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betty's first spanking
part 1 AND 2

betty and angel get soundly paddled for
not doing the laundry part 1 and 2

This was quite a surprise dear members. I asked Angel to come over because she hadn't done her laundry in a few
weeks and she showed up with a close friend Betty.
Betty is very curious about us and she has seen and heard about Angel's spankings and she wants that too. She is 22 and just as naughty as Angel. I welcomed her to our team and I gave her lovely firm bottom it's first ever spanking over my knee.

As you have seen at the end of the last Betty and Angel video, I told them to go and do Angel's laundry and I will come over and make sure it is done. Well I did and the bathroom was laundry free but when I entered the bedroom, Betty was nervously sitting on the bed and when I looked under the bed, I foun all the dirty laundry stuffed under the bed. I just told them to be at our office the next day and I put our massage table out. I bent them both over each end of the table and I gave them both a sound paddling untill their bottoms were bright red. Then I put them in the corner and told them to go home and do the
laundry immediatelly! They did!



julie and betty get soundly spanked
part 1 and 2

the bar tab part 1, 2, 3 and 4

We have great news again dear members. After a year away for personal reasons, Julie is back and looking as lovely as ever :) And she needs discipline again so I asked her to come over for her first spanking in a year. I also asked Betty over to discuss her recent behaviour and the little madam
was late and burst in just as I was about to start Julie's spanking.
I told her to watch with her bottom bare and as soon as I finished with Julie, she also went over my knee and got a sound spanking

Julie and Betty came to see me and they wanted to borrow some money to fix their flat tires on their bicycles. I know for a fact that Julie doesn't own a bike and when I confonted Betty
with it, she confessed she doesn't own one either.
The girls needed the money to pay for a bar tab they had opened in the
pub they usually hang out in.
I took them upstairs and for lying to me they got a sound leather paddling followed by some time on the dreaded punishment stools. Yes I put them in our office because they are very effective. For the bar tab they both got a sound bare bottom birching But this is not the end dear members because a few days later when I went to pay the bar tab, it was 40 Euros higher. Which meant that the two naughty minxes had gone back to the pub and put a few rounds on the tab again. For that they got two sound strappings! I will upload these spankings in 4 parts and 2 galleries





the facebook spankings 2
part 1 AND 2

betty hairbrush spanked to tears for
opening a bartab again

As you have seen I punished Julie for being at the Facebook "party" in Haren here in Holland and I mentioned another girl who was there too. Well that was Betty I asked you guys if I should give her the same as I gave Julie and you agreed. Thanks for all the emails :) p.s. She HATES the punishment stool with a vengeance

Betty is in serious trouble today guys. Blatant disobedience I would call it. She opened a bartab again in spite of my warnings. I thought of giving her the cane but decided that a sound spanking and the hairbrush to tears was the punishment needed and I gave it to her.





betty gets soundly punished for
losing her drivers license part 1 to 3

betty gets soundly punished for
not cleaning her car part 1 and 2

Betty reluctantly came to us and confessed that she had drunk too much,got in her car, caused a minor accident and when the Police showed up, they took away her license. She now has to take a few tests and then she can get it back. She asked me to punish her for it so I did. I started off with a sound hand spanking Then I gave her a sound bare bottom strapping with my heavy leather strap andI finished off with a sound bare bottom birching She was in tears by the time I was finished but she agreed it was well deserved.

Betty showed up and when I looked in her car I noticed that it was quite a mess. She obviously hadn't cleaned it in a long time. I took her upstairs and put her over my knee for a sound spanking. After the spanking she had to take off her jeans and clean her car in her underwear. An hour later I inspected her car and I noticed she had stuffed a number of items under the front seats thinking I wouldn't notice Back Upstairs I told her to bend over and I gave her a sound spanking with my Shoehorn





betty gets 2 hard spankings for not
paying for her petrol part 1 and 2

red bottoms for painting the
town red part 1 and 2

Betty is in real trouble today dear members. The silly girl pulled in at a gas station, put petrol in her car, and then
she did the unthinkable. She drove away without paying!
Luckily for us I know the owner of that gas station, as it is just down the street from our offices, and he recognised Betty. After a good scolding I decided this merits two spankings. The first was a hard hand spanking and then I put her in the corner with her own hairbrush in her mouth. I then gave her a second hard hairbrush spanking and told her to go back to the gas station, pay for the petrol and show Frank the hairbrush and her sore. red well spanked bottom.

Betty and Monique had a girl's night out and they told me they painted the town red. Of course they misbehaved and in good RLS tradition I made their bottoms red. This time I told them to bare their bottoms first and kneel against the wall for a good while thinking about their behaviour and what will happen to their white unblemished un spanked bottoms. Then I took them both over my knee and gave them each a sound bare bottom spanking







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