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Amy's introduction

amy's first spanking

Usually we do an interview with new girls to get to know them better before we give them their first spanking but when we arrived at Michelle's house, we were suprised to see Amy standing in the corner her bottom bare, hands on her head. She had been very cheeky to Michelle so she was going to be spanked as soon as we arrived.

Well we skipped the interview and Amy was ordered to get over Michelle's knee and she got a good bare bottom spanking for being cheeky Michelle said

Amy gets a sound leather paddling for
eating cake which was meant for the guests

amy gets a hard otk paddling for lending michelle's clothes out to a friend

Michelle organised a small party and She had Amy dress up in her sexy little maid outfit for the guests. Michelle had baked a cake for the guests but when she went into the kitchen, she saw Amy eating from it with the excuse: i was hungry! Michelle grabbed her by the ear and laid her over the back of the settee and grabbed the leather paddle. Amy's bottom was soundly paddled and she had to bake a new cake before
the guests arrived, her sore red bottom on display at all times.

When Michelle was looking through her closet for a certain skirt, she could not find it. She asked Amy and it became apparent that the little minx had lent it to a friend. Michelle grabbed our new wooden paddle and pulled Amy across her knee and gave her a sound spanking with it. Afterwards she was put in the corner her sore red bottom on display.

Amy gets a sound paddling for forgetting to
tell michelle her appointment was cancelled


Amy got a phonecall to let Michelle know her appointment was cancelled but Amy forgot to tell her so Michelle got in her car and waited for an hour for nothing! On her way back she called Amy and told her to get the punishment stool and  the big paddle ready and wait for her in the kitchen. When Michelle got home she told Amy to place her hands on the stool and her jean clad bottom felt the paddle good and hard. Then Amy was told to bare her bottom and lay over the stool and her bare bottom felt the sting of the paddle.

Spanking between 2 lovers is not allways punishment as this video shows. Amy lays on her bed and she remembers the spankings she got lately. She gets very turned on so she lays herself over the end of the bed, bares her bottom, places the table tennis bat on her bum and calls Michelle. Amy asks Michelle for a spanking and Michelle gives her just that. The table tennis bat turns her bottom a fiery red and when Amy asks for harder strokes, she has a wonderfull little orgasm.

Amy gets a sound otk leather paddling for
being a brat and changing michelle's screen saver

amy gets spanked outside for 
being late again

Little Amy was being a bit of a brat all day and the final straw was that the little minx changed Michelle's screensaver with a very unflattering picture. Michelle was not amused!. Amy found herself face down over Michelle's lap and her bottom felt the sting of our leather paddle on her bratty behind. Afterwards she had to sit on her sore bottom behind the computer and change the screensaver.

Spanking a girl outside in the garden works very well because of the added humiliation if the neighbours hear the spanking. When Amy showed up late again she was told to meet Michelle by the pool and she got spanked outside over Michelle's knee. Michelle noticed that the spanking was not having much effect on her so 
she had a suprise for Amy.
What is the suprise? You will just have to wait and see *evil grin from your host*

amy gets spanked outside for 
being late again part 2

amy gets paddled and strapped for losing michelle's car keys

As you saw in the previous video Amy enjoyd the last spanking a little too much and Michelle told her that She had a suprise for her. The suprise was that She phoned Me and asked Me to come over. Much to Amy's dislike, Michelle asked Me if I would give Amy a proper spanking and if I would assist in disciplining Amy in the future. I agreed and turned Amy over My knee and gave her allready bare bottom a proper spanking and put her back in the corner again.

Michelle called me and informed me that Amy had lost her car keys and if I would pease come over and punish her! I took my leather paddle and the strap and went over straight away. I found them both in the garden and I told Amy to bend over the bench and I proceded to give her bottom a good taste of the leather paddle and the strap on her bare bottom. Nothing works better to remind a girl to be more carefull then a sore red stinging bottom.

amy gets a sound carpet beating outside
for playing her music too loud

amy gets a sound maintenance spanking from michelle and me

Amy was playing her music WAY too loud and Michelle asked her 3 times to turn it down but to no avail. Amy was unpleasantly suprised when I showed up 30 minutes later and
dragged her into the garden, bent her over the side of the pool and gave her naughty behind a good long thrashing with the carpetbeater!
If she wants to disturb the neighbours with her loud music then the neighbours can hear her spanking too! After the spanking, her panties around her knees, she wobbled back upstairs and not a sound eminated from her room for the remainder of the day.

