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bellas introduction and first spanking

bella gets a sound leather paddling for forgetting to wash the towels

Bella is a cute, adorable 22 year old single beautician from Holland. She works in a big salon here and she told us that she is quite lazy and forgetfull with the result that her boss gets very annoyed with her and would I please help her with that. Well we all know what kind of help we give so after the introduction I put her aross my knee and gave her a good first spanking. She has never been spanked before but that will not stop me form tanning her bottom soundly if she does not perform well at work.

Our little beautician is in trouble today. She forgot to wash the day's towels in the salon she works. I told her to come to us during her lunchbreak and, while she knelt on a chair, 
I gave her a sound leather paddling in her work clothes.
Half an hour in the corner and then back to work with a sore red bottom
under those white pants.
Nothing beats a good lunch time spanking to keep a girl's mind focussed on her work



bella gets a sound otk leather paddling and a thigh slapping for forgetting a customer

bella gets a sound birching for forgetting to clean the whirlpools in the salon

One of the most important things in a beauty salon is obviously the agenda Bella forgot to add a customer in the agenda with the result that he and his wife were turned away because the salon was full. They were not amused and neither was I. I layed the young madam over My knee and gave her a sound leather paddling. I also slapped her legs so that the red marks were quite visible under her short skirt and anyone seeing her in the street would know what had happened.

Our spy at the salon where Bella works has told us that Bella fotgot to clean the whirpools a few times after work. As this is very lazy I decided to give her the birch for the first time. I told her to come over dressed in her salon work outfit. First I gave her a few strokes on her hands. Idle hands as it were and then she went over the table and her bottom got a good birching. Then I sent her straight to the salon to clean the whirlpools.




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