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donna's introduction

dDonna's first spanking

People are allways asking me: where do you find all those lovely girls? Well as you know girlfriends share everything with each other so they tell their friends about the discipline and spankings they get and some are fascinated and very interested by it all. Julie suprised us by bringing along a friend of hers unexpectantly who has seen the improvement in Julie's behaviour and how happy and content she has become over the years and she wants that too.

As Donna has never been spanked before, I decided to give Julie a maintenance spanking first so Donna could see what to expect. Then I put Donna across my knee and gave her beautifull bottom a good spanking. When she got off my lap, even though her bottom very red and stinging, she told me that that is exactly what she needs.

donna and julie get sound leather paddlings and cornertime for staying out late on a school night

julie and donna both get a sound otk spanking for illegally downloading films

I knew it wouldn't be long before these two got up to some mischief. They went out during the week, got a bit tipsy, and went to bed way too late with the result that Donna overslept and was late for school. I decided, as Donna is new to spanking, to give them both a good leather paddling followed by a lengthy cornertime. I had them both bend over and I gave their mischievous bottoms a nice stinging red colour and send them into the corner.

The girls came for a visit because they had bought me a present which was a nice gesture. There was one minor flaw and that was that it was the latest Indiana Jones film on DVD but that hasn't come out yet here! That could mean only one thing. They downloaded it from the internet illegally. I have to be consistent and strict with them so I put them both across my knee
and gave them both a good spanking.
Afterwards I had them standing facing the TV, arms outstretched, holding 2 DVD boxes for 30 minutes as an extra punishment.


donna and julie's painfull afternoon
part 1: donna's sound spanking and
otk birching

donna and julie's painfull afternoon
part 2: julie's hard 24 stroke caning

Donna and Julie had a painfull afternoon the other day when they were here. First Donna asked me to give her a good spanking to motivate her to study more but when she showed up wearing a ridiculous short skirt, I gave her a good OTK birching as well.

Julie showed up as instructed and I asked Donna where the DVD box was she borrowed from Kelly. It came out that she had lent the box to Julie without asking us and Julie had lost the box!  
I decided that it was time to give Julie's bottom a sound caning for losing the DVD box and that is what she got. 24 hard strokes!.

donna and julie's painfull afternoon
part 3: donna's sound hairbrush spanking

donna and julie get soundly spanked for riding a tram in amsterdam without paying

After I gave Julie her hard caning I put Donna across my knee and gave her allready sore bottom a good hairbrush spanking for lending the DVD box to Julie without asking us. Both of them went home with very sore bottoms

Those of you who have been to Asterdam will know that the trams there work have no conductors and some jump on and off without paying. Julie and Donna did just that for a few stops but what they didn't see is that Jane was in the same tram and saw them. Jane called me and offcourse and the 2 naughty madams were on my couch very soon. After I scolded them I put both of them across my knee for a good spanking  and then in the corner for one hour with the warning if they ever do that again something hard and wood is going to go across their bottoms!

kelly gives donna a sound leather paddling for spending too much on clothes again

donna gets severely spanked and caned for riding a tram again without paying and getting fined

As we all know women and shopping is a dangerous combination especially when they are under our discipline. Donna bought a few dresses and shoes when she really couldn't afford them and Kelly told me that she wanted to tan Donna's bottom this time. Offcourse I obliged and my little Klingon soon had her squirming under the leather paddle. :) Kelly paddled her bottom slowly and soundly and afterwards we decided that Donna should spend an hour on our punishment stool which she hated.

As you know I allways let the punishment fit the crime as it were. A very nervous Donna came to us and told us that she had been riding a tram again in Amsterdam without paying and she got caught! They took her off the tram and fined her. This was blatant dissobedience and as she, and Julie, had allready been spanked for that before, I decided it was time to give her a severe spanking this time which had her in tears. After the spanking I gave her 6 strokes of the cane to remind her what she will get next time if she ever did that again! Some might find this video rather severe but remember sometimes one has to be very strict with some of these girls and she felt so much
better afterwards.
A good spanking does wonders and clears a lot of guilt

julie and donna get soundly paddled for showing up wearing fetish clothing

donna gets a sound spanking for throwing
a party while we were on holiday

Julie and Donna attend fetish parties which are a lot of fun I am sure but these two showed up at our house on the way to a fetish party wearing a couple of fetish outfits. I scolded them and gave them both a good paddling with our heavy leather
paddle not for wearing those outfits but wearing them in public!
Then I sent Donna to wait in the car and I gave Julie another sound wooden paddling and spanking across my knee for getting a tattoo on her arm without permission. I have a suppicious feeling that those 2 actually wanted me to spank them so that they would have nice sore red bottoms under those skirts at the party. Well they certainly had something to show that night!

When the cat's away the mouse will play.

