next door neighbour and Stacy told us that Mary plays her music too loud most of the time, comes home at all hours of the morning, forgets shopping so she has to borrow everything etc, etc.

In other words she needs a very sore bottom from time to time

Mary has experience with spanking. A few of her ex boyfriends spanked her so her bottom is no stranger to a hard hand.

She is delightfull though and ever so naughty!

I am going to have My hands full with this one








My name is Bianca. I am 26 year old and I live with my boyfriend in Belgium

My boyfriend thinks I am naughty and disobedient and cheeky so he says that everytime I don't listen to him he is going to take me to Mike and Kelly to get my bottom spanked!!!

Ouchhhhhh! Mike spanks so hard! My poor bottom!!!

I don't really like the spankings but I want to be a good girlfriend so I better behave huh? 

Join ok?

Warm greetz









I am Zelda and i am a single 32 year old girl living in the north of Holland.

Why do i get spanked by Sir Mike?

Well i am very forgetfull and lazy sometimes and i get into trouble

Mike's HARD hand hopefully will make me remember to do things

I have had playfull spankings from boyfriends but boy nothing like the hard and long punishment spankings i get from Sir Mike if i don't listen to Him

Join ok? and see my poor bottom get spanked

Bye xxx  







My name is Natalie and i am 20 years old

Ever since i was a little girl i have been fascinated by spanking. My parents never spanked me but my best friend was spanked a lot even in front of me.

Now later in life i am looking for a strong man, a Daddy figure, to spank me when i need it. And need it i do!

I was very excited when Mike and kelly answered my email to them and now i am under their wing so to speak.

Mike is a wonderfull Daddy figure (and i don't mean his size)

He is ever so strict but loving and he makes my bottom all red and sore if i don't listen to Him

I hope to see you in the member section

Love and cuddles

 xxx Natalie







This is my profile. I am Jolie and i am a single girl from Holland

I am 22 years old and i work as a secretary

I must admit that i am quite lazy sometimes and i like to postpone everything which means my boss often gets mad at me

Lots of people often say that i need a good spanking and that idea excites me *blush*

I heard from friends about this website and i contacted Mike and Kelly (great people btw) and they will now spank me when i need it.

It is quite a shock to be scolded and then spanked like a little girl in the old days but it really works!

Very painfull but I really need it

Come and join and see me get spanked!

Love and huggles








I am Betty and i am 24 years old

I live in Belgium and i am single

I am a smoker and i want to quit. My friend Kitty, who also gets spanked by Mike has stopped smoking after many spankings and i think it will help for me as well

I am also quite lazy *blush* and i guess i do need spanking

Mike and Kelly are lovely people but only if you listen to them because if you don't, oh boy your bottom stings!!!!!!!

Come and see me get spanked *wink*









My name is Cherryl and i just turned 18

I am half Dutch and half Antillian. I live in Holland

My parents never spanked me and i could do as il liked but now i am doing all the worng things and getting into trouble

When i phoned Mike and Kelly they told me i need strict rules to live by and i agree

If i don't listen to them, they spank me hard just if i was a child again

It is not nice and it hurts!!!!! but you know what? i feel soooo much better...

If you want to see me, become a member

xxx Ciao!







Sir Mike told me to write this profile so here goes

My English is not good but i try

My name is Lin and i am a 22 year old Chinese girl living in Holland

I work in my strict Uncle's restaurant and he is allways complaining about how not good i do my job ffffffffff

And now he sends me to Sir Mike when i need spanking if i am naughty or not do good at my job

ooouch!!! Sir Mike spanks my little bottom sooo hard but i need it

Sir Mike says to say to join but don't because then you will say i need more!........

I do like to be naughty.... :) :)









My name is Sharon and i am a 21 year old single girl from Holland

I am a photo model in Holland and i work a lot with Stacy. We are very close friends

I am lazy and i do lie a lot and i saw that Stacy behaves much better now that Sir Mike spanks her so i want that too!

When i go to Sir Mike and Madam Kelly i never leave withour a hot sore bottom....mmmm

They are very strict but i guess i need it a lot

Join and watch me get the spankings i need!







Hoi (as they say in Holland)

Sir Mike told me to write something about myself.

