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jentina's first spanking part 1, 2 and 3

jentina and scarlett discipine session
- 11.10.2016 -  part 1 to 4

25 year old Jentina is new in the scene and she soon became close friends of Scarlett, Ivey and others. It soon became apparent that our little miss needs a firm hand occassionally
so she came to us for well needed discipline.
I first gave her a sound spanking followed by cornertime. Then I made her write punishment lines and encouraged them with my trusty old leather paddle. Then I finished off the discipline session with my Slipper while she read the punishment lines. That session kept her well behaved for a while.

Jentina and Scarlett were very disobedient and naughty so it was time for a discipline session with bottoms red and sore. I part one I got Jentina to soundly spank Scarlett and she got her revenge in part two. Then I took over and gave them both a sound spanking with the necessary time on the hard punishment stools as well This session is in 4 parts. Enjoy!




jentina discipine session
- 14.05.2017 -  part 1 and 2


It was high time for our little naughty blonde to visit us. She has been very naughty and in dire need of a very sore, red bottom. As usual I gave her a sound spanking over my knee first and then put her in the corner. Then I gave her cute red bottom a sound strapping, over my desk to make her see the errors of her ways. This session is in 2 parts










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