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actual screenshot from her first spanking video

erica's interview

erica's first spanking

Erica contacted us and were quite intrigued by this little lady. Erica is a 39 year old single mother and she has her own business. She admits she is a workaholic and she knows she needs strict control when it comes to her work hours, eating habits etc. Erica has been into spanking as long as she can remember and it all started when she was bawling across her mother's knee when she was a little girl. It has been far too long since someone spanked her soundly so she contacted
We will keep a close eye on her and her bottom will be spanked soundly if she does not listen.

After her interview I gave her a sound OTK spanking because she is not a young girl anymore and she really needed a sore red bottom. After the spanking she was sent to the corner because her mother used to put her in the corner and it is very effective she told me.

erica gets a sound leather paddling for
working till 8.30!


The evening after we gave Erica her first spanking, I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to see if she went home. Imagine my suprise when her secretary downstairs told me she was still working at 8.30 PM! Well I grabbed My leather paddle, went upstairs and soon the little minx was laying over her desk getting her disobedient bottom soundly paddled! After the paddling I ordered her to turn off her computer and to get her bottom home el pronto!

Dropping by unanounced is important in discipline and when I visited Erica I found 2 frozen pizzas in her refrigerator. A perfect oppertunity to try out our latest implement The Stinger! The stinger is a type of flexible ruler with a handle and it is a most
effective spanking implement. It stings like the Dickens!
I took her upstairs to her office and bent her over the back of a chair and her bottom was soundly spanked. Afterwards she was put in the corner again to remembering NOT to buy

erica gets a sound spanking for working 5 minutes late

ERICA GETS A SOUND bare bottom birching for
getting wet during the spanking

I called Erika at 5 minutes past 5 to see if she indeed went home but she was still at work. I told her to stand in the corner, bottom bare, hands on her head untill  I got there. When I arrived, she did not have her skirt tucked in so I gave
her a sharp spanking while still in the corner.
Afterwards I placed her over my knee and gave her a good spanking. As she was only 5 minutes late, that was appropriate.

During the spanking I noticed she was becoming aroused, legs opened and, upon inspection, noticed she was very wet indeed! I scolded her and bent her over the desk for a sound bare bottom birching! Punishment is punishment and not an erotic experience.

erica gets a sound caning for working
till 11 at night

erica gets a long sound bare bottom hairbrush spanking

It came to My attention that Erica blatantly disregarded my orders and was still working at 11 at night while her family was waiting for her. I grabbed My cane and went to her office immediately. She was bent over her desk and she got a good sound 12 stroke caning on her panties and bare bottom! I will not tolerate such blatant disobedience and the painfull welts on her bottom was testimony to that.

Not only men have spanking fantasies. When Erica saw our Shadowlane hairbrush she was fascinated by it and we decided to make a video where she is spanked soundly with that
I place the hairbrush on her desk as a constant reminder but she cannot keep  her eyes of it and begins to fantasise. In her fantasy I order her to bare her bottom and to get herself over My knee and I scold and spank her like a naughty girl. I spanked her soundly with the hairbrush untill her bottom is a fiery red! She had a very sore stinging bottom for days but she loved it! And she felt that spanking everytime she sat down.


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