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angela's first spanking

angela gets a sound belting for
getting in debt with her credit card

The second time we visited recentlyKitty she suprised us with bringing a friend along. Meet the lovely 22 year old Angela! Angela is just as naughty as Kitty and she told me that she also needs some discipline and structure in her life. Of course we will oblige as we always do :) She has never been spanked before but has always been fascinated by it

Angela confessed to me that she overspent on her credit card and is now in a spot of bother. The credit card company will be dealt with but so will Angela's bottom. I decided a good belting was in order and that is exactly what I gave her Followed by some time in the corner of course



angela and kitty get soundly spanked
for being 30 min late part 1 and 2


I told Angela and Kitty to report to us in Holland as it is only a 45 min drive and guess what... They arrived 30 minutes late. They didn't take into account the heavy morning traffic which is no excuse in my book so I gave them both a good spanking over my knee.






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