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Heidi is introduced and gets her first

heidi gets a sound leather paddling for not seperating the garbage

The lovely Heidi age 36 contacted us and she really really wanted to be part of our website. At first we were hesitant because Heidi has been deaf since she was 5. After carefull thought we decided that we should not discriminate and that deaf girls can be just as naughty and therefore need spankings too. So here she is dear members! She is very naughty and has fantasised for years to be spanked when needed. She has never been spanked before so I didn's spank her too hard but her bottom was very red and sore afterwards.

When I was over at Heidi's place I noticed she doesn't seperate her garbage which not good for the enviroment. I told her to come over the next day and I had the leather paddle ready on
the dining room table to be used on her.
She was soon laying over the table feeling the sting of our leather paddle
across her bottom.
After the paddling I took her by the ear to the corner where she had to stand for a while. Her sore, red, well paddled bottom on display.




Heidi gets a sound strapping for not
cleaning upstairs

Heidi gets our special stop smoking

As you know when we are in the neighbourhoods we like to check up on our girls to keep them on their toes (we don't usually spank them there because of the neighbours) When we visited Heidi's place we found the downstairs very clean but when we went upstairs the place was a mess. The next day she was called over and I told her to lay her ample bottom over the arm of the sofa and I gave her a sound strapping. Then it was in the corner kneeling on our footstool, sore well strapped bottom on display.

Heidi is a smoker who wants to quit so we are helping her with that. She can only smoke a certain amount of cigarettes per day etc.and we keep a close eye on that. Now if you remember with Betty for example our special stop smoking spanking is very effective. She has to get across My knee, light up a cigarette and finish smoking it while I spank her untill the cigarette is finished. Heidi cheated and put the cigarette out before it was finished so she ended up getting more hard spanks. Naughty thing!


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