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angel's introduction

angel's first spanking

Hai! My name is Angel and i just turned 19. I live in Holland too and i have been fascinated by old fashioned spanking since i was little. It took a lot of nerve but i finally wanted to ecperience spanking myself so i contacted Mike and Kelly and they now give me what i allways dreamed about...(yum) Mike says i am cheeky and bratty and sassy he calls it (not!)...shhhhh He is ever so strict though and my poor bottom is allways soooo red when he leaves but it is sooooo exciting....He even puts me in the corner! sheesh What am i? 10?

After Angel was introduced she went over My knee for her first ever spanking. The silly girl offcourse wore a string which meant that when her pants came down there was not much protection.

She really enjoyed it though :)

angel gets a sound spanking for not standing
in the corner as she was told and lying

angel dreams about getting a good spanking for coming home late

Before visiting young Angel I decided to test her obedience so I called her and told her to stand in the corner half an hour before I came and wait for me. I know these naughty minxes so well so before I knocked on the door, I went around back and peeked into the window to see if she was indeed in the corner. Offcourse she wasn't! She was sitting on the couch reading a magazine and when she heard me, she made a quick dash to the corner. I confronted her with it and she lied straight to my face. I dragged her straight across my knee and gave her pert 19 year old bottom  a sound spanking! Afterwards she had to march her fire red little bottom in the corner for a full hour.

Occasionally we film one of the girl's fantasies and this is one. Angel fantasises a lot about a strong man spanking her when she is  naughty so she came up with this idea for a video. She gets dressed in her pyjamas and she gets into bed and falls asleep. She then dreams about being late home and her strict Man (Me) scolds her, pulls her across his knee and gives his naughty daughter a good spanking with his hand and ping pong paddle. She really enjoyed making this video (so did we) and she hopes you will like it too

angel gets a sound leather paddling while typing in the forum for being cheeky in the chat

angel gets another long sound spanking for missing her train and lying about it

Some have you must have experienced this. You are chatting with a girl and they think they can get away with anything because a spanking hand is far away from them at that moment. Well Angel thought so too but a few days later she was standing in front of me nervously rubbing her little bottom while I told her she was going to get a sound leather paddling for her chat behaviour. I had opened a new forum topic and, while she bent over the desk, she had to type: "I must not be cheeky in the chat" 12 times and in between I made  her bottom quite red and sore with my leather paddle. That will teach her, and the others too, that I do not tollerate any cheekiness not even in a private MSN chat.

Angel missed her train and was 45 minutes late and when I asked her if it was her fault or the railways, she said that it was the railways. Wanting to see for myself I put her in the corner, bottom bare, while I checked the national railway website to see if there were any delays and suprise suprise no! I took the little miss straight across my knee and gave her a lengthy good spanking on her bare bottom. And 30 minutes in the corner her red sore little bottom on display. The next time she needs a spanking she is going to feel the back of my hairbrush!

angel gets a sound hairbrush spanking for
dropping her mobile phone in the toilet

angel and julie get soundly spanked and switched outdoors for not leaving enough money for busfare and i had to drive them home

Kelly and I gave Angel a new mobile phone so we could keep an eye on her but a few days ago I couldn't reach her. When she came for her regular visit she told me she had dropped the phone by mistake in the toilet! As a few of our loyal members agreed in the forum, it was time to give the
little minx a taste of the hairbrush.
I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking with our wooden hairbrush
untill her bottom was very red, stinging and sore.
Afterwards she stood sniffeling in the corner for half an hour.

Angel and Julie have become best friends but you can imagine that will mean double trouble. I got a phonecall from the girls and they apparently spent an afternoon shopping and sitting on terrases spending all their money and forgetting to leave enough for busfare to get home! Offcourse I jumped in my car and picked them up but instead of taking them home, I took them to our spot in the forest and bent them both over the hood of the car and spanked them soundly. Then I picked a nice little switch and gave their bare bottoms a sound taste of the switch. Then I took them home sitting on red and sore striped bottoms.

angel gets a sound spanking and birching for cheating on a test 2 years ago while at school

angel and julie get a special strict punishment session for borrowing a car without asking and driving without a licence. Part 1

Little Angel confessed to me that 2 years ago, when she was at school, she cheated on a Biology test and she was never caught. For years she has fantasised about being punished for it and now she wants to be spanked for that. I decided that a sound hand spanking, followed by a good birching, on her hands and bare bottom was a good punishment. She agreed and she left with a very sore bottom, and hands, but she felt great!

