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carla's introduction

carla's first spanking

I am Carla and I am single woman of 32 I live in the north of Holland and I was involved in a BDSM relationship but that ended. I really need regular hard spankings to keep me in line and I really miss that. I am sooooo glad I found Mike and Kelly because He can sure spank hard when I need it :) Do I get turned on by hard spankings? YES! most definately! Join and watch me get spanked soundly

I told her to meet Me at Michael's place and she arrived 20 minutes late. She told me that she had a flat tyre but when I inspected the wheel I noticed it was not the spare. She lied to Me. (on purpose to get a hard spanking) which I gave her. Over My knee I gave her one of the hardest first spankings I have ever given and she loved every hard stinging smack. Did she get turned on by the spanking? See for yourself

carla gets a hard paddling for showing
up with no panties and for playing with herself

carla gets a special punishment session
for keeping me waiting for a report

When I told Carla to come to Michael's house again to discuss her behaviour, the naughty minx showed up with a short leather skirt and no panties. I could smell her arousal and she was allready quite wet and turned on. I told her to lay her naughty bottom over the table and I gave her a hard
leather paddling. Probably the hardest I have given to date.
Instead of learning her lesson the little minx got turned on even more by the hard stinging smacks so I went to fetch the heavy leather paddle. Upon my return to the living room I caught her playing with herself so I  gave her a HARD! dose of the heavy paddle and that had the desired
Then I had her kneeling on the floor, legs spread, bottom up, forehead on the floor and arms stretched out for half an hour.

When I asked Carla to write a report on her faults and bad behaviour she kept Me waiting for days. I thought a special discipline session was called for so I came up with the
I laid out the strap, tawse, slipper and the wooden paddle and I had her stand against the wall, bottom bare and out, waiting to be spanked. I set an egg timer for 10 minutes and I gave her 6 hard strokes with each implement with a 10 minute break in between. It was very effective because that night I got a well written report in my Email.

carla gets a very hard and long spanking
for not wearing panties again

carla and donna get soundly spanked for not
sending their behaviour reports

This video proves the point that some girls really crave and need a hard spanking from time to time because they love it. Carla showed up in a short latex skirt and no panties knowing very well that I would tan her bottom soundly. Which is what I did. Over My knee I gave her a very hard and long spanking
and she couldn't get enough!
She loved it so much that, although she wouldn't admit it on camera, she did orgasm during those last volley of full force spanks I gave her. Such a naughty thing!

As they say "out of sight out of mind" and in this case Me being the one out of sight so Carla and Donna forgot a few times to mail me their behaviour reports. I decided to have them both over and first Donna can watch Carla get a darn good hard spanking which will hopefully frighten her into good behaviour and then I would give Donna a sound spanking too. And it will be an extra humiliation for Carla to have a young girl watch her
bare bottom soundly spanked.
This video is Carla's spanking. In part 2 Donna gets her spanking.


carla gets a sound spanking with a wooden
spoon for eating junkfood

carla and donna get soundly strapped and
caned for staying out too late

As we were driving past Mac Donalds, we noticed Carla's car in the drive through. We went over and it became apparent that the little madam eats that kind of food too many times. Time for a fitting punishment. In the kitchen, kneeling on a stool, I gave her a sound stinging spanking with a wooden spoon which she hated!

Carla and Donna decided to go out together but they got back way too late! Time to punish them both together so I told them to go upstairs and lay over the bed. Soon I went up and I gave them both a sound thrashing with my leather strap. I noticed that Carla was enjoying the strapping too much so I told her
to go and fetch the cane.
When she returned I gave Carla 4 strokes of the cane which she didn't enjoy at all and then Donna suprised me and asked if she could take the remaining 2 strokes for Carla and I agreed. Two sorry young madams with their bottoms on fire went downstairs after this lesson.

carla gets a sound spanking for misbehaving
while we were in tenerife

carla gets a sound couch strapping for
refusing to cook

I won't go into the details but Carla was not well behaved when we were on holiday in Tenerife so she had to report for her spanking And a spanking she got!. I turned her over my knee and gave her a jolly good bottom warming. Then I had her kneeling on the stool for an hour thinking about her

It has become apparent that our little madam Carla hates cooking with the result that the food she serves is not healthy at all. Take aways etc. I decided to teach her a lesson this time and decided on an unusual position and implement. She laid over the arm of the couch and I strapped her soundly which she really felt as you can see by her reactions. I also had to strap her hands a few times because she kept touching her
After the strapping I sent her to the kitchen to make us some healthy sandwiches which were good so the strapping did have it's desired effect. We shall see

carla gets a sound nude spanking for sunbathing topless

carla gets a hard paddling for not 
wearing a bra

Carla told Me that a while back she was sunbathing in her back yard but with no bikini top. Now her yard is quite open so the neighbours could have had a good peek at her boobs with her piercings in them. I decided that if she wants to flaunt her body like that in public, she can flaunt it for you guys as well so I told her to remove all her clothes. Then I put her across My knee and gave her a sound bare bottom spanking
followed by a lenghty time kneeling on our punishment stool.

When Carla showed up I was quite amazed that the little madam had on a see through top with NO BRA! Everything showed through and what must the people have thought who saw her. I decided to teach her a proper lesson so she was soon bending over, hands on the footstool and My heavy leather paddle turned her bottom on fire! After the hard paddling I took her upstairs to find a T-shirt of bra for her to put on. Cheeky minx!

carla returns for discipline and she gets
a sound spanking

carla gets soundly punished for eating
junkfood again

After two years we were delighted to get a phonecall from Carla saying that she misses the discipline and would I please put her under my proverbial wing again. Of course I agreed, as one is never too old to be spanked, so Carla came to us and I gave her a nice, long, sound spanking.

One of the things Carla wants help with is that she is quite lazy sometimes in the cooking department and tends to eat a lot of junkfood. I told her I would help her and when we spotted her with a pizza in her hands, it was time for another very sore bottom. I gave her bottom a good seeing to with a wooden spoon, hairbrush and I finished off with a good belting. Then she had to spend some time in the corner which is very
humiliating for a lady her age.

carla gets a long severe spanking for 
trying to trick me

carla asks for a very sore bottom and she
gets one part 1 and 2

As you have seen at the end of the last video in which I punished Carla for eating Pizza again, I told her I would inspect her fridge the next day. I went over and the fridge contained no unhealthy foods. But I noticed Carla was nervously standing in front of the kitchen cupboards
so when I opened them, I found all the junkfood from the fridge was tucked away at the back of the kitchen cupboards.
I scolded her and told her to report to our offices the next day and she was going to get a long severe hand spanking which she will not forget in a hurry! That is exactly what I gave her Even though Carla is a 35+ lovely charming lady, I am reminded of the old saying: One is never too old to be spanked!

It has been 3 years but out of the blue I got a phonecall from Carla asking me if she could please return and be soundly spanked. She wanted a very sore bottom so I obliged by first giving her a good spanking over my knee and then a sound bare bottom paddling with my heavy leather paddle. She left satisfied with a very sore bum under those tights and skirt






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