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emily's first spanking

emily gets soundly tawsed and strapped for going to a party on a school night

Please welcome the young and beautifull 20 year old Emily. Emily is quite a unique case. Not so long ago she was living with family and they were very very strict with her. Every Friday afternoon she was punished for wrongdoings during the week and her bottom was not spared. She is now living on her own and she found out she needs the strict discipline in her life. She is a student and we agreed to take over her discipline. Now keeping with their Indian traditions, we will tell her to come over on friday afternoons and punish her for things she did wrong during the previous week.

Here we are on the first Friday afternoon for young Emily. I decided to have her bare her bottom, get in position, and hold
the implements of her coming punishment in front of her. (Just like she had to do at home)
I gave her a sound tawsing followed by a strict dose of my strap. The reason being that she went out to a party on a school night and got home at 3 am whereas she should have been home at 11pm. Afterwards I put her in the corner for a while. 




emily gets a hard spanking for
missing a few classes

emily gets soundly birched and
caned for failing a test part 1 and 2

This is the second Friday when Emily has to report to us and she gets punished for things she did wrong during the week. She missed a few important classes during the week so for that I decided to put the little miss over my knee and give her
a pretty hard spanking which she felt.
Followed by some corner time of course

The last time Emily was punished it was for missing a few classes and on this Friday afternoon she informed me she failed a test from the class she missed a few times. Time for the birch and cane. I had her wait bare bottom holding the birch and cane for quite a while and they were both used soundly on her bare bottom 




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