I am Stacy. I am 22 years old, single and I live in Holland.

I am a model and actress and I am rather bratty and bitchy sometimes to people.

I know it's not nice and that's why I contacted Mike and Kelly in the hope they can help me cure me off that.

I have never been spanked before apart from the spankings I got when I was a little girl and Sir Mike is very good at spanking me when I need it. (which is more then I realised really ouchyyyy!

Do I secretly enjoy the hot attentions my poor little bottom gets? Join and find out ;)

Huggles and kisses







Nice of you to read my little profile :) :)

My name is Donna and I am 19 years old. Julie is my best friend and she has told me all about the discipline and the hard spankings she gets from Sir Mike if she misbehaves

Over the past 2 years i have seen her become more happy with herself and relaxed and she told me it is all due to the strict discipline she gets!

We have talked about it a lot and I realised i want that TOOOOO! :)

Now if i am naughty or do not listen, my bottom gets hard spankings too :(  It hurts like hell....

But you know what? I feel soooooo much better :)

Hope you join!

xxx xxx Donna





Greetings spankers and spankees

The latest nextdoor woman who will be disciplined by us is the single mum Sandy age 38

Sandy is a mother of 2 and she has been a member for a while and finally got the courage to contact us because she needs the same kind of discipline we give our girls.

She is quite lazy she says so we will keep a close eye on her and tan her bottom soundly if she does not do as she is told.

Want to see how she progresses? Join!

Best regards

Mike and Kelly

sheila and amber


Hello there xxx

We are Sheila and Amber. I am 21 and Amber is 24

We live in the heart of Amsterdam and we are wild girls from the wild city as Mike calls us. Which is true

We are lovers and we live together

We are both very naughty and we have tried spanking each other but none of us is a real spanker so we saw all those lovely red sore bottoms on this site and we thought HE would be perfect to keep us in line and boy oh boy DOES HE! mmmm

We hope to meet a lot of you in the member section and maybe in Amsterdam if you are ever over here.

Love and kisses

Sheila and Amber xxxx




Greetings from Holland

Have you ever seen those rebel teens, dressed in gothic and the like hanging around at malls, street corners etc. and did you think they could benefit from a sound spanking?

Well you would be suprised that some feel exactly the same way. Yasmine is one of them. She is a wild girl who just turned 18. Her parents never disciplined her (common amongst modern day parents) and she is failing her exams. She is in her final year at school.

She therefore contacted Kelly and I and we are going to give her the discipline she needs and craves.

We will give her strict rules and dress codes to follow and if she doesn't listen, her 18 year old bottom is going to sting!!

Join the member section and see her progress

Best regards







My name is Tooru and i am a single Asian girl living also in Holland. i am 23

My parents were very strict and they spanked me untill i was 18 when my boyfriend took over but we broke up

Now i found Mike and Kelly and they said they will punish me when i am naughty which they DO!

Come and see me get spanked

Warm regards







Hi xxx

My name is Romyna and i am 29 years old

I am from Romania and i have been living in Holland for 9 years now.

I was bought up very strictly and now living in Holland i am what Mike calls a wild girl...

I find this website soooo exciting but i have a feeling my poor little bottom is going to be very sore if i don't listen to Mike

*wink* and xxx




cindy and kaya



My name is Cindy and I am 26 years old. For two years now I have been disciplining Kaya who is 28.

We both live in Holland.

Kaya is very naughty and I spank her lovely bottom a few times a week.

I felt it was time that she felt a man's hand and I contacted Mike and He now spanks Kaya soundly when I feel it is needed. I just love to watch or hold her legs while she squirms and cries under Mike's experienced hand.

I must also be present because she enjoys it way too much sometimes and she almost cums every time she is spanked hard

Do join and see Mike and Me spank Kaya

xxx Cindy and Kaya







My name is Angel and i just turned 19

I live in Holland too and i have been fascinated by old fashioned spanking since i was little

It took a lot of nerve but i finally wanted to ecperience spanking myself so i contacted Mike and Kelly and they now give me what i allways dreamed about...(yum)

Mike says i am cheeky and bratty and sassy he calls it (not!)...shhhhh

He is ever so strict though and my poor bottom is allways soooo red when he leaves but it is sooooo exciting....He even puts me in the corner! sheesh What am i? 10?

