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ivey's first spanking part 1 and 2

ivey and mandy soundly punished for
provocative outfits  part 1 and 2

Mandy called us and she told us she would be bringing one of her close friends Ivey with her and she did Ivey is 27 and she works with Mandy. She is simply one of the most
naughtiest, cheekiest girls we have ever had here on RLS.
She is a real cutie though and simply gorgeous but Heaven help us
she is a hand full :)
Make her feel welcome guys. You will be seeing her quite frequently I am sure

Showing up looking like two pornsluts is a sure way of getting your bottom soundly spanked by your disciplinarian This is what Ivey and Mandy decided to do the little devils! I sent them straight to punishment room 1, bent them over the punishment table and gave them both a sound leather paddling Then I told them to strip completely and get in the corner. After 30 minutes they were back over the table and getting a sound nude strapping




ivey and julie disciplined again
part 1 to 5

ivey soundly spanked for being just
too darn cheeky!

I called Ivey and Julie over to see if they have behaved themselves. Ivey showed up with a pair of raggedy torn jeans i wouldn't be caught dead in and Julie had green locks in her hair AGAIN! I decided a nice lengthy discipline session was deserved so I first spanked them both soundly over my knee. Then I took them to our punishment room and gave them a sound strapping and birching together. This is a four parter

Some girls just can't help being naughty and cheeky all the time and Ivey takes the Gold medal home for that. She was pushing me and pushing me untill I had enough and I grabbed her by her ear and dragged her to our office. Straight over my knee and I gve her a sound spanking followed by cornertime.






ivey's discipline session - 17.02.2016 -
part 1 to 3

ivey's discipline session - 25.04.2016 -
part 1 and 2

As you know our little Ivey is one of our most naughtiest and cheekiest girls. She needs regular discipline sessions so I decided to date them and share them with you guys. This discipline session took place on Wednesday the 17 th of February She got a sound bare bottom hand spanking, a sound bare bottom belting and she felt our Honeystick for the first time. This session is in 3 parts

This discipline session took place on Monday the 25 th of April

She got a sound hand spanking for hiding the straps and a sound bare bottom strapping with two heavy straps



ivey and jolene's discipline session - 24.07.2016 -
part 1 to 4

ivey's discipline session - 28.03.2017 -
part 1 to 3

Ivey and Jolene are back for a session and they got along very well before the filming started so I decided I would let them spank each other as a warm up. And also to have some more girl/girl spankings on the sites Then I gave them both a sound spanking This session is in 4 parts

As you know our little Ivey is one of our most naughtiest and cheekiest girls. She needs regular discipline sessions so I decided to date them and share them with you guys. This discipline session took place on  Tuesday the 28 th of March She waltzed in and was disrespectfull which meant a sound OTK spanking to start with. And cornertime of course Then she stayed out all night without calling which earned her little botttom a sound slippering. This session is in 3 parts




chelsey's first spanking part 1 and 2

chelsey and ivey return part 1 and 2

Our little naugthty Ivey contacted us and told us she has a good friend who needs discipline. Her name is Chelsey and she is 29 years young and a very
petite little madam with a very cute small bottom. Of course she got her first spanking and then I made her
spank Ivey because Chelsey loves to spank. We are glad to have her part of our RLS team

That didn't take long and the two naughty little madams were back for a conversation RLS style. Ivey had forgotten to switch her alarm clock on so she was
late. A spanking offence. I gave Ivey a sound leather paddling and then I saw Chelsey getting quite turned on and smiling. I gave Chelsey a sound leather paddling too and I gave Ivey the order to paddle her bottom as well. I had 2 very red, vey sore, red bare bottoms in my corner.




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