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CHEYENNE's first spanking

CHEYENNE gets soundly paddled for being
late for an appointment

Please welcome the lovely Cheyenne to the site guys and gals. Cheyenne is 28 years old and she is what is known in BDSM as a switch. She spanks men and women mostly but she also needs someone to correct her if she needs it so she came to us. As per tradition after the introduction, I put her over my knee and gave her a good spanking.

Our little Dominatric Cheyenne is back for her second sore bottom. This time she gets a sound leather paddling for keeping one of her subs waiting for over an hour. Now I don't care who waits for you. Late is late and will be punished!. I told her to lay over the desk and I gave her a good taste of my trusty
leather paddle.
After the paddle I told her to take up a humiliating position in the corner, nose to the floor, bottom up, to remind her of her place.



CHEYENNE returns and the lecture
part 1 to 3

CHEYENNE gets soundly punished for
misbehaving during our worldcup matches
part 1 and 2

After quite a while Cheyenne called me and she asked to come over for a good spanking. She has been very busy and naughty spanking all those helpless subs so she feels it is time to be on the receiving end again. I gave her a good spanking and a sound strapping but towards the end of her spanking Julie showed up. She had to attend a lecture for her work and to avoid getting fidgety during the lecture, she asked me to give her a spanking so she will sit on a sore bottom and that will keep her focused. I obliged and it worked

As all of you know the worldcup football is over and Holland got third place. Not bad for such a little country :) Anyway during our matches there were lots of parties and alcohol. Now it will not come as a surprise to you that quite a few of our girls
went too far with celebrating and will be punished for that.
Cheyenne is first. Too much drinking and dancing on tables like someone in a strip club. I gave her a sound spanking, 30 min on our new punishment tray and a hard OTK paddling with her own paddle she uses on her subs.



the rls punishment clinic
cheyenne punishes and canes her
sub nikita


As you can imagine, some of our Ladies switch. They have subs of their own. Girls and sometimes men. Some of them have asked me if they could use our offices to discipline
their subs and I said yes but I would film the sessions for you guys.
They agreed but as you can imagine, most subs do not want their faces to be shown on film and no pics taken as they circulate easily online. Cheyenne is first and she spanked and paddled her sub Nikita in the first video. I will post Her spanking her male sub too which will be a first on RLS. 







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