When I dropped by to see how the girl's were doing I heard the sound of a spanking coming from upstairs. When I went up to investigate I found Michelle giving Amy a maintenance
spanking over her knee.
Michelle asked Me if I wanted to take over so Amy found herself across My knee as well getting a nice long sound hand spanking. Amy is the kind of girl that needs a regular sore red bottom to keep her well behaved and out of trouble.

michelle gets her first spanking

amy gets a sound otk spanking and the honeystick for not cleaning her room

Life is full of suprises. After Amy got her maintenance spanking from Michele and me, she confessed that she has fantasised about being spanked for a long time and that she wanted me to spank her. I obliged offcourse and took her across my knee and gave her her first spanking. She also agreed that, should she step out of line in the future, her
luscious bottom will be spanked by me el pronto!

Michelle gave me a ring and told me that Amy, after Michelle told her 3 times, had still not cleaned her room. Time for more painfull measures. I dashed over there and we decided a good
handspanking plus 20 with the honeystick was well deserved.
After I scolded her, Amy went across my knee and I spanked her cotton white panties soundly. Then she was bent over, hands on the seat of the couch, and she got 20 good hard smacks with our honeystick. She immediately cleaned her room with a very sore and painfull bottom under her short skirt.

michelle gets a sound otk paddling for
being one hour late for dinner

michelle gets a second spanking for being obstinate in the restaurant

We all decided to go out for dinner but we had to wait for Michelle. The little minx showed up one hour late with the explanation that she saw some nice clothes and went shopping while we waited for her. Well I greeted her at the door, told her that she was to be spanked, took her upstairs, put her across my knee and, while everyone downstairs listended,
I spanked her soundly  over my knee with my leather paddle.
Then we went to dinner.

when we were at the restaurant Michelle refused to sit, she was childish about it and just plain obstinate! Well, as soon as we were home, I took her upstairs and she went straight
across my knee again for a second spanking!

amy calls me and asks for a good spanking because she misses the discipline

amy gets soundly tawsed and spanked for playing her music too loud again!

Out of the blue I got a phonecall from Amy. She told me that she really misses the discipline and that she gets naughtier
and naughtier and no one to tan her bottom for it and would I please come over and spank her.
I never refuse such an offer so I went over and put her across my knee and gave her gorgeous little bottom a sound spanking. She really needed that and she did quite enjoy it too :) And no harm admitting
that it was a delight having her across my knee again
You will be seeing a lot more of her in the near future because she has indeed gotten a bit out of hand.

Old habits are hard to break and it wasn't long before Amy started playing her music WAY too loud again in her new appartment. Her neighbours complained so it was time for me to spank her again. I laid her over the back of the couch and gave her bottom a sound tawsing with my 2 tailed tawse. To make sure she felt this lesson properly, I decided to finish of her spanking by hand to intensify the tawse welts. Mean I know but very effective as the experienced spankers amongst you will know. Amy was also put in the corner for half an hour afterwards her very sore and well punished bottom on display.

amy gets soundly spanked for not being
ready to go to the beach

amy gets a good caning for forgetting
to pay her bills

Amy is just one of those girls one has to be very strict with. Kelly and I were taking her to the beach because it was a hot day and when I got to her appartment, the little minx wasn't ready! Well I know lots of you guys out there hate it when your girl or wife is  not ready on time so this one is for you I dragged her inside and gave her a good long sound spanking till her bottom was a dark red and very sore! Then, as an extra punishment, I told her to change into her bathing suit and we would go to the beach where everyone would see her well spanked bottom. She protested but she did get a lot of stares at the beach.

Not long after her last spanking Amy called me back and she told me that she needed a hard punishment because she forgot to pay her bills. I asked her if a good caning will make her pay more attention to paying her bills and she agreed. Bent over the back of her sofa she got 3 strokes on her shorts, 3 strokes on her white panties and 6 hard strokes on her bare bottom. Then I put her in the corner holding the cane against her bottom with the promise that if she ever forgot to pay her bills again, it will be 24 strokes on the bare bottom!

amy gets soundly spanked for misbehaving while we were on holiday

amy gets a sound birching for hitting a car with her scooter and driving away

As we suspected when we were in Gran Canaria for 8 days the girls went on a rampage! Have no fear though I noted all their misbehaviours and they will all get their well deserved punishments in time. The first girl to pay the price for misbehaving is our lttle tomboy cutie Amy. She went to a house party till all hours of the morning and she behaved like a little hooligan. Well I soon had her over My knee and I gave her a long hard spanking with a nice long cornertime session afterwards.

