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 The interview and 
haley's first spanking

susan's first spanking

Today we are delighted to present a new "couple" on RLS. Haley and Susan are actual roommates and NOT lovers. The both do things which annoys the other and they saw our website and thought that some old fashioned spanking might be the answer so they contacted us. They will inform us when either of them needs a sore bottom and we will make
sure it gets that way :)
. Haley got this spanking because she tends to leave her clothes lying around on thefloor and not picking them up

After Haley got her spanking for leaving her clothes around 
their flat it became clear that Susan does the same in their bathroom
. It is only fair that Susan gets the same punishment as Haley don't you think? So over the knee she went for a 
good old fashioned spanking followed by cornertime

 haley and susan are spanked
together for being late part 1 and 2


When the girls came for their second visit, they were 30 minutes late!. We can have none of that now can we spankfans? We decided that a good spanking was needed with a few implements to  teach them that anyone who is late on the site gets her bottom soundly punished!. We gave them both a dose of our carpetbeater and the leather paddle to teach them both a lesson in being on time!

After they both got a good spanking with the carpetbeater for being late, we discussed the Emails they sent us. Haley told us in a mail that Susan was 2 days late with paying the rent and that she should be punished for that. We decided a good spanking with hand and hairbRush was well deserved. Susan sat down with misty eyes rest assured

a high phonebill

haley and susan's neighbour joyce
gets soundly spanked for playing her 
music too loud

Susan informed us that the phonebill was rather high last month due to Haley chatting away with friends for hours. We decided a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush was well deserved. She was told if it is high again it will be the wooden hairbrush the next time

When Kelly and I visited Haley and Susan we were suprised but delighted to see their neighbour Joyce being there as well. After a long chat Joyce told us that she knew of Haley and Susan's involvement with our website and she knows that they both get spanked when they misbehave and shereally feels she needs that as well as there is no man in her life to keep her in line. She was spanked quite frequently when younger and she misses it. So we agreed that Haley and Susan keep an eye on her as well and when she misbehaves, her bottom will be spanked. The first spanking she got that day was for playing her music too loud at night

haley GETS a good spanking for
not doing the laundry

jjJoyce gets a good strapping for making
too much noice at night

When Kelly and I visited Haley and Susan the first thing we found out from Haley is that she had not done the laundry for a few days. She knew very well what lay in store for her so she was taken across the knee and she got a good spanking. She thought she could fool us by wearing a woolen skirt but that came up straight away before the spanking began

After joyce got her first over the knee spanking Haley told us that she has the annoying habit of having friends over very late at night, making a lot of noice and showing no consideration for her neighbours. We decided that a dose of the strap was in order so she was bent over the back of a chair and her bottom was soundly strapped

haley GETS a good paddling for
another high phone bill

joyce is sent to bed early
with a hairbrush spanking

When Kelly and I visited Haley we asked her to show us the phone bill for the last 2 months and it became obvious that the little minx did not stop phoning and chatting away on the phone. This time she was bent over the back of the chair and her bottom got a sound paddling with our leather paddle

Sometimes when girls are exeptionally naughty we send them to bed early with a sore bottom. That is an excellent punishment and when we were at Haley's and Susan it was necessary to send Joyce to bed early with a sore stinging red bottom from one of our hairbrushes. She said later that it made her feel 8 again but she really needed and deserved it

haley and joyce feel
our new honeystick

haley gets an extra bottom warming for not
feeding the animals

Before Kelly and I left Haley and Joyce, we thought it might be a good idea to give them a taste of our new Honeystick to make sure they behave themselves. We had them both kneeling on the couch and they received 6 strokes each 
3 over their pants and tights and 3 on the bare bottom. 
The Honeystick was sent to us by a loyal member Papa G

ps. This was not the last spanking that day. Haley went across the knee one more time fof forgetting to feed the animals

Just as we were about to leave we noticed that there was no food in the animal's cages. Little Haley had forgotten to feed them that day. Over the knee she went and she got a good extra bottom warming. After the spanking she had to feed the animals with her bottom still bare

p.s No animals were harmed in the making of this film

susan gets soundly spanked
for taking haley's cd's

haley gets soundly spanked for taking
susan's top and being cheeky to a member 
in the forum