Join ok?

huggles and xxxx Angel





My name is Melanie and ia am 32 years old and living in Holland. 

I am a close friend of Zoe also on the site.

She told me all about the spankings she got from Mike and the good it did her so i feel i want and need that too!

I am allways late and i am a compulsive shopper *blush*

Mike says i am not 18 anymore and i should know better and that he will spank me harder! oh boy does he!!!!!!!

Do join ok? i would love to meet some of you and discuss discipline

xxx *huggles* Melanie




Hi lovers of discipline

Have you ever seen those webcam girls or adult porn actresses and said: those young madams need a darn good spanking?

Well now you can see that happen

35 year old Monya came to us and she told us that she does all of the above but she wants to change her lifestyle and would we please help!

Offcourse we agreed and from now on Kelly and I will teach her to behave like a proper lady and if she doesn't, her bottom will pay the consequences by means of a good spanking!

Join and see her get disciplined





My name is Cathy and i am 38 years old

I am a submissive and my Dom feels that i am not doing my best so He will send me to Sir Mike to be properly disciplined when He feels i need it. And that all the members can see me get spanked! It is sooo humiliating though (but EVER so exciting :):):):)

And properly disciplined i am!!

Mike has one of the hardest hands i ever felt and He sure can swing a paddle, strap and the worst the cane!

It keeps me obedient though and that is what i need

xxx Cathy



Hi all!

I am Zoe and i am 24 years old. I am a single girl from Holland.

A few years back I had a boyfriend and he was very strict and he spanked my bottom whenever i was naughty and i loved it!

I really miss and need someone to correct me regularly because basically i am very very naughty....*wink*

I contacted Mike and Kelly and they promised to give my bottom what it needs and BOY!!! do they! Especially Mike he spanks SOOO hard and nothing goes past him! he is ever so strict with me!

But i neeeeed it and i love it though!

Join ok? i would love to meet you guys

Huggles and kisses





My name is Dara and i am 20 years old and i am single and live in Holland.

I work for Erica for a while now and She says that i am very lazy and stuff. I like to party you know...

Well i got quite a suprise when she introduced me to Mike and he told me that i had 2 options. Either i get fired or he will SPANK ME when i do not do my work properly!

I really like my job so when i am late of forget things, he comes over and spanks me! it huuuuuurts!

I would rather you didn't join because having everyone seeing my bare bottom get spanked is sooooo embarrassing! Just look at my bottom!-------------->

oops! I probably will get spanked for saying that.....

Dara xxx




I am Manuela and i am 35 years old.

I am happily married to David and we live in Holland.

David thinks that i am a very lazy housewife (NOT!) and he and Sir Mike (yes i have to call him that! pfff)
think i need to be SPANKED when i don't do my housework properly!

Most women will hate me for saying this but it does me good to have a strong man punish me when i have been bad (and it is exciting shhhh)

Join ok?




Hi Everyone!

My name is Paula and i am 23 years old. I was born in Brazil but have been living for 2 years in Holland now.

Why am I here on the website..well I am one of Erica's clients and one day i heard through a door Mike giving erica a good spanking!

I talked to Erica about it and, after giving it some thought, spanking me would help me with spending too much money....

Yes i like to shop but i spend too much everytime so Mike keeps an eye on my spending and he spanks me hard! when i overspend.

Hope to see you soon in the member section

xxx Paula




My name is Lucy and i am a 21 year old student from Holland.

I study medicine and my grades are not that good :(

My best friend who still lives at home still gets spanked by her daddy when she has bad grades and it works for her so i want someone too who spanks me when my grades are bad.

Sir Mike is just the right person and boy! does He spank (i have to call Him Sir which is ok with me)

He checks every test result, work papers, assigments and EVEN if i go to bed on time!!!!

It's almost if i have a second father again but i guess i do need it.....





I am Simpa and i am 23 years old and i live in Holland with my boyfriend Dave

My boyfriend thinks i spend too much money on clothes and i flirt too much and i have bad manners and stuff. not! :)

Now he and Mike have decided that i need to be punished for those things! help!!!