Amy reluctantly confessed to Me that a week ago she was driving her scooter too fast and she hit a car. Nothing serious but instead of leaving a note, she drove away. Time for a serious punishment. I laid her over the table and birched her soundly Then I told her to remove her panties and lay on the table in the diaper position for another sound dose of my trusty birch. After the birching I had her kneel on a stool and I gave her a driving test theory book and she had one hour to study the chapters on motor cycles and scooters.  I told her I would question her afterwards and if she didn't pass, she would get another sore bottom. Did she pass? Did she get another sound spanking/paddling? You will have to wait for part 2 :)

amy gets a sound birching for hitting a car with her scooter and driving away
Part 2

amy gets her temperature taken and she gets a sound spanking for faking a sickness

In part 1 you saw that I gave Amy a sound birching for reckless driving and that I made her learn the traffic rules while kneeling on a stool. I gave her an hour and then I asked her a few questions and she got them all wrong! As promised I gave her another sound spanking. This time with my trusty leather paddle and I finished off with 6 of the heavy leather paddle which had Amy in tears for the first time. As she had been punished enough I found the owner of the car and I paid
for the damages.

When I called Amy at work I was told that she was home sick. I am allways suspicious of this and when I called her at home I didn't believe her when she said she had a high fever and was feeling ill. I told her to come over and I put her across My knee and bared her bottom. I checked her temperature rectically and she had no fever. Nu surprise there! Then I gave her a sound bare bottom spanking and sent her straight back to work. Naughty thing

amy gets a sound maintenance spanking

amy gets a sound otk leather paddling
for forgetting to pay a bill

I was looking through my agenda looking for girls who haven't been spanked in a while and Amy was one of them. I told her to come over and I noticed by the way she was dressed and the way she behaved (like a tomboy) it would not be long before she got herself in trouble. I put her across My knee and gave her a sound maintenance spanking which left her tight bottom fiery red and sore. Then I put her in the corner for 15 minutes and hopefully she will stay out of trouble (I doubt it :)

Well it didn't take long after her last maintenance spanking for little Amy to get into trouble again. This time she forgot to pay a bill again so I decided to lay the forgetfull naughty little madam over My knee and give her a good OTK leather paddling! Then on her knees in the corner

amy and julie get soundly tawsed and horsed
for the birch for drinking at 11 am

amy gets soundly spanked for
locking her keys in the house

Julie and Amy dropped by at 13:00 the other day which was nice but I smelled somethin fishy on their breaths and when I asked them about it they confessed that they had started drinking at 11 am! Time to give them both very sore bottoms! First I bent them both over for a good tawsing and then I used an old Victorian method in using the birch which is called horsing. Amy bent over and took Julie on her back while I birched her soundly. Then they switched places and Amy felt the birch across her tight amble bottom. After the birching they both sat on our dreaded punishment stools for half an hour untill their bottoms were very tender.

A few days ago our little Amy was late for something so it was a mad dash to get out of the house. As soon as she was outside, she realised that she had left her keys inside. As you are, by law, not allowed to break into your own house, she had to call the police and a locksmith who let her in. So now she is going to be punished for that. Over the knee she went and I gave her a sound spanking!

amy gets a sound otk paddling and caning
for getting a navel piercing without

angel and amy get soundly spanked for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 1

Our little sporty madam, yes she plays hockey and volleyball, got a navel piercing hoping I wouldn't notice. But of course I did and I decided to give her a good otk leather paddling
first and then a sound OTK caning with my special OTK cane.
After that stinging punishment she was on her knees in the corner, hand behind her back thinking of the error of her ways.

This is becoming routine. We go on holiday and a few girls think
they can misbehave. This time it is Angel and Amy
When the cat's away... Well these two mice sure got very sore bottoms by the time I was finished with them. In part one Angel gets her spanking

angel and amy get soundly spanked for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 2

amy gets soundly punished for not paying her
phone bill and getting disconnected

In part two Amy gets her sound spanking

When I tried calling Amy I got the disconnected tone which can only mean one thing. She didn't pay her phone bill on time! I told her to report to our new location and I gave her a warm up hand spanking first, then a sound strapping and I finished off with a sound bare bottom spanking with the carpet beater. Then on her knees in the corner, well spanked red bottom up in the air

amy gets a pre=holiday spanking
 part one and two

the nudist beach

Kelly and I are off to Costa Adeje Tenerife again for 8 days and in the past Amy has been misbehaving while we were away and was spanked when we got back. To nip this in the butt, I decided to call her over and give her a pre-holiday
spanking before we go.
She didn't show up! The next day I got the little minx in the office and apparently she got the
dates wrong. No excuse!
I started by putting her over my knee and give her the hard pre-holiday spanking and then on her knees in the corner for 1 hour. In part two I told her to lay over the desk and I gave her a sound leather paddling. And lastly I took my ping pong bat, put her over my left knee, and gave her a jolly good spanking with it to finish off Then back on the chair in the corner for another hour

