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Dara's first spanking

dara gets a sound leather paddling for not putting enough data in the computer

My name is Dara and i am 20 years old and i am single and live in Holland. I work for Erica for a while now and She says that i am very lazy and stuff. I like to party you know... Well i got quite a suprise when she introduced me to Mike and he told me that i had 2 options. Either i get fired or he will SPANK ME when i do not do my work properly! I really like my job so when i am late of forget things, he comes over and spanks me! it huuuuuurts! I would rather you didn't join because having everyone seeing my bare bottom get spanked is sooooo embarrassing! oops! I probably will get spanked for saying that.....

Not long after I gave Dara her first spanking Erica called me and informed me that Dara was ordered to put important data into the computer but after 2 days she hardly had done anything! Time for me to spring into action again. I dashed over there, scolded the little madam, bent her over the desk and gave her bottom a sound leather paddling. Afterwards I made her sit on her bare bottom, panties around her ankles and finish the work.

Dara gets the hairbrush and cornertime
before and after for being late for work
a few times

erica feels dara needs another spanking for 
not finishing a report on time

Erica told me that Dara had been late for work a few times this week so I phoned the young madam and told her to take out a hairbrush that was in one of the drawers behind her, place it on the desk, bare her bottom and get in the corner untill I got there. 10 minutes later I arrived and immediately put the little minx over my knee and gave her a spanking with the hairbrush. Afterwards I put her in the corner for 10 minutes again red sore bottom on display. It was not the last spanking she got that day. Stay tuned and you will see
her get spanked again.

In the last Dara video you saw that I spanked her soundly for being late a few times and I presumed she would behave herself for a while. Wrong! later in the same day Erica called me over and told me to give Dara another spanking because she didn't finish a report on time. I rushed over and bent the little minx over her desk and gave her another spanking. Erica dropped in halfway and approved heartily as she watched Dara writhing over her desk getting her botty soundly spanked. As an extra punishment I made her stand behind her desk, panties round 
her ankles, skirt up untill she finished the report.

Dara gets a sound birching in front of her boss Erica for being late again

dara gets soundly spanked at home for slacking off at work again

Some girls do not seem to learn quickly and Dara is one of them. The little minx showed up 5 minutes late for work and luckily I was there to greet her at the door. I took her straight to Erica's office and, while Erica continued to work, Dara was bent over the desk and her bottom felt the sting of my birch. First over her jeans, then her panties and finally 6 good strokes across her bare bottom. Then she was sent straight to her own office to get to work. Let's hope the extra humiliation of being punished while her boss was there has the desired effect

Dara did pretty good at work for a while but lately she has been slacking off again, not doing her work properly etc. so Erica called me and we agreed that it was time again to keep a watchfull eye on Dara. To start of I went to her home and gave her a sound OTK spanking to let her feel that Erica and I will be keeping a close eye on her again. As she hasn't been spanked in a while, she sure felt that spanking! I am sure it will take much more then 1 spanking to keep her in line but rest assured, my hand and implements are ready for any misbehaviour
from that young missy.

Dara gets a sound leather paddling and cornertime for leaving work early without permission

dara gets a long hard spanking while erica listens for being lazy at work again

A few days after I spanked Dara, Erica called me at 16:30 to inform me that she had left Dara at work and she was supposed to lock up at 17:00 The little madam decided to lock up at 16:15 and went home. I dashed over there and I JUST caught her at the door on her way to the beach! I dragged her inside and bent her over the back of a chair and gave her a good taste of my leather paddle. Afterwards i put her in the corner for 30 minutes. Dara is going through one of her naughty phases it seems so I am going to be very strict with her from now on!

Like I said before Dara is going through one of her rebellious fases. Erica informed me that she had to work late and do Dara's work for her which she forgot. We both came up with a nice idea. I went over to Dara's place and I phoned Erica and she would listen to me giving Dara a long hard spanking across my knee. This is probably the longest spanking I have ever given on the site but you will agree she deserved every stinging smack! Afterwards I made her stand in the corner for one full hour! Let's hope this spanking will teach her to behave better ( I doubt it though)


Dara gets a taste of leather and one hour kneeling in the corner for forgetting to save a computer file and losing it

dara gets woken up with a good spanking for oversleeping and being 10 minutes late for work

We all know how important it is to regularly save files on your computer otherwise you might lose all your hard work. Well naughty Dara regularly forgets doing that and the other day she lost an entire afternoon's work so Erica called me and it was time to teach our young madam a good lesson. First I called her half an hour before I got to her place ordering her to stand in the corner, hands on her head untill I got there and she did. I decided to give her a taste of leather which meant a dose of our leather paddle, our tawse and our heavy leather paddle. Afterwards she had to kneel in the corner, hands behind her back, for a full hour, her well strapped and paddled red bottom bare.

Everyone oversleeps occasionally but if one of our girls do, they know their bottoms will sting. Such was the case with Dara. She overslept and thanks to Erica's phonecall I dashed over and caught her in bed still sleeping at 10 past 9. She got quite a shock when I pulled back the covers and gave her bottom, still
sore from the last spanking, a good seeing to!
I felt that a proper spanking was called for so I dragged her by the ear to
the livingroom and pulled her across my knee and continued the spanking.
After the sound spanking I sent her to the bathroom to get showered and ready and I took her to work. Suffice to say the little madam has shown up at work on time since then

Dara gets a long hard spanking for misbehaving on a camping whilst on holiday

Dara gets a sound birching and caning for misbehaving on the camping again!!

