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brittany's first spanking part 1

brittany's first spanking part 2

Meet the lovely Brittany dear members! Brittany is 28 years old, single and lives in Holland She is a close friend of Leandra and Leandra has told her all about us and the spankings she gets and Brittany was very intrigued and fascinated by
it all.
Brittany is very lazy and she is a bit of a wild one at times so she asked Me to keep her in line which of course we will do :) She has never been spanked before

After Brittany got her first spanking Leandra went over the knee for a sound maintenance spanking




the buddy system 2 part 1 and 2

misbehaving at a music festival part 1 and 2

A week after I gave Brittany her first spanking I decided to check up on her at work and I phoned her. I was told she was home sick so I tried her at home but no luck. I suspected that she was playing truant so I called Leandra and told her to find
brittany and bring her to me immediately!
You must remember that I put them both on the buddy s stem just like I am doing with Melanie and Monique so Leandra will get punished too Brittany was indeed not sick so they both got a sound leather paddling bent over my desk

It's summer time and over here in Holland that means there are quite a few open air music festivals. Brittany and Leandra attended one but instead of behaving themselves,
the little madams had a little too much and even went topless!
Time for a special punishment. I ordered them to come over and I bought a bottle, which they had to hold with both hands while they were over my knee getting a sound spanking. And to end of a lenghty cornertime




brittany gets a sound spanking for
webcamming again

brittany's job interview

A few nights ago I decided to check Brittany's webcam page and of course the naughty minx was online. Time for another visit to the office of dooooom! The next day she was soon across my knee and I gave her a sound spanking

The beautifull Brittany had a job interview and she dressed very elegantly and all went well untill she decided to flirt with the boss Using her beauty and body to try and get the job which was not at all necessary as she is a bright young lady and she would have gotten the job anyway. Suffice it to say she didn't get the job and I told her to come to our office dressed in the exact same outfit and she would be punished. I told her to lay over our special punishment bed and I gave her a good dose of our light strap AND 12 of the best with our heavy strap on
her bare bottom.
And she had to spend some time nose in the corner.

topless part one to four


Foxxy and Brittany misbehaved badly again! These two little madams went out to a pub and had a bit too much with
the result that they ended up dancing on the tables topless!
Time for another proper discipline session involving more then just a spanking you would agree I ordered them to come over and I started with giving them both a sound OTK spanking after which I placed them against the wall next to the window so everyone passing the building can see their sore red bare bottoms. The second part of their punishment was a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddling. The third part was quite humiliating but if they wanted to show their body to strangers in a bar then they can show it to you members
as well.
In the diaper position they got a sound bare bottom birching! The last part I had them kneel on the table and they felt our dreaded and feared Stinger on their bare bottoms (The Stinger is a thick flexible ruler with a handle. Stings like the Dickens! )






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