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Hester gets her bottom smacked for the first time

Hester gets our leather paddle for not dressing properly

 Hester gets the carpetbeater for spending money

  Hester gets punished FOR forgetting the laundry: 3 videos

For spending the housekeeper money on other things,
Hester gets a sound spanking with the carpet beater

Hester forgot to wash Bob's shirt so she got a good spanking, cornertime and another spanking with the flyswatter

  Hester gets spanked for forgetting the
  paddle: 3 videos

 Hester gets birched for biting her nails:
2 videos 

Hester gets a good spanking and a good paddling for forgetting the new paddle when they visited Mike and us

Hester gets a good birching on her hands and bottom
for biting her nails

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Bob and hester outdoor spanking:
  3 videos

 Hester gets the hairbrush for coming home late

Hester gets 2 good spankings and a switching outdoors
in the local woods

Hester was home late so she got a good hairbrushing and
spent some time in the corner



Hester gets a fitness 
punishment: 3 videos

 Hester forgets the 
wine:3 videos

Hester did not train as she was supposed to so she got 2
 good spankings, one in the diaper position and a good tawsing on our fitness machine

When someone forgets the wine for a dinner party, her bottom
 is soundly spanked. This is what happened to Hester. She felt Bob's hand, the slipper and spent an hour in the corner



Hester gets caned for biting 
her nails

Hester spanked on 

Hester was still biting her nails so Bob let her feel the 
sting of the cane

When Kelly and I visited Bob and Hester, we were greeted with the sight and sounds of Bob giving hester a good spanking
She had been a naughty girl again


Hester forgot the dishes:
2 videos

Hester gets punished for neglecting 
her studies: 2 videos

Hester forgot the dishes so she was spanked with a 
wooden spatula and was sent into the corner

Hester did not study when she was supposed to so Bob punished her with the belt and the cane

   dishes13.JPG (117256 bytes)  dishes16.JPG (169299 bytes)

hester_belt2.JPG (81378 bytes)  hester_cane_studies4.jpg (99448 bytes)

Hester gets a birthday 

The birthday implements
2 videos

It was My birthday and we do things a little differenty at 
real life spankings. Hester got the birthday spanking

After her birthday spanking Bob decided to try out all the 
new implements I got for My birthday on HER bottom

birthday2.JPG (77675 bytes)    

birthday_implements1.jpg (99541 bytes)   birthday_implements3.jpg (70148 bytes)

Hester gets spanked for forgetting 
a map: 2 videos

Hester gets paddled in 
our chatroom

Bob and Hester dropped in after a visit to Belgium and Hester had forgotten to bring a map on that trip. As soon as they were in the door, Hester was spanked soundly and her bottom was caned

We have regular chat sessions in our chatroom and one of the members wanted to see hester paddled so we obliged. if you join, you can participate in the chat sessions

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Hester gets spanked for 
splashing Bob

Hester gets a wet panties 
spanking:  2 videos

When we were all taken a walk Hester decided it would be 
fun to splash Bob. Well when we got home, she went 
straight over His knee and her bottom was spanked soundly

After that spanking I thought it fitting that Hester wet her panties and Bob spanked her till they were dry! She didn't 
like that one bit :)

   hester_splashing2.JPG (186348 bytes)

wetpanties2.jpg (88353 bytes)

Hester gets spanked for drinking and 
flirting: 2 videos

Hester gets slippered and corner time for drinking and flirting: 2 videos

When Bob And Hester went out, Hester was flirting and she drank too much. Time for stern measures. Bob 
spanked her soundly for flirting

For drinking too much Hester had her bottom soundly 
slippered while laying over the side of the couch

hester_flirting2.jpg (94556 bytes)

hester_flirting6.jpg (109271 bytes)

Hester gets spanked at work for missing
a lunchdate

hester gets a sound belting for
forgetting a lunchdate

Bob had a lunch date with hester but the little minx forgot!
He phoned her and told her He was coming over to
"discuss" the matter. He spanked Hester right there in
the reception where anyone could see her
getting her bottom spanked

This is the second video in the series and hester gets a good belting at work where everyone can see for missing a 
lunchdate with Bob. After the belting She had to sit behind 
the counter on her bare bottom all afternoon
untill it was time to go home

Hester gets spanked in a clothing
store bathroom. part 1

Hester gets spanked in a clothing
store bathroom. part 2

We all know that women take forever to shop for clothes. In this video Bob has had enough and takes Hester into the store bathroom and spanks her soundly

This is part 2 where Bob takes Hester in a toilet stall and spanks her bare bottom soundly. She will shop more quickly from now on :)

Hester gets spanked OUT A WINDOW

hester gets a good spanking for wearing

pants without bob's permission

When we visited Melvin and Katerina, Hester made a cheeky
comment about the window that should have been left open
during Kaerina's spanking for smoking. Bob decides to spank Hester with thewindow open so all could see and hear 
her cries

When Bob saw that hester was wearing pants she was not supposed to, she went straight over His knee and was soundly spanked


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