Dara is having a few weeks holiday with a few of her female friends at a camping very close to where Michael (our cameraman) lives. I had a feeling they will get up to all kinds of mischief so I had someone keep an eye on them especially Dara. Well it was reported back to Me that they were drinking till all hours of the morning, mooning the guests and generally behaving like a bunch of teenagers. I told Dara to come to Michael's house and after a good scolding I put the little madam across My knee and gave her a good long hard spanking. Then in the corner for half an hour and I sent her back to the camping with the promise if she didn't behave herself in the next few days a few implements will be felt across her bottom.

For some girls a sound spanking is just not enough. Dara is one of them I warned her after the spanking I gave her the last time that if she misbehaved again, she would get a more severe punishment. She obviously thought that no one was watching because she was drinking outside till 2 am and behaving like a hooligan again. After a good scolding I had her lay over the dining room table and I gave her bottom a sound birching followed by 6 of the best of the cane. Suffice to say dear members she behaved extremely well the remainder of her

Dara gets a sound bedroom strapping for
forgetting the change to summertime

Dara gets a sound spanking after the bedroom strapping for not coming when told

Dara was told to report last Sunday at 2 pm and the little madam showed up at 3 pm because she didn't set her watch an hour ahead due to the summertime. I took her straight upstairs, laid her over the bed and gave her a sound
strapping with my Persuader.
No excuses.

After Dara's bedroom strapping we went downstairs and she wanted to check mails while I made her some coffee. I waited and waited and told her to stop chatting a few times but she
didn't listen.
Finally I had enough and dragged her by her ear to the sofa, flung her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking on her allready tender bottom. Then I put her on her knees on a stool in the corner and I threw away
her luke warm coffee.

Dara gets a second taste of leather for
playing her music far too loud

Dara gets a sound spanking for losing
her keys

When we visited Dara we noticed that the music coming from her flat was at a ridiculous loud level so when she reported to us the next time I decided a second taste of leather was needed. The same as the last one she got 6 hard smacks with our leather paddle, 6 with our dreaded Lochgelly tawse over her panties and 6 hard whacks on her bare bottom with our heavy leather paddle. She had to kneel on a stool for this. It was a very effective punishment because it was the first time that she was in tears. She also spent some time in the corner of course.

Dara showed up unexpectantly and told us that she lost her keys and that she couldn't get into her flat She had to come to us as we have a key to her flat and she needed that to be able to get in. I gave her that key but not before I turned her over my knee and gave her a good spanking. She did find her keys btw

Dara gets a sound spanking in the woods for
playing her music too loud during her barbeque

Dara gets a sound strapping and spanking
for smoking in the woods

Dara had a barbeque last Sunday and the little madam blasted her music way too loud which annoyed the neighbours. I decided, as it is lovely weather here right now, to take her into the woods and give her a sound spanking there. I put her over the bonnet of our new car and gave her a sound spanking
and then drove her home.

We told Dara to meet us in the woods to see if she behaved herself which she did but when we drove up, we saw her smoking a cigarette which is very silly as the grass is very dry! I took My strap, scolded her and told her to bend over in the field and I gave her a quick hard strapping followed by a quick hard hand spanking. Then I told her to take her panties off and we drove her home sitting in the car on her very sore and red bare bottom.

Dara and donna get a sound spanking and
switching for behaving like a couple of
kids in the car

painfull sleepover
part one

When I was kindly giving Dara and Donna a lift into a town nearby, they behaved like a couple of kids in the car to the point that I took a little detour to our spot in the woods. There I told them to get out and bend over the back of the car and I spanked them both soundly. Then I decided to pick a nice stinging switch and I used it to good effect on their bare bottoms. They were very quiet and very well behaved the rest of the journey.

A few days ago Kelly and I spent a day In Amsterdam with Dara and Julie and we took a bus in Amsterdam as parking there is murder. We all had seats but then an old feeble lady got on the bus and Dara and Julie didn't offer their seats to her which to me is bad manners. When we got home they were both told to bend over the coffee table and I got some pens and paper and they had to write 50 times: "I must respect my elders" While they were writing I tanned their bottoms soundly with my leather strap to teach them a valuable lesson. After the strapping it started snowing heavily with the result that their
train was cancelled and it was too dangerous to drive so they had to spend the night which turned out very painfull for their bottoms.

painfull sleepover
part two

painfull sleepover
part three

In part two both girls are sent to bed after a movie at 10 PM because we had to get up very early. I was soon hearing noices coming from upstairs and when I went up, I caught both of them having a pillow fight! I took them downstairs and while I had Dara kneel on a stool against the wall with her bottom bare, I put Julie over my knee and gave her
a good spanking!

In part three Julie was put on her knees on the stool and it was Dara's turn to have her bottom smacked. I put the little madam over my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I sent both girls straight back to bed with very red and sore bottoms

painfull sleepover
part four

painfull sleepover
part five

In part four I wake up the next morning and I find both girls sitting behind the computer playing a game without asking! I fetch my leather paddle and the carpet beater and put Julie over my knee for a good paddling. Then I make her bend over the back of the chair, on tiptoes, and I give her
a good thrashing with the carpet beater.

In the last part 5 it is Dara's turn to go across the knee for a sound leather paddling. Then she also had to bend over the back of the chair, on tiptoes and her bottom felt the sting of the carpetbeater. After a last scolding the girls were sent up to change and I made us some coffee.


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