As you know by now Haley and Susan are room mates and they visit us on a regular basis and if any of the girls have been naughty during that time, they are soundly punished by Mike. The first naughtiness that was discussed was that Susan had borrowed some of Haley's CD's without asking and Susan must get a sore bottom for that. We agreed offcourse and the young miss was taken over the knee and soundly spanked followed by some time in the corner

After Susan got spanked for taking Haley's CD's she saw that Haley was wearing one of her tops! She borrowed it without asking. Haley was pulled over the knee and got a good spanking too. Fair is fair!. Just when she thought the spanking was finished her panties were pulled down and her bare bottom was soundly spanked again for being cheeky to a member in the

susan gets a good spanking with our leather paddle for losing her keys

susan gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for not cleaning the bathroom

Haley told us that the weekend before they came to see us again Susan went to a club and the little minx LOST her keys. She woke Haley up at 3 am to let her in

Jeans down and kneeling on a chair, her naughty forgetfull little bottom got a good dose of our leather paddle followed by some cornertime to make sure she isn't so careless next time

Both Susan and Haley keep a close eye on each other when they are at home and they report any bad behaviour or naughtiness to us when they are both here. Haley informed us that Susan had not cleaned the bathroom in weeks and it was
a disaster area. To make matters worse, Haley's Mom visited and saw the mess. Susan had allready been spanked before for untidiness so this time she went across the knee for a sound bare bottom hairbrush spanking

haley and susan get tawsed together
for making too much noice at night

haley gets a special fitness punishment
part 1

Joyce, Haley and Susan's neighbour, emailed us saying that the two girls were making a LOT of noice one night before they came to us for discipline. When confronted they both blamed the other so it was decided that they both get
punished together. Our two tailed Lochgelly tawse paid a painfull visit to both their naughty bottoms in no uncertain terms

Susan called us on her cellphone informing us that, instead of doing her fitness training in the gym, Haley sat at the bar for the whole hour drinking and chatting. We decided that a special punishment is called for so she was ordered to come
straight to us. Still wearing her track suit, she was ordered to do stretch excersises, running on the spot, sit ups etc. while our table tennis bat and birch turned her bottom a fiery red

haley gets a special fitness punishment
part 2

haley and susan get paddled together for 
being late again. Part 1: susan's paddling

This is part 2 of Haley's special fitness punishment. In this video she gets the ping pong paddle and birch while running on the spot and in the diaper position. She was sent home with a very red and sore little bottom

Our two well known little minxes arrived for their latest "discussion" about their behaviour another 30 minutes late!. As soon as they were in the door they were kneeling on the chair, bottom up,feeling our leather paddle across their bottoms. While one of them got paddled the other one had to kneel by her bottom. The warning was given. NO more excuses! If they are late again, they WILL be caned!

haley and susan get paddled together for 
being late again. Part 2: haley's paddling

haley and susan both get sound spankings for not keeping their kitchen tidy. part 1: 
susan's spanking

In part 2 Haley kneels on the chair and her bottom feels our paddle long and hard. Susan has to kneel right by her bottom so she can see the spanks up close.

A few days ago we paid the girls a suprise visit and we saw that their kitchen was a TOTAL MESS!!. We didn't mention it to them at the time but confronted them with it when they came for their regular " disciplinary discussions" We had taken one of their own spatulas from their kitchen and that same implement was put to very good use across their bare bottoms!

haley and susan both get sound spankings for not keeping their kitchen tidy. part 2:
haley's spanking

haley gets a good otk spanking for spending their household money on clothes!

