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 julia's interview

 julia's first spanking

A daughter of a very good friend of ours will be staying with Kelly and I for a few days on a regular basis when her father is away on business. Julia is a very delicate young 18 yar old but still very naughty sometimes. She is made very aware of the fact that if she misbehaves while living with us, her bottom will be spanked!

Does she listen? no because the very next day she was late for dinner so it was time for her first spanking. Over the knee she went and her small 18 year old bottom got the first spanking in 10 years

 julia gets spanked for not getting
off the phone

julia gets a sound on the spot spanking for wanting to go out horse riding without doing her homework

Teens and phones! I had to make an important phonecall and I told Julia to get off the phone immediately!. The little miss just kept on chatting so, after 3 warnings, I went downstairs, 
told her to take down her pants, laid the little miss over my knee and spanked her panty clad and bare bottom. Next time she wants to use the phone, she has to ask permission

While I was reading a magazine Julia dashed past me wanting to go out riding. She was dressed in her riding pants but it appeared she had not done her homework. I told her she could go riding as soon as her homework was finished. She argued, got annoyed and walked out the door saying she will do it later
I grabbed her, dragged her back in the living room, took her under my arm and smacked those riding pants good and proper. Those came down soon and her panties and her bare bottom felt my hand good and hard.
She learned that day that she must listen and obey! This video was recorded in wide screen format again

 julia gets the leather paddle for opening
a bottle of champagne


When Julia stayed at our place again she found a bottle of champagne in the fridge and opened it to enjoy a glass after a hard day at school. She forgot that she had to ask but she really felt bad about it. When I asked her if she would feel better if I spanked her for it, she agreed and she got a nice litte paddling with our leather paddle over our punishment stool

The other night, when Julia was staying with us, she decided to
read a few of Kelly's comic books before going to bed and when she finished, she left  them laying on the floor. I dragged her downstairs, pulled her over My knee and gave her a good little 
spanking in her pyjamas!

 julia gets a good strapping for
coming home 2 hours late

julia gets a very sore bottom for being rude and irresponsible in traffic part 1

We gave Julia permission to go out with her friends but she had to be back at midnight as it was a school night. 2 hours later the little minx sneaked in the door but only to find Mike standing there holding the leather strap. Nothing needed to be said. She was told to lay over the side of our sofa and
her bottom got a good strapping and she was sent to bed.

Michael dropped by and he told us that, just before he got
there, some girl on a bicycle drove through a red light and cut in front of his car.
He stepped on the brake and the worst part is, the girl gave him the middle finger! I had asked Julia to come over and meet Michael because they are looking for a
baby sitter and I thought Julia would be perfect for the job.
Imagine our suprise when Julia came in and Michael recognised her as the miscreant on the bike! We decided that one spanking is just not enough and Julie ended up getting her bare bottom soundly spanked 4 times! Twice by Michael and twice by Me for reckless driving, going through a red light and being rude in public.. This is her first spanking.

julia gets a very sore bottom for being rude and irresponsible in traffic part 2

julia gets a very sore bottom for being rude and irresponsible in traffic part 3

After her first hand spanking by Michael, we felt that it was not enough so Michael took her across his knee on the couch and gave her bare bottom a second sound stinging spanking with a mean little stinging spatula.

Julia knows very well that if she misbehaves outside, while she stays at our house, and she is punished for it, she will also get a spanking at home. This falls under that category so after Michael was finished with her bottom, she was pulled across Mike's knee ad she got another long sound handspanking followed by another good session with the leather paddle. After which she was sent upstairs to bed.

julia asks for a sound hairbrushing and
caning because she had thoughts about stealing. Part 1: the spanking

julia asks for a sound hairbrushing and
caning because she had thoughts about stealing. Part 2: the caning

Julia dropped by with an unexpected request. She told us that she was in a shop and she got the sudden urge to steal something. She didn't steal anything but she really felt bad about it. Being a disciplinarian sometimes means that the girls ask for a spanking and in this case Julia asked for a hairbrush spanking, which she brought with her, and a sound caning. Her first ever taste of the cane. We offcourse obliged and she got a good warm up hand spanking followed by a slow hard hairbrush spanking. 

After Julia's bottom was fiery red, she was told to bend over our trestle and her bottom felt the special stinging burn of our schoolgirl cane explode across her cute girlish bottom. She got 12 good hard strokes. She felt the welts for days to come.


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