As I suspected these two together will mean trouble. These two minxes borrowed a car from Angel's brother without asking and
they drove to a club for a night out. They both do not have drivers licences!
Time for something more then a simple spanking. I put together 2 simple punishment outfits including our new punishment panties and made them change into them. Then I gave them both a sound OTK spanking and had them kneel in the corner for a while. Then I put them both together in a new position over my knee and gave them another sound hand spanking followed by a spanking with our heavy stingy leather paddle. Then they were sent to the corner again.



angel and julie get a special strict punishment session for borrowing a car without asking and driving without a licence. Part 2

angel and julie get severly spanked for lying and playing truant from work

In part 2 of this session I gave them both a hard tawsing and birching while standing and then I had them lay over the coffeetable for another taste of our heavy leather paddle. I finished off this strict session with giving them both 18 quick hard strokes OTK with the Egyptian rattan cane. I don't think they will ever be that reckless again dear readers.

I ordered Angel and Julie to come over because they both needed a very strict lesson this time. Julie had taken time off to work telling them that she was sick but she wanted to go to the beach and sunbath topless. Remember that she recently got fired but they hired her again. I decided that a severe OTK spanking with the Shadowlane hairbrush was deserved. She was bawling her eyes out by the time the hairbrush landed on her bare bottom. Angel had lied to me one too many times so she got a severe  OTK hand spanking because enough is enough.

angel gets soundly strapped and spanked for wearing a far too skimpy and sexy outfit

angel and simpa get spanked and a victorian birching for being cheeky in the car

When I was in our garden I saw little Angel coming down the street and I couldn't believe my eyes! She was wearing a very skimpy WAY too sexy outfit I rushed over to her, flung her across my shoulder and took her straight to our house. Before putting her down, I gave her skimpily clad bottom her first
Then I told her to lie face down on the coffee table and I gave her bottom a good strapping. Before I put her across my knee I asked her if she dressed like that on purpose so that I would spank her and she blushingy agreed. Naughty girl isn't she? Well I obliged her and her bottom got more then she bargained on. A sound hand spanking and cornertime!

As we all live close together in such a small country such as the Netherlands the girls meet each other a lot and get to know each other which is nice. This time Angel and Simpa went out and they wanted to drop by for a visit. Didn't quite turn out the way they expected (or did it?) because they were very cheeky to me all the way home! Well I gave them both a nice firm spanking and then decided to try the  ancient Victorian horsing method on them for a good birching. It had the desired effect and was fun to do (they didn't think so offcourse) and when they spent an hour in the corner, they sure regretted being cheeky to me

angel gets a severe spanking and 30 min on our punishment stool for not paying her bills

angel and julie keep me waiting at the station on purpose hoping to get a good spanking which the certainly got!

As a disciplinarian it is sometimes necessary to harden your heart and give a girl a very hard spanking if it is needed. In this case it was needed because little Angel repeatedly forgot to pay a few important bills at home with the result that she got into a spot of financial difficulty. She agreed that she deserved a hard spanking so I gave it to her. Over my knee she went and because of her guilt and worries about it,  she was crying across my knee very soon. The spankees amongst you will know that a good cry and the release of emotions does wonders. After the spanking I put her on our punishment stool for 30 minutes to think about her responsibilities After her punishment she felt much much better she said. p.s. I paid her bills for her offcourse 

