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 introduction and
jane's first spanking

jane's first spanking
the paddle

Jane, a lively beautifull but ever so naughty 18 year old, contacted us that she needed old fashioned discipline in her life. We agreed and she is now part of our site. In these videos you see Jane get her first spanking

After her spanking we decided to give her a dose of our leather
paddle to let her feel what will befall her bottom should she not
behave herself

 jane gets the hairbrush
for being late again

 jane gets the birch
for speeding part 1

Jane came to us for her regular visit to discuss her behaviour and the little minx was late again!. It was made clear that if she repeated a certain naughtiness, the punishments
become more severe so this time she got a good dose of the hairbrush. After the spanking she spent some time in the corner to reflect

Jane had gotten a speeding ticket while driving her Mom's car
Mom didn't do anything but we decided she deserved a good
birching! She got 24 strokes of the birch on her bare
18 year old bottom

 jane gets the birch
for speeding part 2

jane's strict punishment session 
part 1

This is the second part of Jane getting a sound birching for
speeding in her Mum's car. She also got a hard stroke from the cane to remind her what will befall her bottom should she ever speed again!

Today we uploaded the first video of Jane getting a very strict punishment session for lying, coming home at 4 AM, and drinking and driving under the influence. In this video she gets a sound spanking standing up for smoking in the car

jane's strict punishment
part 2

jane's strict punishment
part 3

This is the second video of Jane getting a very strict punishment session for a night of drinking, staying out till 
the wee hours of the morning and lying about it. She gets a sound strapping for lying in this video

In Part 3 we see young Jane getting the hairbrush for drinking and a SOUND handspanking for staying out till 4 in the 

jane's strict punishment
part 4

jane gets a sound spanking for 
throwing a tantrum

This is the last video in this series where we see little Jane get a good caning and the last hand spanking to drive the lesson home. She went home with a very very sore bottom

Jane visited us again and the night before her best friend Julie called us with a list of things Jane did wrong since the last time she was here. The first was that Julie overheard Jane throw a tantrum at her Mum while she was there. Well, if she wants to act like a little girl, she will be punished like a little girl so she was taken over the knee and soundly spanked and put in the
corner for 20 minutes

jane gets a sound punishment for
smoking a joint. part 1

jane gets a sound punishment for
smoking a joint. part 2

Julie told us that she saw Jane smoke a joint at a club and that she would deny it but that we should check her purse.  We asked Jane about it and she denied and lied to us. When we checked her purse we found a bag of weed. For lying about it Jane got a good bare bottom paddling with our new leather

For smoking a joint while at a club Jane got a good 12 of the best English style caning while she had to hold the packet of weed in front of her. With a well striped and stinging bottom 
she saw our corner again from up close and let's hope this will teach the little minx a lesson

jane gets the carpetbeater for being
late home and at school again

jane asks for strict guidance with her diet 
and gets her first spanking for 
eating junkfood

After our little minx got a good caning for smoking a joint she thought her punishment was finally over. Wrong! It had also come to our attention that she was late home and at school on quite a few occasions again! We gave her a sound spanking with our carpetbeater in an old fashioned position,  on all fours, head between Mike's legs, bottom well up. She went home with a very very sore bottom that day

Jane dropped by unexpectately and had a request. would we please help her lose weight with spanking as a motivation. Offcourse we will oblige and she will be watched very closely in the future. She will be weighed everytime she comes and punished soundly if she didn't lose weight. She also told us that the night before she had eaten junkfood and felt guilty
about it.  She was given a good bare bottom spanking for that

jane gets soundly paddled
for gaining 3 pounds!!

jane gets a sound hairbrushing and 
cornertime for getting a parking ticket

A week after her spanking for wanting to lose weight Jane came to us and she was put on our scale to see how much weight she lost. To our suprise the little minx had actually GAINED 3 pounds!!. She was told to remove her skirt and while she was standing on the scale, looking at her weight, her bare bottom felt the sting of our leather paddle hard and long!

Julie, Jane's best friend, called us and told us that Jane had gotten a parking ticket because she forgot to put money in the meter. Her mother had to pay the 60 Euros but it did not go unpunished. She was taken across the knee and given a sound hairbrushing on her bare bottom. Afterwards her nose was reaquainted with the corner again to remind her not be
so careless next time

jane gets a special punishment
for cheating on a test

jane gets spanked in front of julie
for being rude to her mother

Jane's best friend Julie informed us that little Jane had cheated on a recent test. She had a small note with a few answers. This calls for an unusual punishment so we made her write out: I must not cheat 5 times kneeling bare bottom in front of the chair and then we gave her one stroke of the honeystick on each hand and 5 on her bare bottom. We repeated this 3 times and let's hope the little lady NEVER cheats again otherwise her bottom will be soundly caned!

When Jane visited us again to discuss her behaviour, she was quite shocked when Julie showed up. Julie had called us and she really would love to see Jane get spanked. She allways wanted to see Jane's red bottom after she visited us but now she wanted to witness a spanking herself. Jane was taken over the knee and her bottom got a sound hand spanking because she
had been rude to her mother again.
After this spanking the tables were turned because it became obvious that little
Julie is rude to her mum too!
In the next video you wil see Julie get her first ever spanking.

jane gets a sound leather paddling from
kelly for getting more piercings

jane gets soundly spanked by kelly for borrowing 50 euros after she spent all her schoolmoney

When Jane came to us again for her regular disciplinary appointment, Kelly noticed that she had 2 more piercings done. Jane was very suprised when she was told that Kelly was going to soundly  paddle her bottom instead of Me. She was told to bend over and Kelly paddled her panty clad and bare bottom soundly before She sent the little madam into the corner.

Jane asked Kelly if she could borrow 50 euros from us because she had no more money. It became apparent that the little minx had spent all her money on clothes so Kelly told her that nothing is for free and that she can have 50 euros BUT she is going
to get one hard bare bottom spank for each euro.
She was told to kneel on the couch and Kelly gave her 50 hard smacks. You will notice that Kelly concentrated on her sitspot so that Jane would feel the spanking everytime she sat down. Which she did!  This video is in widescreen format

jane gets a very hard paddling for smoking
pot again!!


After Kelly spanked Jane for borrowing 50 euros I came home and told her, much to her dismay, that her punishments were not over. Julie phoned us and said that she saw Jane take a few drags from a joint while they were clubbing so I decided that I will paddle her bare bottom soundly with all 3 of our new wooden paddles. Bent over her allready sore bare bottom felt the sting of the paddles and afterwards she was put in the corner to think about the dangers of smoking




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