 Donna did not behave well while we were away. She threw a wild party which got out of hand so she is the second girl to get a very sore bottom from Me. Over the knee she went and I spanked her ample bottom soundly!

donna gets a sound birching and caning for
wanting to borrow money again

donna gets soundly punished for running down tourists with her bicycle in amsterdam

As you know we care deeply about our girls and if they need anything such as money they can always come to us BUT if the reason for the borrowing is not a good one, they know that I will tan their bottoms soundly first. Such is the case with Donna again. She forgot to pay her phonebill and she needed 50 Euros to cover the extra charges. I gave her the money but first I made her bend over and she got a sound birching followed by 6 of the cane.

Talk about an unusual reason to spank a girl for. It is however true dear members. Tourists in Amsterdam do tend to look at
maps and not at the traffic especially the cyclists so accidents do happen.
But Donna doesn't ring her bell or shouts at them, she runs them down! She told me she ran down some poor little Chinese woman. Which is why I bent her over the back of the sofa and gave her 12 each with the leather paddle, birch and carpetbeater and I put her sore red bottom in the corner.

donna gets a sound spanking for misbehaving
while we were in tenerife

donna gets a sound bathroom strapping for
using someone else's towel at the pool

Every time Kelly and I go on holiday some of the girls think they can be as naughty as they like but we always return. Silly geese! Donna was one of them this time so I put the little madam over my knee and spanked her bottom soundly and then had her kneeling on the footstool in the corner, her sore red well spanked bottom on display.

Young Donna went to the local pool for a swim but she had forgotten her towel. Now instead of going home to get her towel, the little madam secretely grabbed someone else's towel and dried herself off with it, put it back on the hook and went home. I decided that this called for a bathroom strapping so she was soon with her head in the bath tub feeling the sting of my strap on her naughty behind!

donna gets a sound spanking in the woods for
missing a dentist appointment

donna gets a sound outdoor trashing with the
carpetbeater and belt for not mowing her

Donna missed a dentist appointment so I decided to take her to the woods just like I did with Dara and spank her in the open air. We drove to our spot and I had her place her hands on a tree trunk and I gave her a sound spanking bending over. The wood spankings are not that long obviously because of the danger of being caught but I spanked her soundly and her bottom was a fiery red when I was finished.

When I visited Donna I noticed that her front lawn looked like a miniature Brazilian rain forrest. This must annoy her neighbours so I took her to our spot in the woods. I decided to lay her over my car and give her lazy bottom a sound thrashing with my carpet beater followed by a good belting. Then I took her home with the order to mow her lawn withing an hour. Which she did.

donna and amy get soundly punished for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 1

donna and amy get soundly punished for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 2

As usual when we get back from Tenerife there are always a few girls who have misbehaved and a few members were curious to see who was it this time Well it was Donna and Amy dear members. I decided to give them both a good OTK leather paddling, some time kneeling on 2 punishment stools and 12 of the best with my senior school cane. I split this video in 3 parts and the gallery will be posted with part 3

Amy's OTK paddling and the punishment stools

donna and amy get soundly punished for
misbehaving during our holiday
part 3

donna gets soundly punished for not
washing her bedsheets
part 1

12 of the best each with the cane!

Upon inspection of Donna's appartment I noticed her besheets had not been washed in a while so I told her to report at our new location the next day to be punished for it. As this is a bedroom offence, we made one of our beds ready and I first
gave her a good spanking over my knee.

donna gets soundly punished for not
washing her bedsheets
part 2

donna gets a sound paddling for mooning a
few guys after a spanked in uniform shoot

Then I made her lay over some pillows and I gave her allready sore and red bottom a sound tawsing. After the tawsing she was in the corner again

That Donna is naughty we all know but that she would still be naughty after a jolly good caning really proves that point After we filmed her Montgomery Military Academy episode for Spanked In Uniform, she saw a few guys standing outside in the parking lot and she decided to moon them. I caught her and she was soon over the bed feeling the sting of my trusted leather paddle. After the paddling I made her show her well paddled red sore bottom to the same guys They loved it

donna and kitty get sound
reminder spankings part 1 and 2

donna and kitty get sound
otk strappings part 1 and 2

Donna is back in the Netherlands dear members and she confessed to me that she missed my strict discipline so I told her to come over so I could give her a sound spanking. It so happens that Kitty was in the neighbourhood as well and I felt she would benefit from a sound reminder spanking as well. Both girls got exactly that!

Both Kitty and Donna had to report to us again because Kitty had forgotten to pay her phonebill and Donna went out to a club and she behaved not as a young lady should. After a good scolding I put both girls across my knee and gave them a good
And of course a lenghty cornertime




donna gets a sound paddling and an
otk caning for not returning her
library books on time


As you know Donna spent some time overseas for a year and a half but she forgot to return a few library books before she left. Sore botty time dear members! I bent her over my desk and gave her a sound leather paddling. Then I put her over my knee and gave her a very stinging bare bottom over the knee caning with my little Egyptian stinger. Then it was in the corner for the forgetfull little madam, her bottom all sore and well striped.






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