Everyone in the spanking community will know that sometimes when a girl wants a spanking they sometimes ask for it but most of the time they will do something naughty on purpose knowing very well that their bottoms will be very red and sore. Angel and Julie are no different. I went to pick them up at the station and they kept me waiting for half an hour on purpose hoping I would spank them. Well offcourse I did as you can imagine. I took them straight home and across my knee the two naughty minxes went for a good spanking. As Julie hasn't felt it before, I decided to put both their red bottoms on our punishment stools for the time they kept me waiting. Half an hour

angel gets a sound spanking and paddling in the diaper position for dressing like a hooker

julie and angel's fantasy. 2 girls spanked soundly for coming home late

Angel showed up looking like a tramp from Amsterdam and when I asked her she reluctantly admitted that she dressed like that on puropse knowing full well I would spank her for looking like that. Naughty thing! Well, as she wanted to show herself off like that, I thought it was fitting to spank and paddle her in the diaper position. She was quite amazed how much is stung (due to her bottom being very taut in that position) but she did enjoy it. Well deserved Luckily she bought some decent clothes with her so I made her change
before she went home.

As you know most of our girls have spanking fantasies and sometimes we act them out and film them. This is one of Julie and angel's fantasies. In the fantasy they are 2 girls who go out and they are supposed to be back at midnight. They arrive at 3:30 AM and they are spanked soundly and sent straight to bed. They wanted the spanking to be realistic so I gave it to them. Lots of struggling, complaining and fast good smacks on their naughty bottoms. The girls loved acted out this fantasy and I am sure you will love watching it.

angel gets a sound wet panties spanking
for not doing her laundry

angel and julie get hard spankings with the wooden spoon and the honeystick for maxing our their credit cards

Little Angel was just too lazy to do her laundry with the result that she didn't have any clothes to wear. I decided that this was the perfect oppertunity to give our little cutie a
wet panties spanking.
I gave her a pair of our punishment panties and told her to wet them in our kitchen. When she had them on I gave a sound spanking on those wet panties untill they were dry. Then I gave her bare bottom a number of good hard spanks and told her to kneel in the corner for half an hour. Those of you spankees who have had a wet panties spanking will know that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts much more then on a dry bottom. Angel agrees...

Our little blonde duo is in trouble again dear members! This time the terrible duo wanted to borrow some money because they
maxed out their credit cards.
Totally irresponsible so I decided a severe spanking with the wooden spoon and the honeystick was needed. Bent over our coffee table their bottoms got soundly punished untill they were very red and sore indeed. Then on their knees in the corner thinking about how irresponsible they



angel gets a severe slippering for
drinking too much with her friends

angel gets a sound caning for
smoking a joint

When I phoned little Angel to see how she was behaving, she was drunk! She was out with her friends and she had drank way too much. Well it was time for a severe spanking again and this time I used our dreaded slipper. The slipper is one of the most severe and stinging implement in my arsenal and the girls fear it I put Angel across my knee and I slippered her severely untill her bottom was beet root red and blue and very very sore Then it was half an hour on our punishment stool for the little minx Well deserved though because she knows how much I hate drunk people

You all know my position on drugs so imagine my surprise when I found out that our little Angel had tried a joint a while ago. Time to give the little madam a taste of the rod. After I scolded her I made her touch her toes and I gave her 6 strokes over her tight leather pants, 6 over her panties and 6 on her bare bottom. Let's hope that cures her of experimenting with dangerous substances

angel gets a sound spanking in the diaper
position for wearing torn ragged jeans

aangel gets a sound belting for having a much too high mobile phone bill

Young Angel came to us and I immediately noticed that her jeans were ragged and torn. She looked like she had gotten into a fight with a Bengal tiger. Now the last time I spanked Angel in the diaper position it was very popular with you guys so I decided to spank her in the same position again. Her legs in the air, bottom nice and taut, she got a sound bottom warming which left her bottom very stinging and sore. Afterwards in the corner for 45 Minutes and she was told to throw those jeans away when she got home.

As we all know dear members girls love to yap yap yap on their mobiles. Angel came to me with a much to high mobile phonebill and would I please pay it. I said I would but not before I gave her a sound leather belting laying| over our trestle. This is the first time she has been punished over our trestle. After I gave her a good belting she couldn't tell me why she got that hiding so I put her sore bottom on our punishment stool for 20 minutes. This is the first time she got the belt and she did not like it one bit!

angel gets a severe spanking for spending
too much again

angel gets a sound spanking for showing up
20 min late for her discipline session

You must remember that a while ago I tanned Julie and Angel's bottoms soundly because they spent too much with their credit cards. I allready checked Julie's bank statements and gave her a severe hand spanking because she spent too much again Now I checked Angel's bank statements and behold dear members she didn't obey either and had used her credit card way too much! Time for the same as Julie got. Over my knee she went and I spanked her HARD! untill she was sobbing her eyes out. Then I took her credit card from her for one month and placed her in the corner to think about her disobedience.

