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jolie's interview

jolie's first spanking

I am Jolie and i am a single girl from Holland. I am 22 years old and i work as a secretary I must admit that i am quite lazy sometimes and i like to postpone everything which means my boss often gets mad at me Lots of people often say that i need a good spanking and that idea excites me *blush* I heard from friends about this website and i contacted Mike and Kelly (great people btw) and they will now spank me when i need it. It is quite a shock to be scolded and then spanked like a little girl in the old days but it really works! Very painfull but I really need it

We are delighted to introduce 22 year old Jolie to you today. Jolie is a secretary living and working in Holland. She is quite lazy and likes to postpone things and she needs a firm hand
to keep her focussed.
She is adorable, very friendly and darn cute! but...very naughty and lazy As per tradition she is introduced and she goes across my knee for the first time in her young life.

jolie gets a sound leather paddling for not doing well at work

jolie gets a sound spanking for pretending to be sick and taking a day of work

It was quite a suprise when we got a phonecall from Jolie so soon after her first spanking. She told me that she had not been doing well at work and her boss yelled at her. She felt guilty and she felt she needed a good spanking. We went over to her and I told her to keep her work clothes on and be in
the corner when we got there.
She obeyed and soon she was bending over against the wall, getting her first taste of our leather paddle across her tight little bottom. Then I put her in the same corner again for half an hour.

When I checked up on little Jolie I noticed that her car was still outside at 9 am I knocked on her door and she came to the door dressed in her underwear. She told me she was sick but ot quickly became apparent that she wasn't. I took her by her ear to the living, put her across my knee and gave her
a sound spanking.
Then I told her to go and change into her work clothes and get her sore little red bottom off to work el pronto!!

jolie gets a good spanking for not
answering my emails

jolie gets an unexpected spanking in her bedroom for leaving it a mess

The girls know if I email them they better reply quickly. Naughty little Jolie didn't. I sent her 5 or 6 emails and she didn't reply. Well in the last email I told her that the next time I would be there, she would get a good spanking! That is exactly what happened. Over My knee her little bottom was
soundly spanked and her nose got aquainted with the corner of her livingroom again.

When we visited Jolie and we were having a nice chat on the couch, I needed to go to the bathroom. As I went into the hallway I noticed that her bedroom was quite a mess. Clothes and magazines all over the floor etc. I called Jolie into the bedroom and made her kneel on her bed and I gave her a sound spanking which stung her gorgeous firm little bottom. After the spanking I made her pick up all the clothes and magazines with her panties still around her knees. Then I ordered her to get me something to drink and I went into her living room again. She hugged me and told me that she really needed that spanking. I wonder if she planned the whole thing *wink*

jolie gets a nude spanking and a taste of the
hairbrush for wearing a too sexy outfit to work

jolie gets our heavy leather paddle and the birch for not performing at work and trying
to seduce me!

We happened to be in the neighbourhood when Jolie came back from work and when the little minx came home, she was wearing a very short denim skirt with a top that had half her boobies hanging out. Well if she wanted to flaunt her body at work she might as well do it for us! I told her to strip completely and stand with her legs spread, hands on her head waiting while I finished my drink. Then I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking. I then ordered her to go and fetch her own hairbrush and I gave her a taste
of what will happen to her bottom if she does not wear the proper attire to work.
Then it was in the corner for the little madam

I got an email from Jolie in which she confessed that her boss was not satisfied with her performance and that she needed another spanking. I decided a dose of the heavy leather paddle was in order and when I arrived she opened the door in a very sexy and skimpy outfit and she tried to seduce me so I wouldn't punish her. She was soon over her chair feeling the heavy leather paddle and the birch across her young bottom. Afterwards she was on her knees in the corner holding the birch against her stinging sore bottom.


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