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erica's first spanking

erica gets a sound paddling for staying
out too late

Erica contacted us and we are happy to have her on our site. She has been into BDSM for a long tome and untill recently, she had a Partner/Master but that relationship ended. One thing she does miss awfully is the spankings so she contacted us. She is 36 and a lovely woman. She does feel that she has too much freedom right now so we will punish her when her behaviour warrants it I am sure we will be seeing a lot of her :)

When Erica said she was naughty, she wasn't kidding Not long after her first spanking she stayed out very late drinking with
her girlfriends with the result that she overslept and was late for work.
Time for the slightly heavier leather paddle. I bent her over the back of a chair and gave her a sound paddling. After the paddling she saw our famous corner for the first time for
half an hour.
As she is into BDSM I choose a familiar position for her to adopt. On her knees, legs spread and hands behind her back.





erica gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for staying out late again

erica soundly paddled for breaking
a family heirloom

Erica has been disobedient again. She confessed that two nights ago she stayed out too late again, drank too much and was late for work again the net day. Time for a dose of the hairbrush. I took the naughty madam over my knee and gave her a sound spanking with one of our wooden hairbrushes. As a warning to behave herself, I finished of the spanking with the Shadowlane hairbrush which made her bottom sting!Then she was on her knees in the corner with a very sore bottom.  :)

Erica confessed to us that she was very careless and that
she broke a fruitbowl at home.
Not an ordinary fruitbowl but a family heirloom. She expected a very sore bottom so I gave her one. I told her to lay over our dining room table and I pulled out my heavy leather paddle and paddled her soundly and to finish off, some cornertime.



erica and monique part 1 and 2

erica and monique paddled and strapped
for a traffic fine part 1 and 2

Erica phoned me and she told me that for a while, my spankings had helpt but she desperately needs discipline again so I told her to come over straight away as I had Monique scheduled for a sound spanking. That little madam had not cleaned her windows properly after I spanked her for that a while ago. I put both girls over my knee and tanned their botoms soundly!

Erica and Monique's bottoms had barely recovered from their last spankings and they are in trouble again. This time they were chatting and listening to music while driving with
the result that they were caught speeding and got a 390 Euro fine.
And here they are again both getting a sound leather paddling, humiliating cornertime kneeling on the floor, and a sound strapping over our punishment bench.




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