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chervana is interviewed and gets her first

chervana gets a sound maintenance spanking

Some of you might have seen Chervana on our new site http://www.spanked-in-uniform.com where she stars in many episodes. Chervana is 26, single and living in the South Of Holland After the last SIU shoot she confessed to me that she loves shooting the SIU films but she has come to realize that she needs strict discipline in her real life as well so she is now under our wing. We are very glad she is now part of our RLS circle as well as she is a delightfull, beautifull but very very naughty little miss :) As per tradition Chervana is introduced and she gets her first RLS spanking

Chervana called us and she was feeling restless and naughty. Would we PLEASE! come over and give her a spanking before she gets out of hand and ends up with a severe punishment. Of course we obliged, jumped in the car, and zoomed down to Limburg, (south of Holland) There I put our little Italian/Dutch madam over my knee and spanked those naughty feelings right out of her!.



chervana gets a sound nude paddling
for sunbathing nude

chervana gets a sound spanking for going
out during the week

We were in the neighbourhood so I decided to pay Chervana a surprise visit. I did not find her in the house but the naughty little madam was sunbathing outside NUDE! Now normally that is not a problem but I saw some neighbours watching her I dragged her inside and gave her a sound leather paddling bent over the back of a chair. Then I ordered her to go back outside and lay on her belly, paddle next to her, so the neighbours can see her red sore bottom and the paddle and
they know what has happened
Sometimes a little humiliation does wonders.

When we visited Chervana again it became clear that the little madam had gone out a few times during the week and coming in way to late. Time for an old fashioned traditional OTK spanking! I made her stand in the corner first to think about her behaviour and then I put her over my knee and gave her a good spanking. Then she was back in the corner again for half an hour.



chervana gets the wooden spoon for almost
burning the house down

chervana returns and gets a sound spanking
part 1 and 2

When I was in Chervana's kitchen I noticed a frying pan that was completely burned. When I asked Chervana about it, she confessed that she was frying a few eggs that morning and she was distracted and forgot about the pan You can imagine what happened. Almost a crisis As it is a kitchen offence, a good spanking with a wooden spoon was well deserved and she soon was bending over a chair feeling the sting of the spoon explode across her bottom. After the spanking I thought it appropriate to have her do her cornertime
in the kitchen on her knees.

This is a surprise to all of us as it must be to you. After 4 years Chervana called me out of the blue and she wants to come
back for some good old fashioned RLS discipline.
Of course we obliged and she was soon over my knee getting her
bottom soundly spanked.
Then I noticed how naughty she was in those 4 years because she has PUNISH ME tattood on her right bum cheek. I gave her a good strapping for that in part two





chervana gets her bottom smacked for ruining
a frying pan part 1 and 2


She has done it again! Remember years ago?  This time she put on some meat and went into her living room where
she was so involved with her mobile that the meat burned and the frying pan was ruined.
After confessing to me I decided a sound spanking with a wooden Spatula was needed. Then I told her to take off her knickers under her short skirt and
to go to the store and buy the same frying pan.
When she returned I took my belt and gave her bare bottom one smack for every Euro that pan cost.






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