Dave calls Mike for the littlest thing and then Mike spanks my bottom! it's not fair! *pouts*

Please join and you will see i am really really sweet and nice and not naughty at all! pleaaassseeeee!






Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Erica and i am a 39 year old single mom.

I am a successfull business woman but also a workaholic and i really need help with that.

I was spanked soundly by my mom growing up and i know that a good spanking now and then does wonders so i contacted Mike and Kelly and they lovingly agreed to "take care of me" which is absolutely super!

Mike keeps a close eye on me and woe betide my bottom if i disobey.... like He says: there is no age limit on RLS and even grown successfull business women will bawl across His knee if they do not listen...

I secretely love it though...shhhhhh

Hope to meet some of you soon





My name is Amy. i am 22 years old and Michelle's new girlfriend.

I have been into spanking for as long as i can remember and when i met Michelle, i finally found Someone who can give me what i need and deserve.

She spanks me for everything i do wrong but i loooove it!!

First i was very hesitant to be spanked so openly on a website but after i met Mike and Kelly it seemed like a fun idea :)

Now most of my spankings are filmed and posted so the members can be a fly on the wall which is very exciting....mmmm

Hope to meet you in the member section soon

Naughty allways!





I am Kim and i am 21 years old and i live in Holland.

I am a spanking novice as Mike says and He thinks i am a very lazy girl. (i do not so there!)

I have to tell Mike everything and if i am late or i do not clean my flat, i get my bottom spanked! 

It's all new to me but i must say it does help a lot :)

i would love to chat to some of you about spanking so join ok?





Hello there!

My name is Anja and 1 am 25 years old and i live in Holland.

i have allways had fantasies about being spanked and i spanked myself a lot and imagined it was a strict guy doing the spanking...

it's not the same as being spanked for real so when i found Mike and Kelly's website, i contacted them and they were happy to spank me when i need it...which is a lot....i am very very naughty...

mmmmmmm now i get spanked when i am naughty and i loooooove it :)

kiss kiss from Holland


michelle and natalie



We are Michelle and Natalie and we live together and we are lovers. We live in Holland too

I am 24 and My girlfriend is 23. She has allways been the naughty one and recently I found that spanking was the best way to correct her and we both are now very into it!

I spank her lots now and we loooove to show you Natalie's spankings on the website!

So join and watch us ok?

Sexy kisses and huggles





I am Kitty and I am from Belgium

I am 21 years old

I have been a member of real life spankings for more then a year now and i finally decided that this is precisely what i need!

I have to visit Mike and kelly very regularly and boy he is strict! Everytime i go home i cannot sit  in the car

But you know what? i feel sooooo much better now and i am glad i took that step

Want to see my bum get all red and sore? then join!

Love from Kitty xxx




My name is Nadia and i live in Amsterdam. I am 30 years old and i am a stewardess for KLM.

i am quite lazy sometimes and i am often late for things so i need a good spanking regularly to keep me focussed

i contacted Mike and Kelly and they agreed to make my bottom sting if i am lazy or do things wrong

Don't tell Mike but i secretely do things wrong so he can spank me mmmmmmmm because i love it *blush*

Join so i can chat with you and know who is watching me get spanked ok?

kisses from Nadia!



Hi people!

This is Julie. I am 19 years old and Jane's best friend

I have allways been interested in girls getting spanked and I am Mike's eyes and ears when it comes to Jane's behaviour. I keep an eye on her and when she is a naughty girl, I tell Mike and He spanks Jane.

I must admit I really enjoy Jane getting spanked and she allways shows me her red bottom after she has been spanked by Mike. *blush*

But now Mike says he is going to spank me as well! Nooooo!

Well i guess i deserve it really because i can be quite naughty too... and Jane is going to tell Mike now if i have been naughty!!!

Hope you join and that you tell Mike not to spank me that hard!

Julie xxx



Hi guys

I am Sofia and my boyfriend Steve thinks i am not doing my best at work. He has his own business and i am his secretary.

Steve has agreed with Mike that if i do not do my work properly Mike can spank me!! it's not FAIR! He spanks me for everything! Even because i dress too sexy he says...and the clients don't like it! they do!!!

