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alice is interviewed and gets her first

alice gets a sound leather paddling for
dressing too provocatively

We are starting 2010 with the introduction of another sexy, wild, naughty, gorgeous and cheeky little madam called Alice. Alice is 22 and she has developed a fascination with spanking. She is a wild thing and she dreams about someone taking her in hand and curbing her wild behaviour. She saw our website and we are going to take care of her. Alice is 22 years old, single and living very nearby us so she will visit us regularly

Alice saw the reactions of a few members in our forum and she liked it. She called Me and asked if she could come over so she did. The little madam thought it would please her fans if she wore something very provocative but her little plan backfired. She was soon bending over our coffee table getting her sexy little bottom paddled with My leather paddle. As she loves showing herself I promised her if she didn't dress properly the next time, I would spank her soundly in the nude. I have a suspicious feeling that she might enjoy that ;)




alice gets a sound spanking in the nude for
dressing like a hooker again!

alice gets her first rent spanking

Some girls never learn! During Alice's last visit I told her if she didn't dress like a proper young lady, I would give her a sound spanking in  the nude. Well the little madam showed up dressed like a red light district hooker! I always keep my word so she had to take off all her clothes and she was taken over My knee and I gave her a good spanking! After the spanking her allready very sore bottom made contact with our dreaded punishment stool for the first time and she hated that as much
as all our other girls.
Defiant little madam isn't she?

Alice came to me and informed me that she had run out of money. Too much shopping etc. and now she can't pay the rent! Highly irresponsible so I told her that 1 spanking is not enough but that I would pay her rent but she would have to come every week for a spanking untill the next rent is due. That is 4 spankings! The first spanking I gave her straight away over my knee with my hand and had her sit on her sore red bare bottom till the end of her visit.

alice gets her second rent spanking

alice gets her third rent spanking

This is the second spanking Alice gets as payment for me paying her rent. She has been a good girl the past week so I decided to be slightly lenient and use a ping pong paddle on her. I mean slightly because I spanked her soundly with it and she really felt it! Her bottom was very red and sore afterwards. I also included some cornertime this time.

This is the third rent spanking Alice got for me paying her rent. I decided a good OTK bare bottom birching was in order so she was soon over my knee feeling the dreaded sting of the birch across her bare bottom I finished off this punishment with a good hand spanking Then it was back in the corner again


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