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jolene's first spanking part 1 and 2

jolene and loni get paddled part 1 and 2

Meet Jolene dear spankos! She contacted us because her Vanilla boyfriend is not into spanking at all and she really needs a good spanking on a regular basis. While we were filming her interview, there was a knock on the door and Loni
showed up with a request. She is going on holiday and would I please give her a good spanking so she will behave and not be too naughty.
I thought it a good idea for Jolene to watch Loni get spanked first and then Jolene got her first spanking

As you have seen in the last 2 videos with Loni and Jolene, Loni got a spanking to stop her from misbehaving while on holiday but she didn't! She was also foolish enough to post some very naughty pics on her Facebook page in which one can clearly see whe was not being a good girl Jolene's boyfriend contacted me and apparently Jolene neglected to clean the house for a few days now. I called them both over and both of them got a sound leather paddling, bent over my desk, followed by some cornertime



scarlett and jolene get soundly
spanked for missing their train
part 1 and 2

spank me! part 1 and 2

I ordered Scarlett and Jolene to pay us a visit to discuss their behaviour and as they live close to each other, they took the same train. Unfortunatelly for their bottoms they missed the train! We decided to try out a new spanking position with two chairs and the second girl has to hold the spankee's legs. That way they are close to the bottom getting spanked and knowing that they are getting the same, works well Both girls got a sound spanking in this position and were sent in the

Spanking is not all strict discipline and can be a big turn on
as you will see in this session
Scarlett and Jolene dropped by for a coffee and little did I know what these naughty minxes had in store for me. I needed to go to the bathroom first and when I went up to the office, the girls were nowhere to be found. I looked around our building, calling them, but nothing and then I heard: Oh Sir, Sir! coming from my office. When I entered I was confronted by two bare bottoms on which they had witten: SPANK ME! Quite obvious that they were in the mood for a spanking and I gave it to them. After I spanked them while bending over, I put each of them across my knee and continued. Both girls got very turned on and were both very wet. This will answer the question some members asked me if the girls like getting spanked. Some cetainly do :)



jolene gets soundly spanked and paddled
for being late and forgetting sugar
part 1 and 2

weekend of spanking part 1 to 4

I asked Jolene to drop by to see how she has been behaving and the little madam showed up 20 minutes late. Over my knee she went for a good spanking followed by cornertime. Now before she came, I asked her if she would pick up some sugar as we ran out and she had forgotten it. I laid her over the side of our couch and gave her a sound leather
paddling and sent her to go and buy sugar with a very very sore bottom rubbing against her jeans.

I asked Jolene over again because I found out she had been very naughty. There was a weekend music festival in Belgium and she went to it. Normally not a problem and loads of fun but unfortunattely she had to work that weekend so she told her boss she was sick. That is truancy and must be punished. I decided as she went for the whole weekend I will make sure she has a very sore bottom for the entire weekend. I gave her the first spanking on Friday afternoon at 14:00 PM and her second punishment on Saturday at 14:00 PM and her last punishment on Sunday at 14:00 PM





the mobile phones part 1, 2 and 3

jolene and samantha get soundly punished
part 1, 2 and 4

I have been trying to call Jolene and Amy for a while now but I either keep going to voicemail or the number doesn't exist anymore. The fact that they didn't give me their new numbers is a good reason to turn their bottoms bright red! I told them to come over and I gave them both a sound OTK spanking and I strapped them thoroughly!

It has been almost a year since Jolene visited us and had her bottom spanked and that is way too long so it was high time for me to punish her soundly. Samantha neglected to email me at all since her last visit so I thought it would be a good experience for her to be punished together with another girl. I first put both of them together over my knees and spanked them soundly followed by some time on our punishment stools. Then I placed them kneeling on 2 chairs facing each other while I used my
trusty leather paddle on their bottoms
Then I finished their punishment session by giving each of them a sound
carpet beating



ivey and jolene's discipline session - 24.07.2016 -
part 1 to 4

scarlett and jolene return
part 1
to 4

Ivey and Jolene are back for a session and they got along very well before the filming started so I decided I would let them spank each other as a warm up. And also to have some more girl/girl spankings on the sites Then I gave them both a sound spanking This session is in 4 parts

  Our two little minxes Scarlett and Jolene are back dear members.Remember them? Well after I punished them a few years ago, I saw on twitter that they did a few " naughty shoots" together. Time for them to return for a red and sore bottom as you would agree. In part one and two I soundly spanked each of them over my knee while the other one nervously had to watch, bottom bare and trembling. In part three and four My wife Kelly took a gymshoe to their bare bottoms as they laid over the desk. Let's hope the lesson is learned this time....






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