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denise is interviewed and gets her first

denise gets a sound paddling and our
punishment stool for chatting while at work

The latest naughty minx to join our RLS team is the lovely but lazy 25 year old Denise Denis is single and she has been fascinated by spanking for a long time although she hasn's been spanked since she was little. She works in a well known Dutch bank and she is lazy at work, annoys her supervisor etc. so she feels she needs someone to spank her if she needs it. As usual on RLS we interview her and I put her across my knee for the first time

The other day while working behind my pc I noticed that Denise came online and she was obviously chatting with friends during work hours. I told her to come over the next day and after I scolded her, I made her bend over and gave her a sound leather paddling. Then it was time to introduce her well paddled sore bottom to our dreaded punishment stool on which she had to sit for 15 minutes.



denise gets a good hiding with the carpet
beater and the birch for phoning and
texting all day

denise gets a good spanking for being late
for work a few times

In her last video you saw that I gave her a sound leather paddling for internetting at work all day and she stopped doing that. But now the naughty little madam is texting and phoning with her friends all day! Time for a more serious and painfull punishment. I made her lay over our trusty old trestle and I gave her a sound spanking with my carpet beater and the birch. Then she was in the corner thinking about her defiance and disobedience.

Denise is back on the couch again and this time her bottom is going to get a good spanking for being late for work a few times. On our two seater, she went over my knee and she got a good spanking which almost had her in tears. Then she was on her knees in the corner, bottom bare, and now she knows
how much value I place on people being on time and not late for


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