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cory's first spanking

corygets a sound paddling and cornertime 
for forgetting the shopping

Meet the lovely 21 year old Cory dear members Cory is originally from Italy and she is now living with her older sister here in Holland. Her sister contacted us because Cory does not do her share of housework. She forgets to do the shopping, doesn't keep her room clean etc. so we all decided a firm old fashioned hand is needed Her sister will report any laziness etc. to us and Cory will come over and her bottom will pay the price.

Cory's sister called me just a few days after I gave her her first spanking and told me that two days prior Cory forgot to do the shopping so they had nothing to eat that night. I told Cory to come over straight away and I gave her a 24 stroke leather
paddling and then some lengthy cornertime on her knees




clean your room!

back for discipline part one and two

I got another call from Cory's sister and she told me that Cory just doesn't clean her room. She even took a picture and sent it to me and it was a total mess Cory was told to come over and I put the little madam over my knee and gave her a sound paddling with my ping pong paddle Then I sent her home to clean her room and send me a picture She did and her room was tidy and clean

I have been keeping an eye on Cory and Loni and both were getting a bit too naughty for my taste so I told them both to come over. Loni went on holiday without telling me and Cory hasn't been listening to her sister. Time for a sound spanking for both. Cory was first and Loni was next




The couch part 1 AND 2

special towel punishment part 1 and 2

Downstairs in our new office space we decided to make a little sitting area and Michael kindly donated his old green couch. The couch gives me a lot more exciting positions to put our naughty minxes in when they need their bottoms smacked. The first to lay over the back of our new couch was Cory and Loni as they have been very naughty. They both got a sound leather paddling and spend some time in the corner

Cory's sister sent Cory over to us and she called me to tell me that Cory has the annoying habit of throwing het wet towels on the floor instead of hanging them up. During our conversation Cory showed up and I told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner and wait. I suggested to Cory's sister that our special towel punishment will help in this case and she agreed. I fetched a towel and I threw it on the floor. Cory then had to bare her bottom, bend over to pick up the towel, stay bent over, and get six with my leather paddle or slipper. Then she has to fold up the towel and place it on the desk. I repeated this quite a few times untill she learned that towels should NOT be on the floor. After she spent a lenghty time snivelling in the corner, she was sent home.





cory gets soundly strapped for throwing
a party

cory and angel in trouble part 1, 2, 3 and 4

Cory's sister called me and told me that last weekend she was away and while she was away Cory invited some friends over and threw a party. Without permission I told her to send Cory over straight away and when she arrived, I turned her bottom a fiery red with the aid of my strap!

I told Cory and Angel to report to us because first Cory's sister called me and told me that Cory was very rude to her a few times and we can't have thet can we? Angel was very naughty when we were in Tenerife. She partied etc. so she needs to be spanked too. I spanked both girls soundly but when I told them they could have a cigarette downstairs I found they didn't use the ashtray but threw their ash and cigaret buds on the floor. I fetched a few cigarettes, an ashtray and my leather paddle and I gave them a sound paddling against the wall I part 4 I gave them a special punishment over the desk with an ashtray,
2 cigarettes, their bare bottoms and my trusty leather paddle



cory and rani part 1 to 6

cory gets soundly punished for
a speeding ticket part 1

A few days ago I told Rani and Cory to come over so I could discipline them. Rani had not paid her taxes on time and Cory's flat was a total mess again Rani arrived and my wife called if I could pick her up from the station so I told Rani to let Cory in, give her something to drink, and I would be
back in 30 min or so.
Little did I know that Rani had other plans for Cory. She told her that I told Rani to give Cory a warm up spanking. Cory thought she had no choice but agree and Rani took Cory over her knee. As if I wouldn't notice!. I returned, took the girls upstairs, and when I was about to spank Cory, I saw her red bottom. I then gave Cory my leather paddle and she paddled Rani which was
very humiliating for her. Just what she deserved.
Then they got their proper punishments from me. I gave them the leather paddle first followed by a sound hand spanking
then they went into the corner for a while and over my desk for a dose of the heavy strap and the dreaded Stinger.
I finished off with something new. I told them to kneel bare bottomed on our punishment stools, hands on the floor, for 30 min and then I strapped them in that position. They went home with very sore stinging red bottoms.

Little Cory showed up at our office out of the blue and she handed me an envelope containing a speeding ticket. Not just a speeding ticket but a reminder because she didn't pay
it when she got the first notice so the fine was increased by
100 Euro.
She agreed that she deserved to be spanked so for speeding I put the little madam over my knee and then in the corner. For not paying on time I gave her a sound strapping.



cory asks for a good spanking
for driving too fast

cory gets soundly spanked for
getting a 40 euro parking ticket

Remember Cory's last spanking for getting a speeding ticket? Well our little Italian beauty got into a habit of driving too fast again and instead of waiting for the inevitable speeding ticket, she came to me and asked if I would give her a good preventive spanking. Who am I to refuse? :)

Our little Cory doesn't have much luck with her little Italian car. First her bottom got spanked for speeding and now her little behind will feel our ping pong paddle because she got a 40 Euro parking ticket. After the paddling I gave her 40 minutes on our new Punishment Tray

cory gets spanked and switched
in the woods part 1 and 2


As a final reminder and to make sure she learned her lesson about driving too fast and getting parking tickets, I decided to take her to our special spot in the woods. First I sat in the back seat of my car, laid the little madam over my knee and spanked her soundly. Then I told her to pick a switch. Bending over the hood I gave her cute little Italian bottom a painfull stingy switching.






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