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jamy lee's interview and first spanking

jamy lee gets a sound leather paddling for going out during the week

It it amazing how many girls want to join our club and get spanked. The latest cutie we will take under our wing is 21 year old Jamy Lee (not Jamie Lee) She is a first year law student and she is single and she herself admits she needs and wants a strong male hand who will correct her when she needs it. She is introduced and she gets her first spanking from Me. After the spanking I had her in the corner for a few minutes and she didn't like that at all. I also made her a set of rules she has to follow but I she is going to have a few hot stinging bottoms before she follows them.

As you remember I gave Jamy Lee a set of strict rules to follow with regards to her studies and one of them was no going out during the week. Did she listen? Offcourse not. Last Wednesday she went out. Time for another sore bottom and this time with the leather paddle. Bent over the back of our chair, her cute little bottom turned very red and sore under a sound leather paddling. Afterwards she was on her knees in the corner with the promise that if she ever did that again, this paddling will seem  like child's play!


jamy lee gets a sound spanking for
skipping classes

jamy lee gets a sound birching while
she recites the rules

Our cute little law student managed to get herself in trouble again dear members. She confessed that she had called in sick a few times and she skipped classes while she wasn't sick at all! Well Jamy Lee was soon across my knee. (I am a poet and I don't even know it) I gave her a sound spanking and afterwards it was time to let her bottom feel the effect of our dreaded punishment stool for half an hour. The next time I am going to help her remember the rules I gave her with the
help of my trusty birch I think.

It has become obvious that Jamy Lee has a problem remembering the rules I laid out for her. I thought a lesson with the birch while she reads the rules was a good idea. Skirt raised, bottom up, she was soon on our coffee table reading the 6 rules out loud while I birched her bottom. I ended the birching with 6 good strokes while she bent over and then I put her in the corner on her knees holding the rules against the door with her forehead. Let's hope she remembers them now (I doubt it)


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