We have decided to sometimes discipline the girls at Michael's house especially if the girl lives closer to Michael then us. Angel was told to go there and suprise suprise the little minx
showed up 20 min late!
Well she didn't get any coffee, no nice how are you chats but straight across My knee for a sound spanking. Then in the corner with her and afterwards we discussed her recent behaviour. You will not be suprised that soon after she got another sound punishment but you will see that in part 2.

angel gets a sound spanking with our carpet beater for fighting in a pub

angel gets a severe hand spanking for buying
a gold chain without permission

When Angel and some of her friends were in the pub, some girl started making trouble. Now instead of walking away or trying to solve it peacefully like an intelligent adult she got into a fight and things got ugly. I will not have any of my girls fighting in pubs so I made her lay over a footstool with her bottom nice and high and I gave her bottom a sound thrashing with my carpet beater. After the spanking she was on her knees against the wall thinking about her bahaviour. p.s. At least she won the fight ;)

As you know I tool away Julie's and Angel's credit cards for a month and I returned them one month later. Upon chaecking Angel's bank statements I noticed she had bought a few
items again without asking one of which was a gold chain she was wearing.
Silly goose! As if i wouldn't notice! Over my knee she went and I gave her another severe hand spanking
which made the tears flow.
Some girls are just hard of hearing so they need hard spankings. (Thank God though otherwise we wouldn't have spanking videos like this :)

angel is the third girl to get a sound spanking
for misbehaving while we were on holiday

angel gets a sound bedroom strapping for oversleeping a few times

As you know by now a few girls thought they could misbehave while we were on holiday because my hand was out of reach. Silly girls This time it is Angel who goes across My knee for a sound spanking. She stayed out late, drank too much etc. etc. She sure regretted her little rebelion when she stood in the corner with a very sore and red bottom.

Our naughty little Angel confessed to Me that she had overslept a few times and was late for work, left friends waiting etc. I hate it when someone is late so I thought a sound strapping upstairs
in the bedroom, over the bed, was a fitting punishment.
I took her upstairs, laid her over the bed and with a new strap called the persuader, I gave her a sound strapping.

angel gets a sound spanking for putting
salt in my coffee

angel gets a sound spanking with a spatula for
eating too much junkfood

As you know Angel needs and wants regular spankings and if she doesn't deserve them, she will do something to get a spanking. Bratting as it were. When she was here she asked if I wanted some coffee and she put salt in My cup instead of sugar. She must have gotten the idea from an old video we did with Laura and Kelly many many moons ago. Well she knew very well what would happen and she was soon over My knee getting a jolly good spanking. Love her to bits though naughty little thing!

You must have noticed just like Me that little Angel had put on a bit of weight. Nothing serious and she still has a gorgeous bottom but still. Apparently she has eaten too much junk food recently so I thought it appropriate that she got a good spanking with a spatula. I took one from the kitchen, laid her over the table and she got a good spanking. I finished off with a hard handspanking and put her in the corner for a while. p.s. The day after she hit the gym again with a vengeance

angel is back and she gets her
comeback spanking

angel gets a sound strapping for visiting a hamburger place twice

A lot of you have been waiting for her but here she is! Angel is back and I gave her her comeback spanking. She has been ill a while but she is getting better and she didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer and she misses the discipline and
As she has been ill and not been spanked in a while, I of course did not spank her too hard.

