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foxxy is interviewed and gets her first

the new hairstyle part one and two

Foxxy Angel is a well known fetish, bdsm and porn model here in Holland. She is 29, single and wild to say the least. She desperately needs someone to keep her in line so she contacted us and here she is! As usual I interviewed her and put her across my knee for her first spanking. It became obvious that there was a lot of emotions and guilt inside her
 because she was in tears by the time I finished spanking her.

As it has been a while since I spanked Foxxy angel, I decided to call her over for a maintenance spanking. When I saw her I immediately noticed her new red/purple hairstyle which
she got without asking or permission.
I gave her a sound spanking first and in part 2, I gave her a sound leather paddling for getting her hair done without permission 



too much fun and topless part one to four

foxxy returns and gets soundly
punished part 1 and 2

Foxxy and Brittany misbehaved badly again! These two little madams went out to a pub and had a little too much fun with
the result that they ended up dancing on the tables topless!
Time for another proper discipline session involving more then just a spanking you would agree I ordered them to come over and I started with giving them both a sound OTK spanking after which I placed them against the wall next to the window so everyone passing the building can see their sore red bare bottoms. The second part of their punishment was a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddling. The third part was quite humiliating but if they wanted to show their body to strangers in a bar then they can show it to you members
as well.
In the diaper position they got a sound bare bottom birching! The last part I had them kneel on the table and they felt our dreaded and feared Stinger on their bare bottoms (The Stinger is a thick flexible ruler with a handle. Stings like the Dickens! )

After more then a year Foxxy Angel contacted us and she is in dire need of a firm hand again. We told her to come over and it became apparent that she has been SO bad that one spanking will not be enough so I put her across my knee for a sound spanking, 30 minutes in the corner and then I gave her
a sound paddling.
She felt properly punished and good afterwards.




stop smoking part 1 and 2


After many years absent from our site and of course our brand of discipline on her bottom, the lovely Foxxy Angel has returned. It became obvious, during our interview, that she struggles with stopping with smoking. I decided to give her a sound welcome back spanking over my knee and in part two I made her take a drag from her Electric Siggarett which I followed each time with a sound whack of my leather paddle. And of course Cornertime.








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