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jenna's first spanking

jenna gets soundly paddled for
buying cigarettes

The lovely 26 year old Jenna contacted us and she has one problem that she wants us to deal with and that is she wants to stop smoking. Of course we can help and she will be strictly monitored in the months to come and every time she doesn't follow our stop smoking program, her lovely bottom will get very red and sore indeed. She has never been spanked before so after her introduction, I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking

After her first spanking I gave Jenna a set number of cigarettes she was allowed to smoke per day. A few days later I told her to come over and I checked her bag and I found a packet of cigarettes which she clearly bought without permission. I laid her over the desk and she got a good paddling with my smaller but stingier leather paddle. Then I put her in the corner for the first time




jenna gets soundly strapped and slippered
for buying cigarettes again


I know quiting smoking is one of the hardest things to do but Jenna, instead of calling me and discussing it, decided to buy another pack of cigarettes and of course I found out. Straight away she was ordered back and put her in the corner first for a while  to think about what was to come I bent her over the back of a chair and gave her a good strapping with the light strap as she is new to spanking. Then I put her across my knee, pulled down her panties and gave her bare bottom a sound slippering. After that I told her to kneel on a chair in the corner for a full hour.







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