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felicia's interview and first spanking

felicia gets a sound leather paddling for not doing her housework

You are never to old to be spanked applies to the latest addition to our site. Meet 38 year old Felicia. She is just as lazy and naughty as an 18 year old and in need of regular spankings to make her behave. Felicia is single and she lives in the South of Holland If you enjoy seeing a mature woman spanked like a naughty girl then join because Felicia is going to get plenty of that.  In this video she is interviewed and she gets her first soanking and cornertime.

The lovely but lazy 38 year old Felicia confessed to Me that her house is a mess and that she deserves a good spanking for that. I agreed but as this is her second spanking and it is tradition, she was going to get a sound leather paddling. Bent over the back of a chair I paddled her full bottom soundly and put her on her knees in the corner.


felicia gets a sound spanking and our punishment stool for being late for an important business appointment


38 year old Felicia nervously confessed to Me that a few days prior she was late for an important business meeting and her bosses were not amused and she was reprimanded. She knew straight away that I would also give her our special kind of reprimand on her mature bottom! Over My knee she went and I gave her a sound spanking. After the spanking her sore red bottom felt our dreaded punishment stool for the first time and she secretely cursed Me for inventing such a horrible torture device (her own words)




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