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destiny's introduction and first spanking

destiny gets a sound leather paddling for not making her resumé

We are delighted to introduce the gorgeous, petite and ever so cute 18 year old Destiny to you She is half Thai and half Dutch living in Holland. Since she finished school she has been very lazy in loooking for a job so she contacted us and we will help her to smarten up and get a job. This is not going to be easy and she will get lots of sore bottoms because she is just very lazy and she loves to party. Destiny is interviewed and she gets her first spanking.

After Destiny's first spanking I told her to make a resumé and bring it the next day so I could check it. When she showed up she had not done it! Not a very good start so I bent her over the table and gave her the leather paddle over her skirt and panties. Then I took them down and escorted her to the study where behind the computer, bottom bare on the stool, she had to make her resumé. When she was finished and I was satisfied with it, she was bent over the table again and she got the rest of her paddling on her bare bottom. She also spent some time in the corner before going home.

destiny gets a sound spanking and 1 hour cornertime for missing a job interview


I helped Destiny in stting up a job interview and I told her to come straight to us afterwards so we can hear how it went. When she got here she told us that she missed it because the young madam had a party the night before. Well you can imagine where she ended up...kicking and squirming over my knee as I gave her lazy 18 year old bottom a jolly good spanking! Then she was on her knees in the corner for a full hour.




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