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6 high definition widescreen wmv video uploaded

anna's first spanking part 1 and 2

anna is late again part 1 to 4

We have a new lovely addition to the RLS team. Her name is Anna and she is 28 years youngl She was sent to us to curb her behaviour and so we shall! As per tradition I gave her a sound first spanking followed
by some cornertime. In part two I paddled her bare bottom soundly. You also must notice that we are now in a new big office building which has so many new possibilities. Make her feel welcome guys and gals!

Sometimes it takes a firm hand and a few very sore bottoms for the girls to learn anything. Anna is no exeption and for her second visit, she was late again. Time for me to turn her bottom a fiery red so she learns thatbeing late for something is a sign of disrespect. I tawsed and strapped her bottom in part one and gave her a sound bare bottom hair brush spanking in part 2. I part 3 I paddled her bare bottom soundly and I finished of in part 4 with a long, hard, bare bottom spanking.






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