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The introduction and her 
first spanking

gwendolyn gets slippered
for being late again: 2 videos

Gwendolyn has told us that she sometimes is rather late
for business apointments so we reprimanded her for that
and gave her her first spanking and cornertime

When we visited Gwendolyn we had to wait for 15 minutes
before she showed up. Time for sterner measures! We gave her a good slippering and 15 minutes nose in the corner

gwendolyn gets the hairbrush
for being rude

gwendolyn gets the leather
paddle for being rude

Gwendolyn phoned us and told us that she was rather
rude to someone so we came over and gave her a sound
hairbrushing over her jeans

This is the second part of her punishment. She got the leather paddle over her tight jeans and bare bottom. She was also sent into the corner to reflect


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