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Cindy is interviewed and gets her first

Cindy gets a sound leather paddling and our
punishment stool for not washing her car

Lynn is a lovely 30 year old single Belgian lady who contacted us because she is very frustrated. She had a boyfriend who spanked her but he is gone and she really misses the spankings. She just needs them so she contacted us and we will make sure she gets plenty of sore bottoms if and when she needs them. Cindy is very lazy sometimes and needs a firm hand. As per tradition after the interview she went across My knee for a sound spanking and I took some of her frustration away.

After Cindy's first visit I noticed her car was very dirty so I told her, and also per phone, that she must wash it but when she showed up for her second visit, her car was still dirty. As per tradition on RLS it was time for the leather paddle. With her elbows on the coffee table I gave her a sound leather paddling. After the paddling I took out the punishment stool and her bottom got well aquainted with it for the first time.




Cindy gets a sound spanking for leaving
her clothes all over the floor

Cindy gets spanked, birched in the diaper
position and paddled for not calling us

When we visited Cindy a few days ago we noticed that there were a lot of clothes laying all over the floor in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. Apparently she is too lazy to pick them up. As this is something children do, we told her to wear a pair of white little girl panties which she did. After scolding her I put her across my knee and gave her a sound
After the spanking she was on her knees in our corner, her sore red bottom on display.

For nearly a week I heard nothing from Cindy. They all know they must regularly contact us to see if they have been behaving and when Cindy showed up, she had a bit of an attitude about it. Before she could say: sorry Sir, I had my right foot up on the coffee table and she was flung over My left knee getting her bottom soundly spanked. Then I made her lie in the diaper position on the coffee table and her bare bottom
felt the birch for the first time.
To end the punishment I made her kneel on the table and gave her a dose of our heavy leather paddle and the birch again. After that she was bent over in the corner to display her well punished little bottom.




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