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The interview and silke's 
first spanking


A new experienced couple has joined our ranks
Egill and Silke have been spanking for 15 years and today
we uploaded the interview and Silke's first otk
spanking for being late

Silke went to the shops but got home 10 minutes late
Egill was waiting for her in the kitchen and gave her a good
spanking with a wooden spatula

silke gets a good belting for not
getting out of bed

silke gets a sound caning for
scratching the car part 1

Silke likes to nap. Egill told her to be ready at a certain time to go out but the minx didn't get out of bed in time! Egill stormed in and made her kneel on the bed and He gave
her a good belting

When Silke took the car out shopping she brought it back with a small scratch on the driver's side. Egill was not amused and a severe punishment was called for. Silke got a sound caning with 3 different canes. The junior cane, the school cane and the senior cane

silke gets a sound caning for
scratching the car part 2


This is the second video in the caning. Silke gets 20
HARD strokes with the senior cane on her bare bottom
for scratching Egill's car




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