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Angelique's interview and first spanking

Angelique gets a special paddling for not picking up her dirty towels

Today we are delighted to introduce another cutie who will be disciplined by Me. Meet 24 year old Angelique dear members. Angelique is Dutch and single and she shares an appartment with another girl. Apparently Angelique is quite lazy at home and her flatmate contacted us and sent Angelique over with 2 choices:

a) Everytime her friend is dissatisfied with her, she will be sent over to us and she will get spanked 
b) She packs her bags and moves out

Well luckily for us Angelique chose the spanking option thinking it would be a one time occurance. Well I have allready paddled her not long after this spanking so I am sure you will be seeing a lot of her.

It didn't really suprise us when Angelique came back much sooner then we expected. Her roommate got really annoyed with her because she has the most annoying habit of throwing her dirty towels on the bathroom floor instead of hanging them up to dry. I came up with a special and, if I may say so, rather creative punishment to teach Angelique that she must pick up her towels. I got one of her towels and I told her to throw it on the floor. Then while she bent over to pick it up, I gave her 6 with the leather paddle. Then she had to fold it up neatly, place it on the coffee table and while she was bent over again, she got another dose of the paddle. I repeated this quite a few times and it worked quite well. After the paddling her bottom was on display in the corner for 45 minutes and then she took her towel and her sore bottom home.

Angelique gets a sound spanking and our
punishment stool for not taking out the garbage

Angelique gets a sound heavy leather paddling and the birch for spending the household money on clothes

Angelique was sent to us and I called her flat mate to hear what the little madam had done. While I called her I made Angelique nervously listen to the conversation standing with her bottom bare. I was told that Angelique had not taken out the garbage so while her flat mate listened on the phone, I gave Angelique a sound spanking across My knee. Then she had to apologize to Daywe and then her bottom was put on
our punishment stool for the first time.

Angelique's roommate Daywe called me and told me that Angelique, instead of buying food and cleaning products the little madam spent the money on clothes and jewelry. Time for a more severe punishment. I had her kneel on Kelly's computer chair and I gave her 6 hard strokes across her tight jeans with my heavy leather paddle. Then the jeans came down and her panty clad bottom got another 6 paddle swats and 6 of the birch across her panties. Then her panties came down and her bare bottom got another 6 strokes with each implement. Then she was on her knees in the corner for an hour and I phoned Daywe to inform her that she has been properly punished.

Angelique and sidney return and they
both get soundly spanked part 1 and 2

Angelique and sidney get soundly strapped
for not doing as they were told part 1 and 2

it's always nice to hear from girls again after a long absence on the site. This time Angelique called me and Sidney as well so I decided to let them come together. Angelique is still her lazy self when it comes to helping around the house and Sidney's study results leave a lot to be desired. Time for a sound spanking for both to get them back in the fold. Welcome them both back guys.

It didn'r surprise me in the least when Angelique and Sidney came back and they didn't do as they were told. If all the girls obeyed me the whole time, there wouldn't be a website :) Angelique did not keep her room clean as promised and Sidney didn't take her studies serious enough. I decided to give them both a few hard long strappings with my new strap and some lengthy cornertime. They left with very very sore bottoms.





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