Well it seems that young Amy did not exactly behave herself while we were on holiday. I checked her Facebook page and was not too suprised to find out she went to a nudist beach I thought an appropriate punishment for that would be for her to take all her clothes off and I would give her a sound strapping in two different positions followed by some cornertime kneeling in
the corner
She got exactly that!

amy gets soundly punished for being naughty
during our holiday part one and two

staying over part one to six

We recently found out that during our last holiday Amy WAS naughty and did misbehave. I called her over immediately and decided to give her a sound hand spanking first and then a good bare bottom thrashing with the carpetbeater. She really hates the carpetbeater but then she should have behaved herself shouldn't she?

Amy and Sammie had to come over to be spanked because they had misbehaved again. Sammie had missed her train and I had to wait an hour for her Amy opened RLS on her boyfriend's business laptop and his boss at work saw that so she will be punished. I gave them both a sound OTK leather paddling but then, when I was going to take them back to the station, the weather had turned and it was unsafe to drive so I told them they could spend the night I got them pyjamas and douvets and they spent the night on our couch (we are renovating upstairs) At 7 the next morning I was rudely awakened by the sound of girls playing and spanking each other. I dashed downstairs and put both of them across my knee for a good spanking Then I gave them both a sound bare bottom strapping and I finished off with a hard wooden paddle I don't do mornings! :)





amy asks for a sound anti-stress

amy and monique get soundly punished
part 1 and 2

As most of you know spanking is not just punishment but it can also be very erotic or a girl can just need a sound spanking because of stress, A good spanking makes her feel better. Amy is one of them and she came to me asking for a sound anti-stress spanking which I gave to her and afterwards, she was quite relaxed.

Sometimes I have to discipline a few girls on the same day. I scheduled Monique to come in the morning but she didn't show
up so I waited for Amy and I gave her a sound spanking for not
paying her bills again.
While I had her on my desk, spanking her bottom soundly, Monique burst in and after a scolding I told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner while I finished with Amy. Amy went into the corner and I put Monique over my knee and gave her such a spanking she will never forget! Keeping me waiting for 3 hours indeed!



amy and liesje get preventive spankings
Part 1 AND 2

liesje and amy get soundly punished
for personal christmas shopping part 1 and 2

When I don't hear from girls for a while they are either behaving themselves properly (yeah right!) or they are secretly naughty. That is why I occasionally order a few to come over and I give them a preventive spanking. This time I told Amy and Liesje to come over and I turned them both
over my knee for a sound spanking just to be sure :)

As I suspected it didn't take long for these two to get into trouble. When they went Christmas shopping, they spent most their money on themselves. They bought clothes and shoes. I decided to teach them the true meaning of Christmas by means of a sound belting, getting them to spank each other, and finishing off with a hard paddling with my heavy leather paddle.





amy soundly punished for not paying
her bills before her holiday
part 1, 2 and 3

the mobile phones part 1, 2 and 3

Amy once again forgot to pay her bills but this time before she went on a two week holiday with the result the bills are much higher now I asked her over to punish her for that and I had a sound birching followed by a sound OTK paddling and as grand finaly a good caning in mind but then the little madam showed up 30 minutes late! So she got a good hand spanking first

I have been trying to call Jolene and Amy for a while now but I either keep going to voicemail or the number doesn't exist anymore. The fact that they didn't give me their new numbers is a good reason to turn their bottoms bright red! I told them to come over and I gave them both a sound OTK spanking and I strapped them thoroughly!





sammie and amy soundly punished for
a one hour wait. part 1 to 4


Sammie contacted me again and she wanted to come over because she misses the discipline. At the same time Amy emailed me that she needs a spanking so I thought well those two are friends and they live close by each other so come together by train. I said 12:00 Am and at 12:30 no sign of them, I drove back to the office and at 13:00 I got a phone call the little madams were at the station! What was supposed to be a spanking for both turned into a punishment session with two sound hand spankings and a strapping for both







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