As you know Angel is working on her condition after her illness and she has to visit the gym twice a week and eat healthy. This went well for a while untill she confessed that last week she visited a well known hamburger place twice! Time for another sore red bottom so I laid the little madam over my left
knee and strapped her over her panties.
Then i told her to take down her panties and lay over the chair. Then I strapped her bare bottom soundly and I made her sit on her sore bare bottom for a few hours while we had a drink.

angel gets a sound spanking for forgetting
to pay her gym fee

angel gets a sound belting and our punishment stool for not listening to her coach

By her own request I am now keeping a close eye on Angel when it comes to her gym visits, what food she eats etc. because she wants to get back in shape. Then I found out the little madam forgot to pay her gym fee so over My knee
she went and I gave her a sound spanking!

Angel's gym coach phoned me and said that our little madam had not followed the routine he had laid out for her in the gym. Time for more drastic measures! While still in her gymclothes, I laid her over our trestle and gave her a jolly good hiding with my belt. Then I told her to place her sore and welted bottom on the punishment stool for 20 minutes to learn teach her a lesson. She hates the stool!

angel gets the wooden spatula for
eating a hamburger in the gym

angel gets a sound paddling for not
going to the gym last week

After her last few spankings Angel went to the gym regularly and followed her coach's instructions but then after her last session the little madam went into the gym cafeteria and decided to have a hamburger with fries. Of course she was spotted and I was told. As it is food related, I decided
to use a stinging wooden spatula on her bottom.
Over my knee she went and when she was let up, her bum was stinging like the Dickens.

It went well for a while but then our little Angel forgot one gym appointment last week. This cannot go unpunished so I told her to bend over the chair and I gave her a sound leather paddling and put her against the wall, kneeling on a stool, paddled bare bottom on display after the paddling.

angel and amy get soundly spanked for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 1

angel and amy get soundly spanked for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 2

This is becoming routine. We go on holiday and a few girls thinkthey can misbehave. This time it is Angel and Amy When the cat's away... Well these two mice sure got very sore bottoms by the time I was finished with them. In part one Angel gets her spanking

In part two Amy gets her sound spanking

angel gets a sound bare bottom strapping
for using her mobile phone in traffic

angel gets soundly spanked again for misbehaving during our holiday

Mobile phones are annoying. Everyone uses them everywhere
at all times. Angel is one of those that do.
I caught the little madam on her bike, using her phone and nearly running
down a few pedestrians.
I told her to report to our new location, but I was tied up in traffic for around 10 minutes, so I told her to go in to the office, bare her bottom, lay over the
desk and put the strap in her mouth.
When I arrived I gave her a sound bare bottom strapping and then I put her in the corner with her mobile phone in her mouth.

And again while we were away in Tenerife, one girl misbehaved badly namely and this time it was Angel again. Late to bed, drinking etc. Of course I found out and the naughty little madam was soon over my knee`getting her bottom soundly spanked. After the spanking she had her nose in the corner again for a while.

angel gets punished for not showing up
part one and two

angel gets a sound spanking and cornertime
for leaving her mobile on the train

As you must have noticed in the latest videos we renovated our house. When we were going to paint, Angel said she would come and help and we counted on it but the little madam didn't show up. When I asked her about it, she confessed she had drank too much the night before and had a bit of a hangover. I decided to give her two spankings. The first one was a sound OTK leather paddling, followed by a full hour
in the corner.
Then she went over my knee for a sound bare bottom hairbrush spanking for the drinking.

I tried to call Angel a few times but I kept getting voicemail When I emailed her it came out that the little madam was very careless and she left her mobile phone on the train a few days ago. Time for a trip across my knee again. I gave her a sound spanking and put her red sore bottom in the corner. I told her that one spanking was not enough and that she has to report
back the next day, same time, for another sound spanking






angel gets her second spanking and cornertime for leaving her mobile on
 the train

angel gets a hard spanking for forgetting
her travel declarations

After her last spanking Angel was told to report back the next day for a second spanking as one spanking was not enough for leaving an expensive mobile on the train. Having her wait a day for her second spanking does wonders. Gives her
plenty of time to think about what she has done and what she is going to get.
I put her over my left knee and gave her a sound OTK paddling and halfway I switched to the standard position Then she was back in the corner for a full hour

As I run a business here the girl's travel expenses are put through the books but some girls just keep forgetting to give me their tickets. Angel is one of them and after asking her for them a few times,  I told her to lay over the desk and I gave her a long, hard hand spanking. I got all her tickets the next day. Naughty little minx!





