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angelique's first spanking

angelique gets paddled for not
checking her agenda

Meet the lovely Angelique. She is a true Dutch blonde beauty from the south of Holland. Angelique is 24 years old and a good friend of Mandy. Mandy suggested to Angelique that our brand of "supervision* is just what Angelique needs and she agreed. She has never been spanked before but it is high time someone did :)

If you don't check your own agenda regularly there is a chance that you get dates wrong for appointments. This is what happened to Angelique She got the dates wrong on which she was to come and see us. I decided to give her a paddling with my ping pong paddle as she has only had one spanking in her whole life (her first RLS spanking) When I was finished paddling her, there were tears in her eyes so she surely felt it I did put her sore bottom on our punishment stool though.





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