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cherry's interview and first spanking

cherryl gets a sound spanking for not doing her homework

It amazes us how many young girls these days want someone to lay down some rules and spank them the old fashioned way if they need it. Leaving young people to fend for themselves is not allways a good thing and some of them want someone to care enough to spank them or at least tell them what is right or wrong. 18 year old Cherryl is one of those girls. She has just turned 18 and she has been bought up the "liberal" way which means she is now slightly out of control. She contacted us and we are now going to take care of her as it were and
especially her bottom.

I phoned Naomi while I had Cherryl in the corner with her bottom bare and she told me that Cherryl was lazy and she didn't do her homework. Time for another painfull session across my knee dear members. I gave her a quick, fast and painfull spanking and put her back in the corner for another hour.

cherryl gets a sound spanking with our carpet beater for staying out all night and worrying her parents


Our 18 year old Cherryl was out with friends again the other day and she stayed out all night without calling her parents. The poor people were worried that something happened so when she came to us again I decided a dose of the carpet beater was needed. I had her kneel on the coffee table and I gave her 24 strokes over her tight jeans and 24 on her bare bottom. Then I took her by the ear and let her out to go straight home to do her homework




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