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Astrid is interviewed and gets her first

Astrid gets her bottom soundly paddled for
being on facebook all night

Astrid is a cute 19 year old teen who just left her parental home and is living on her own now. She goes to university and being out of her parent's supervision, she cannot quite cope. She internets till all hours of the morning, goes out too much, doesn't have a study schedule etc. We will help her with that of course and her lucious 19 year old bottom will be very red and sore if she doesn't follow the rules we lay out for her. As usual on RLS Astrid is introduced and she gets her first spanking.

As you know Astrid studies so she should be in bed at a reasonable hour but she confessed to Me that a few nights ago she was on Facebook till 3 am! I told her to come over straight away and I made her bend over the coffeetable and gave her diobedient 19 year old bottom a sound leather paddling. Then she had to kneel in the corner for a full hour and I told her that she will now be in bed during the week at 10 PM



Astrid gets a sound strapping and birching
for failing a test


Our little student Astrid is a little hard of hearing it seems because she went on facebook again a few times with the result that she failed a test. Time for more drastic action so I told her to take down her pants and laying over a stool, she got her bottom soundly strapped and birched




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