Maybe if you join you can tell Mike to not spank me so much!. i am a good girl! *pout*

And it hurts too!!

Please have pity on my bum!

xxx Sofia




My name is Wendy and I am 22 years old and i am from Holland

My ex boyfriend was very strict with me and he used to spank me everytime when i was bad

We split up a while ago and i miss and need it!

Thank God i found Mike and he spanks me SOUNDLY when i am bad and he is also very strict..

Want to see me get spanked? Then join!

See ya in the membersection!

kiss kiss Wendy




I am Milena and I am a 25 year old Latino.

I am from Porto Rica and I live in Holland now

I own a beauty salon and i am quite horrible to the girls who work for me

When i was a little girl, my parents spanked me when i was hotheaded and i miss that...

I asked Mike to take care of me and He spankes me hard! when i lose my temper or i do not behave

I really need it and it feels very good to have a strict person in my life again

Join ok? and see me get spanked





My name is Natascha and I am 22 years old

I live with my boyfriend in Belgium and i can be a handfull sometimes

He decided that i should be spanked if i am naughty but he can't do it so he lets Mike punish me when i have been bad

I am a very shy girl but i know very well that i need it

I have never been spanked before and Mike is very very strict with me

Please be gentle with me when you join...it HURTS!



  michael and nancy



A while ago we sent Mike and Kelly a few of our old spanking tapes and Mike made some wonderfull videos out of them :)

We were suprised at all the great and warm responses we got from the members that we decided to join this great site fulltime.

We are a married couple and Nancy is still as naughty and cheeky as when we first met.

We hope you join so you can see me punish Nancy everytime she misbehaves or is naughty.

Warm regards

Michael and Nancy




My name is Julia and i am 18 years old and still at school.

My father knows Mike and Kelly very well and, as he is away on business quite a bit, i can stay with them for a few days every time.

I really like Kelly and we have so much fun! but...Mike spanks me just as he spanks Kelly if i don't do as he says!.

It's really embarrasing and it hurts too but i guess i better behave myself.






I am Tina and i am 22 years old. I am studying to be a nurse

When i was growing up i had very strict parents and my Daddy spanked me right up untill i was 17

I really miss those spankings as they really worked and a sore bottom kept me on the right track

I met Mike and Kelly and i am glad that Mike will turn my bottom a fiery red if i am bad or if i don't do well in my studies

See ya in the member section!

xxx Tina




My name is Joyce and I live next door to Haley and Susan. I m single and 35 years old

I heard from the girls that they really benefit from the strict guidance they receive from Mike and Kelly and after a lot of thinking, and sore bottoms, it is exactly what i need as well..

It may sound strange but i am much happier with myself and quieter now that there is someone who cares enough to correct me when i stray

I hope to share my feelings and experiences with you so join ok?



  haley and susan



We are Haley and Susan and we share a flat together

I am 20 and Susan is 24

We both do things that irritate the other and when we saw Real Life Spankings, we thought that might be a good idea for us!

Susan and me are not dominant so Mike helps us when one of us needs a good spanking. 

GOD! He has a hard hand! but we both need it from time to time

We hope you join so Susan and me can meet you






  paul and jennifer



My name is Jennifer and Paul is my Dominant and I am His submissive. Paul keeps me in line very strictly and He spanks and punishes my bottom regularly

I really need that to keep me in line

My bottom is very red and sore most of the time because i am rather forgetfull and stuff

We love this website and we are very excited to be a part of it so join and hopefully we can chat

love and xxx






Have you ever looked through a penthouse
magazine or an erotic catalogue and thought those models are gorgeous! 

You wish you could see them get spanked? 

Well now you can! 

Join today and watch top model Sandra (28) spanked by her boyfriend Nick (35)

Nick and Sandra are very into spanking and domestic discipline at home and they have joined our site. 

They are a very nice and warm couple who love our concept and are a joy to work with

Mike and Kelly





My name is Liza and my fiancee's name is Vincent. I am 27 years old and Vincent is 30

A while ago we discovered that spanking is very erotic and it turns us both on very much :)

I am now very naughty because I know Vince will make my bottom very sore and I secretly love it :)

We met Mike and Kelly and we really love the website but I think i will be punished much harder and longer now that we are part of the site! So please be gentle on me if you join

See you in the member section!






