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cathy's introduction

cathy's first spanking

As many of you know in real life not all women who are into spanking are young and slim. Kelly and I were at the Shadowlane convention twice in Palm Springs and Vegas and 80 % of the spankees there were very nice full bottomed ladies. They have more to spank one could say. Lots of spankers enjoy a full bottomed spankee across their knee. 38 year old Cathy was sent to us by her Dom because he feels she needs, what he calls, the public humiliation of a good spanking on our website viewed by everyone.

After the introduction, I took her over my knee and gave her a good long hard hand spanking because her ample bottom is no stranger to spanking. I also put her in the corner afterwards as an extra humiliation.  We will be seeing more of her in the future I am sure

cathy gets a severe strapping for chatting all night without permission. part 1

cathy gets a severe strapping for chatting all night without permission. part 2

Cathy came to us very subdued and nervous. With good reason spankfans because the little madam was caught chatting till all hours of the morning with people her Dom STRICTLY prohibited! Time for some serious discipline so I laid our heavy strap and the big wooden paddle on the coffee table and had her bent over, hands on the table. Then I gave her a severe strapping over her tight jeans, panties and bare bottom and put her kneeling in the corner for one full hour.

After an hour in the corner she had to bend back over the coffee table and her ample bottom got a SEVERE! wooden paddling because she needed to show her Dom that she was punished properly. She did not sit comfortably in the car on the way home spankfans.

cathy gets a hard caning with our special
egyptian rattan cane for flirting


Cathy was sent back to Me again. Apparently the little madam was out with her Dom and she decided to flirt with another guy at the club. Her Dom asked Me to give her a severe punisment so I decided on a thrashing with our very stinging special Egyptian rattan cane. I had her bent over and she got 12 good hard strokes. 6 on her panties and 6 on her bare bottom. As part of her punishment I made her ask for her caning and ask for the next stroke etc. She HATES that!




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