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cindy and kaya interview

kaya's first spanking

Hello! My name is Cindy and I am 26 years old. For two years now I have been disciplining Kaya who is 28. We both live in Holland. Kaya is very naughty and I spank her lovely bottom a few times a week. I felt it was time that she felt a man's hand and I contacted Mike and He now spanks Kaya soundly when I feel it is needed. I just love to watch or hold her legs while she squirms and cries under Mike's experienced hand. I must also be present because she enjoys it way too much sometimes and she almost cums every time she is spanked hard. I will offcourse also spank Kaya on the site and I am looking forward to that :)

After the interview we went upstairs and Kaya got her first spanking from Me. It turned out to be quite a lengthy sound spanking because Cindy saw that Kaya was enjoying it far too much. 

kaya gets a sound paddling and spanking for
leaving the bathroom a mess

cindy gets her first spanking while kaya watches

Just a few days after I visited Cindy and Kaya for the first time I got a phonecall from Cindy saying that Kaya had left the bathroom a total mess and that Cindy felt that I should come over again and give Kaya a good seeing to! I arrived seeing Kaya allready in the corner and the little minx was soon over the bed feeling My leather paddle. She wouldn't remain still so I turned her across My left knee and while Cindy held her legs tightly, I paddled her behind. Then Cindy noticed Kaya was getting quite wet and turned on so I laid down My paddle and hand spanked her till her bottom was a bright red and very very sore. Then she was back in the corner again shaking from pure excitement and she confessed
that she had deliberately messed up the bathroom so Cindy would call Me again.
What a naughty naughty girl don't you agree?

Cindy called me and told me that she was fascinated by me spanking Kaya and that she had been fantasizing about being spanked by me as well. She also said that she is naughty herself sometimes and that it is fair that she gets spanked as well. I took Cindy across my knee while kaya was allowed to watch as she had been a good girl (not for long I am sure) and Kaya enjoyed watching me spank Cindy across her tight Levi jeans, panties and bare bottom. Afterwards I put Cindy in the corner which she didn't like one little bit.

kaya gets soundly punished for playing with
herself while watching spanking pics
part 1

kaya gets soundly punished for playing with
herself while watching spanking pics
part 2

It didn't take long for Kaya to get in trouble again. Cindy caught naughty Kaya playing with herself on the couch while watching spanking pics on her wireless laptop. Cindy took her upstairs immediately and put her across her knee for a good sound hand spanking. During her spanking she didn't remain still over her knee so Cindy put her in the corner and phoned me.

I dashed over with my wooden paddle and gave her a sound hand spanking over my knee followed by a good wooden paddling on her bare bottom.

I have never seen a girl get SOOO turned on by spanking. Amazing to see!

cindy feels naughty so she calls me and asks for another spanking


Out of the blue I got a phonecall from Cindy asking me to come over and give her another spanking because she was feeling naughty. (she just felt like getting spanked I am sure :) I went over and Kaya was allready in the bedroom waiting. She was allowed to watch but not get horny. I put Cindy over the bed and gave her a short leather paddling. I decided, and wanted (and I knew this is what Cindy likes the most) to put 
her over my knee and give her a nice long stinging spanking.
Offcourse Kaya got turned on watching Cindy get spanked so she got a few smacks with the leather paddle and a promise: I'll deal with you later! Well Cindy obviously couldn't wait because when I went down the stairs I  could allready hear the hard smacks from Cindy's hand on Kaya's bare 
bottom and Kaya's cries of discomfort




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