Dear Sir, Madam

My name is Jane and I am 18 years old. I have never been spanked before and was bought up very freely. Now I think an old fashioned re-upbringing is just what i need

I contacted Mike and Kelly and they are going to keep a very strict and close eye on me

They said if i misbehave i will be spanked!

I think that is just what i need. A strict father figure

If you join you will see my progress







I am Sylvie and my boyfriend is Stefan. We are very glad to be part of this site as we love BDSM and especially spanking

Stefan regularly punishes my bottom if I am naughty but I love it really. He keeps me on a tight leash ;)

We also love the idea that people are watching me get spanked

We hope to meet lots of you and hear what you like

Join ok?







My name is Wiesje and I am 29 and I live in Holland

For many years now i wanted someone strong in my life to take care of me and correct me when i do wrong

I need a good spanking once in a while and when i saw this site i knew that they could help

I spend far too much money on clothes and stuff and now i have to report regularly to Mike and Kelly and if i spent too much....my bottom gets spanked hard!

It scares me and it hurts but it helps a lot

If you want to see me get spanked, join!







We are Egill and Silke and we have been into spanking
for more then 15 years
. Egill is 49 and I am 44

Egill says I am very stuborn and recalcitrant and He is very very strict with me

My bottom feels His stern displeasure if I disobey Him (but I love it because I am a bit of a masochist really :)

Egill and I are very happy to be a part of this site and the rest are very friendly wonderfull people

If you want to see My bottom get severely punished, then join!

Hope to meet you in the member section






I am Katerina and I am 19 years old

Melvin and I are dear friends and we love playing sexy games and we just loooove spanking :)

I am often very naughty on purpose because I know what Melvin will do.....yummy!

Do you want to see my poor little bottom turn all red and sore?...then join!

Naughty greetings






My name is Gwendolyn and I am 20 years old

I am a professional model but sometimes I can be a bit
lazy and I do show up late sometimes

I saw this site and contacted Mike and Kelly and they
assured me they could help

I have never been spanked before but I think that is just
what I need to turn me into a good girl

I hope you like my videos and pics

See ya!






My name is Ellen and I am 18 years old. My boyfriend is David and He is 28

We both love spanking and I know I need someone strong to take care of me and spank my bottom when I need it

We have not been spanking long but we met Mike and Kelly and we love being part of real life spankings

If you want to see me get my bum spanked when I am naughty, join ok?


Ellen xxxxxx





Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie and I am 18 years old

I am at college and My guardian and my boyfriend saw real life spankings and thought it would be a great idea if they send me over to Mike and kelly to be punished if I am naughty

Mike is very strict with me and punishes me for the slightest fault. and IT STINGS!

But my schoolwork has improved though and I am behaving (most of the time)

If you join please be gentle in your suggestions because I have a very tender bum







Nice of you to read my profile

I am Laura and my boyfriend is Christopher. Mike and Christopher keep me on a tight leash and if I do not obey them, my bottom pays the price!

Mike does the punishing and He spanks awfully hard and has a huge arsenal of implements which my bottom feels on a regular basis.....can't help it really

Why don't you join our site and you can be the fly on the wall while I am being punished

I am sure you will love it (I do shhhhh....;)

see ya!

Love Laura





We are Bob and Hester. We love spanking and Bob is the dominant one in our relationship. If I am naughty, He spanks me good!

I need His firm hand because I can be quite a handfull at times and a sore red bottom does wonders to keep me focused

We hope to meet a lot of you in the chatroom and you can tell us how Bob should punish me or even tell us your fantasies

Love and kisses





Hello A/all

my name is Yashaa and I am a good friend of Mike and Kelly

I am 20 years old

I do tend to be very lazy sometimes and I am naughty too but Mike keeps me pretty much in line

He is very strict sometimes but I must admit I do need a good spanking on a regular basis to keep me good but NOT the cane because that HURTTTTS!

I do love being spanked though :)

Love Yashaa