angel gets a severe punishment for smoking
a joint and dangerous driving. part one and two

betty's first spanking
part 1 AND 2

Our little Angel has been very very naughty dear members. Imagine my surprise and slight anger when one of her friends told me that Angel had smoked a joint in a local pub with friends and then got on her scooter and drove home. But that is not all! I was also told that they approached a railway crossing and the red lights were flashing and Angel decided to floor it and drive through. The little madam could have gotten herself killed! Time for another severe punishment you will agree. For smoking a joint I put her across my knee for a severe hand spanking followed by a full two hours in the corner. For the dangerous driving I took my special OTK wooden paddle and gave her a severe spanking with it. She was in tears after both spankings but you will agree I am sure
that she deserved every hard spank and swat.

This was quite a surprise dear members. I asked Angel to come over because she hadn't done her laundry in a few
weeks and she showed up with a close friend Betty.
Betty is very curious about us and she has seen and heard about Angel's spankings and she wants that too. She is 22 and just as naughty as Angel. I welcomed her to our team and I gave her lovely firm bottom it's first ever spanking over my knee.






betty and angel get soundly paddled for
not doing the laundry part 1 and 2

cory and angel in trouble part 1, 2, 3 and 4

As you have seen at the end of the last Betty and Angel video, I told them to go and do Angel's laundry and I will come over and make sure it is done. Well I did and the bathroom was laundry free but when I entered the bedroom, Betty was nervously sitting on the bed and when I looked under the bed, I foun all the dirty laundry stuffed under the bed. I just told them to be at our office the next day and I put our massage table out. I bent them both over each end of the table and I gave them both a sound paddling untill their bottoms were bright red. Then I put them in the corner and told them to go home and do the
laundry immediatelly! They did!

I told Cory and Angel to report to us because first Cory's sister called me and told me that Cory was very rude to her a few times and we can't have thet can we? Angel was very naughty when we were in Tenerife. She partied etc. so she needs to be spanked too. I spanked both girls soundly but when I told them they could have a cigarette downstairs I found they didn't use the ashtray but threw their ash and cigaret buds on the floor. I fetched a few cigarettes, an ashtray and my leather paddle and I gave them a sound paddling against the wall I part 4 I gave them a special punishment over the desk with an ashtray,
2 cigarettes, their bare bottoms and my trusty leather paddle








angrl's cleaning duty part 1 and 2

angel wants a good spanking because she
 feels restless

We visited Angel a few days ago and her flat was a disaster area. It was a total mess so we decided to come up with a suitable punishment. I told her to come over and she had to change in one of our Mike's 50's Diner waitress uniforms and she had to sweep the whole of downstairs. But before I sent her downstairs to sweep, I gave her a sound spanking over my knee for not keeping her flat clean.

Angel left a message on my voicemail saying that she was feeling restless and would I please give her a good spanking.
Of course we obliged and she was soon across my knee :)






angel gets a sound paddling for
texting on a bus and missing her stop

angel gets a sound spanking for
going to the wrong station part 1 AND 2

Young girls all over the world have mobile phones and it seems they do nothing but text all day. Angel is no exeption. Exept this time she did so on a bus and she missed her stop which resulted in her being late for an important appointment. I decided a sound paddling was in order so she was soon kneeling on one of our chairs getting her bottom soundly paddled

I told Angel to come over and the silly girl forgot that we had moved into another office with the result that she went to the wrong trainstation. I picked her up there but of course she had to be punished for that so I put her over my knee and gave her a sound spanking. After the spanking I gave her 30 min cornertime but halfway into the cornertime one of her friends called her on her mobile inviting her to go shopping and Angel agreed! Big mistake! I obviously caught her and back over my knee she went again for a sound bare bottom strapping!



angel gets spanked and switched in the
woods part 1 and 2


I got a phonecall from Angel and she desperatelly needed a spanking My wife and I jumped in the car and we picked her up. As we couldn't spank her at her place, we took her into a nearby woody park and there I gave her a sound hand spanking followed by a good bare bottom switching








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