In part 2 it's Haley's turn to go bare bottom over the knee and feel the suprising sting from the spatula across her bare cheeky little bottom. They were warned that the state of their kitchen will be carefully monitored and if it's a mess again, their bottoms will sting lots more and eyes will be filled with wetness

Susan told us that Haley had taken their household money and spend it all on clothes!. We ordered Haley to come over and we scolded her about it and gave her a firm hand spanking across the knee. Unexpectantly the doorbel rang and Tina showed up. She was supposed to come the next day to discuss her behaviour but the little minx got the dates mixed up. In the next video Haley gets the rest of her spanking and Tina takes her place across the knee

haley gets a good hiding with our heavy belt
for bringing a guy home without telling susan

haley gets a good belting over our trestle 
for flirting

Susan went for a cup of coffee in their kitchen, nude, and was shocked to find some guy in their kitchen. Haley had bought a guy home and didn't tell Susan about it. Susan phoned us immediately and we ordered Haley to come over straight away!. We laid her over our new punishment stool and she got a good hiding with our heavy leather belt and was sent home with a sore throbbing bottom under her tight jeans

2 members requested that they wanted to see Haley get the belt over our trestle so this one is for you guys! The reason for this belting is that the little minx flirted with some guy at a club
Nothing bad happened otherwise her bottom would have felt the sting of our cane

haley gets a good spanking for being cheeky
to sabrina in the chat

haley gets soundly strapped for forgetting 
to put gas in susan's car

One of our loyal female spankers Sabrina had a chet with Haley and it turned out our little minx was cheeky to Her! Sabrina sent us an email requesting that Haley got a good smacked bottom and offcourse we obliged. After the spanking she had to show her red sore bottom to the camera so Sabrina could see the results

Susan called us and told us that Haley had borrowed her car and forgot to put petrol in it. The result was that she ran out of gas! As soon as Haley came through our door, she was grabbing her ankles and our leather strap was turning her bottom a fiery red!

haley and susan get a special strict
punishment session for fighting in public
part 1

haley and susan get a special strict
punishment session for fighting in public
part 2

It came to our attention that Haley and Susan got involved in a fight at a local club with 2 other girls. We decided that, as they behaved like hooligans and childish, they should get a
special humiliating punishment session.
We went out and we bought 2 fitting punishment outfits consisting out of 2
white schoolgirl panties and white tops and we made them change into them.
They both got 2 long sound spankings OTK with the hand and leather paddle. In part 1 Susan gets her first sound OTK hand spanking.

In part 2 Haley gets her first punishment. She was taken over the knee and she got a good hand spanking. Afterwards they both spent some time in the corner and then they were both ordered to kneel in front of the coffee table and write punishment lines: ...I must behave myself in public...

haley and susan get a special strict
punishment session for fighting in public
part 3

haley and susan get a special strict
punishment session for fighting in public
part 4

In part 3 it is time for the serious part of the punishment. Susan has to kneel by the chair, holding Haley's hands while Haley gets a sound spanking with our leather paddle. Susan sees in Haley's face the pain their public misbehavour causes

Part 4 is the last spanking given to the two little minxes. Susan is taken over the knee and gets a good, long bare bottom paddling while Haley holds her hands and has to look into her eyes. Afterwards they are told to dress and are sent home with very sore red bottoms!.

susan gets a reminder spanking

haley gets a maintenance spanking

Just because a girl says she has been behaving herself, doesn't necessarily mean that she has. That's what Haley and Susan told us during their last visit. We decided to give them both reminder spankings. It is a well known fact that a regular sore red bottom prevents naughtiness. The girls were both taken over the knee and their bottoms were spanked untill
they were nice and red and stinging. In this video we see Susan get her reminder spanking.

Haley and Susan dropped by for a cup of coffee but little did they know that they both would be spanked! With naughty minxes like these two, it is important to warm their bottoms
regularly so they will remember to behave.
This is the video from Haley's maintenance spanking. Little did both of them know that their bottoms would be spanked soundly again after the maintenance spankings. Those 2 spanking videos are coming soon.

susan gets a good spanking for not
paying for parking

haley gets a good spanking for not
paying for parking

Kelly and I were shopping in the town where Susan and Haley live and we saw Susan's car parked on a local street. Upon closer inspection we saw that there was no parking ticket under the window so we confronted the girls. Their excuse was that it was only for 10 minutes and we don't have to pay because they are better then us and they are pretty! Well their bottoms weren't very pretty when I was through with them. Susan got a spanking with the table tennis bat because it is her car

After Susan got her bottom soundly paddled and she was facing the corner, Haley was told to bare her bottom and get across the knee. She got a good spanking untill her bottom was a fiery shade of red and then she was told to join Susan in the corner where the two minxes spent 30 minutes thinking about their behaviour.


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