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betty's interview and first spanking

betty gets our special stop smoking spanking

More and more girls want to join our painfull little circle of discipline and the latest cutie to be disciplined by me is the adorable 24 year old Betty from Belgium. kitty actually told her about us and that is how she found us She is a little bundle of joy but very lazy and she wants desperately to stop smoking so I will help her with that. Give her a helping "hand" as it were. She is single and lives just across the border from us. I am sure you will see lots more of her in the future because she lacks self discipline As per tradition I introduced her to you and I put her across my knee for her first spanking

When I visited Betty again she told me that it is very hard to stop smoking so I decided to give her our special stop smoking spanking. I gave the same spanking to Kitty a year or so back and that worked very well. Betty had to light up a cigaret and get across my knee. I then soundly spanked her untill she had smoked the whole cigaret. Then I put her in the corner with her red sore little Belgian bottom on display

betty gets a sound leather paddling for buying cigarettes without permission

betty gets a sound spanking with our honeystick for not keeping her house tidy

I found out that our little Belgian Betty had bought a pack of cigarettes without asking. We immediately jumped in our car and dashed over to her place. Call us the Law and Order Special Spanking Unit :) I told her to lay over the table, our trusty old paddle in front of her, waiting for a while before I came back in and gave her a good paddling! Afterwards I put her in the corner again and I threw away the pack
of cigarettes.

When we went to Belgium to check up on little naughty Betty, we noticed that she had not kept her house tidy. She didn't have time was her excuse. I told her to lay on her dining room table, cushion under her bottom, the Honeystick on her bottom, for 15 minutes before I came back and gave her a sound spanking with it. Afterwards she had to kneel in the corner for a while and then I sent her with her sore bottom into the kitchen to clean it properly.

betty gets a sound spanking for not having
anything to drink in the house


Betty moved into a new appartement so we decided to visit her and see where she now lives. It is a very nice appartement! It was a long trip and we were quite thirsty and when I asked her if I could get something to drink she told me that she only had water. That is bad manners when one doesn't have anything to drink for your guests so it was time for another trip across my knee. I gave a her a sound spanking and I also gave her a few good hard smacks on the back of the thighs just below her skirt so that everyone can see she had been spanked. Then I sent her to the supermarket to get me something to drink.

Betty's first stop smoking a few months back didn't work so I decided to give her a second one but this time with the wooden hairbrush. As before she took down her jeans and went across my lap. Then she lit up a cigarette and she had to smoke it. I spanked her bottom with the hairbrush untill the cigarette was
completely finished.
Then it was nose in the corner again and let's hope that this spanking has the desired effect.

betty gets a sound birching and spanking for forgetting to return her dvd's

betty gets a sound spanking for being late
for work a few times

Litte Betty called me and I went over straight away. She nervously informed me that she forgot to return a few DVD's to the video store with the result that she will get a hefty fine. She felt she needed a good spanking for that so I decided it was time te give her the birch for the first time. I had her lay over the back of the couch while I fetched the birch and
then it was skirt up and her bottom got a sound birching.
After the birching I gave her sore bottom a good hand spanking which she really felt. Then I told her to take off her panties and with a sore bottom rubbing against her skirt, she returned the DVD's

Little Betty is in trouble again dear members. The little madam overslept a few times and was late for work. I thought it very appropriate that I spank her on her bed in 2 different positions. The diaper position and on her hands and knees. I gave her quite a long bottom warming and afterwards had her in the corner on her knees for an hour while I enjoyed the spring weather outside on her balcony. This video is for those members who requested more diaper position


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