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Anja's interview

anja's first spanking and birthday spanking

Our website is getting well known among spankos here in Holland and Belgium and more and more girls want to join RLS. The latest naughty girl who needs regular spankings is Anja Anja is a beautifull 25 year old living in Holland from Suriname descent. Anja has been fantasicing about spanking almost all her life and she even spanked herself but now she needs to experience it for real so she contacted us and she loves to be part of our website. She is one very naughty young miss I can tell you that.

After her interview, per tradition, she was taken over the knee and she got her first spanking. After the spanking she got a birthday spanking on her allready stinging bottom because it was her 25 th birthday. 25 good bare bottom smacks with one to grow on. You will be seeing a lot of Anja because she just adores being naughty and getting soundly spanked for it.

Anja gets a sound leather paddling and
cornertime for being one hour late

anja gets a sound tawsing in a special position for drinking too much malibu

It's amazing how often girls are late but Anja took the cake! The little minx was one hour late. Well, as soon as she was in the door, she was bending over the back of a chair and her firm bottom felt the sting of our heavier leather paddle. After the spanking she spent 30 minutes in the corner, hands on her head panties around her knees.

After Anja was paddled for being one hour late, we discussed her recent behaviour and she confessed that a few days prior, she had drunk too much Malibu with Cokes in a local bar. Well I sent her straight back into the corner, bottom bare while I decided on a special position for her tawsing. I came up with the following. She had to kneel on the floor facing a bottle of Malibu with her bottom well up and I gave her bare bottom a good tawsing so she would make the mental connection between the bottle and her stinging bottom. After the tawsing she had to spend another 30 minutes in the corner holding the tawse against her stinging bottom.

Anja gets a sound jeans spanking and
paddling for failing her learner's permit

anja gets a spanking with her own hairbrush she uses to spank herself with

Anja dropped by and told us that she had a confession to make. She failed her driver's licence learner's permit for the seventh time! She wanted to be punished for that so I decided to give her a good spanking over my knee on her jeans and then give her a paddling with our new wooden paddle. It was a perfect oppertunity to try it out. She got a good spanking and 8 good paddle strokes over her jeans and 4 on the bare bottom with the promise that, if she fails again, it will be 12
hard ones on her bare bottom!!.
Let's see if she passes the next time.

Anja asked Me for a favour out of the blue. She asked Me if I would spank her with her own hairbrush. She told me that she occasionally spanks herself with that hairbrush but she wants to feel the difference between using it on her own bottom or Me
spanking her with it.
Offcourse I obliged and I placed her over My left knee and gave her jean clad bottom and her bare bottom a good spanking. This video illustrates the fact nicely that spanking is not all punishments but that our girls actually enjoy a sore stinging bottom once in a while.


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