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Alicia's interview and first spanking

alicia gets a sound leather paddling and our punishment stool for coming home too late

Alicia is 19 and living in Holland

Alicia is one of those many girls who, as a punishment by her parents, is grounded, phone or computer taken away etc. and thanks to the internet has become fascinated
  by the old fashioned way of disciplining naughty girls.

She would much rather have a sore bottom then having her mobile taken away. She contacted us and we will give her just that if her behaviour warants it

The weekend before this video young Alicia went out with friends but got home way too late. Her mother was not amused and as a punishment she took away her computer and cell phone for a few days. Now for a teenager that is a disaster but for us that is not a punishment at all and Alicia agreed. I told her to bend over our coffee table and I gave her adorable 19 year old bottom a taste of my leather paddle keeping in mind offcourse that she has never been spanked before. I finished the paddling when I saw that she was crying and she had learned her lesson. Then I put her sore bottom on our punishment stool which she hated just as much as the other girls.



Alicia GETS A birching and punishment
lines for swearing in public

When I tried to phone little Alicia I got an engaged signal for hours! When I confronted her with it she confessed that she had phoned her friends and talked for 5 hours! I decided on a fitting punishment. One minute spanking for every hour on
the phone.
As she is new to spanking I decided to use our table tennis bat. I told her to set the stopwatch on her mobile for 5 minutes and place it in front of her so she can see it while she is getting spanked. For 5 minutes I spanked her and put her in the corner, on her knees, for another hour. She has to learn the value of money.

When we were in Amsterdam we saw a group of teen girls swearing and behaving badly waiting for a bus. I noticed that Alicia was amongst them and the next day I called her and ordered her to come over immediately. I decided on a special punishment so I made her lay over our coffee table and
while she wrote out the words: " I must not swear in public" I birched her 18 year old bottom.
One stroke after each line. That got the message across and she will watch her language from now on.


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