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aaliya's first spanking

aaliya gets soundly strapped    

 It looks like our Ivey is connected to a whole network of naughty girls because she brought over another one of her close friends. Meet the lovely
28 year old Aaliya Aaliya is the true next door girl type but also a bit shy and very naughty apparently. This time I decided to show Aaliya first how we do things so I gave Ivey a brisk hard spanking first Then I  gave Aaliya her first ever spanking.

You are probably thinking what's with the being late again! I know but that is because these little madams are almost always late! Being on time is
a sign of respect but they are not taught that Anyway, it gives me plenty of reason to tan their little behinds again. This time it is Aaliya's turn.
15 minutes late so she felt my strap and she got cornertime for the first time.





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