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bianca's interview

bianca's first spanking and cornertime

A lovely couple Bart and Bianca (26) from Belgium contacted us. Bart told us that Bianca is a very disobedient and naughty young lady.  She doesn't listen to him at all so he thought it might be a good idea if he brought her to us everytime she doesn't listen and I will spank her while he watches.

In this video I interview them and, as is tradition on RLS, I put the naughty madam across my knee and gave her a good spanking and cornertime. She had never been spanked before and it hurt like the Dickens she said but she agrees that she wants to be a good girlfriend and it will help her to behave.

bianca gets a sound leather paddling and
our punishment stool for yelling at her

bianca gets a sound spanking for borrowing
her boyfriend's credit card without permission

Bart and Bianca dropped by and Bart informed me that he went out a few nights ago and when he came back, a little late, Bianca yelled at him Time to visit us again During our chat I had Bianca kneeling on a chair, bottom bare, hands on her head, bottom facing us to make her aware of her bottom. Then I went over to her and gave her bare bottom a sound leather paddling After the paddling her very red and sore bottom made contact for the first time with our much hated punishment stool. Let's hope she doesn't yell at Bart any more although I am sure she will

Bart and Bianca came by again and Bart told me that Bianca had borrowed his credit card and used it without asking him. We can't have that can we? Time for a sound otk spanking. I sat on our trusted two seater and gave Bianca a sound spanking that left her bottom very red and sore. She is not into spanking at all and this was a pure well deserved discipline spanking She thinks and acts like a tough woman but as you can see and hear by her reactions she really felt this spanking  Afterwards she was on her knees in the corner for 40 minutes and then she had to apologize to Bart and give him a kiss.


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