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jane gets spanked in front of julie
for being rude to her mother

 julie's first spanking for also being
rude to her mother

When Jane visited us again to discuss her behaviour, she was quite shocked when Julie showed up. Julie had called us and she really would love to see Jane get spanked. She allways wanted to see Jane's red bottom after she visited us but now she wanted to witness a spanking herself. Jane was taken over the knee and her bottom got a sound hand spanking because shehad been rude to her mother again. After this spanking the tables were turned because it became obvious that little Julie is rude to her mum too! In the next video you wil see Julie get her first ever spanking.

After Jane had her bottom spanked in front of Julie for being rude to her mother she told us that Julie was rude to her mother the week before! Julie admitted that she really enjoys getting Jane into trouble and allways wants to see her bottom after she had been spanked. She also enjoyed seeing Jane spanked. Fair is fair so Julie got exactly the same as Jane got. A good OTK spanking. Julie was never spanked before but afterwards she agreed that she deserved it. It was agreed that both little rebels will keep an eye on each other and both will be spanked if they misbehave.

jane and julie both get another sound spanking for staying out 3 hours past their curfew

julie gets a sound leather paddling for 
wearing see through clothes

After they both sat on tender bottoms I bought up the fact that Julie had called me a few days before telling me that she saw Jane outside a club at 3 in the morning. Her curfew was midnight so she was going to get another good spanking! However I confronted Julie with the fact that the only way she could have known it was 3 am, was if she was there herself! I asked her what time she had to be home and she reluctantly told me midnight as well. You can guess the result spankfans! They both got another good spanking on their allready tender bottoms followed by some cornertime.

Julie and Jane were asked to come over again because there were some very naughty misbehaviours to discuss and Julie dared showing up in a flimsy see through skirt and panties!!.
It became apparent that her mother doesn't know she dresses like that so she was taken over the knee straight away and her bottom got a sound leather paddling.

jane and julie get soundly strapped and
paddled for getting piercings without

Julie and Jane  get sound hairbrush 
spankings for lying

After Julie got her bottom spanked for showing up in such a flimsy outfit, I asked them if they had something to confess. First they both lied about it and the punishment for that can be seen in the next video. Reluctantly they confessed that they both had tongue piercings set even though their mothers forbid it. A good strapping and another sound leather paddling followed with both of these disobedient teens bent, side by side, over the backs of 2 chairs

Lying to us is one of the most serious things the girls can do and they know it!. Lying is allways punished by means of a sound spanking across the bare bottom with the hairbrush and that is exactly what Jane and Julie got. A long hard hairbrush spanking which turned their bare bottoms a fiery red ball of fire.

julie gets a sound spanking upon arrival
for missing her train

Julie gets a long sound strapping 
for having unsafe sex

Julie was told to visit us again because it was necessary to discuss her recent behaviour and the little miss showed up 30 minutes late because she had missed her train! We didn't even give her time to take off her coat and over the knee she went
and her bare bottom got a good spanking as soon as she came through the door.

While her bottom was still sore form her spanking for missing her train, we had a discussion regarding a sexual adventure Julie had with a young lad last weekend. We asked her if she had safe sex and she said yes. We then confronted her with the fact that Jane called us and said that they did NOT use any form of protection! Julie was told to kneel up on the couch and her bottom felt our leather strap across her allready sore bottom. She did not stay in position so the strapping was completed when she lay bare bottomed across My lap. Afterwards she spent a good hour nose in the corner thinking about how
irresponsible she was.

julie gets a sound spanking for
lying after the strapping

julie gets the tawse and shadowlane
hairbrush for not answering emails

As you have seen in the last video from Julie getting a sound strapping forhaving unsafe sex, she lied to me first about it. After she spent a good while in the corner after the strapping, she was put across My knee again and she got another sound hand spanking across an allready sore bottom. I even gave the back of her thighs a few hard smacks.

Young Julie is rather lazy in answering my emails so I started a topic in our forum to ask the members what she should get and it was agreed that she should get a good tawsing followed by a good spanking with our Shadowlane hairbrush. To make things special she was told to bend over, bottom bare, in front of
Kelly's computer downstairs and she had to post what happened during the spanking in the forum.

julie gets a sound spanking and
paddling for being obnoxious

julie gets a severe spanking with the honeystick in the diaper position for stealing a chocolate bar

I was taking the girls out for a spot of lunch but on the way to the restaurant little Julie was being quite obnoxious to Me! After a few warnings I turned the car around and as soon as we were in the door, I took her under left My arm and gave her a good spanking. She struggled too much so I took her by the ear to our bookcase and made her bend over for the rest of her spanking. Still she refused to remain still so I fetched
the leather paddle and spanked her good and proper and afterwards she spent 30 minutes in the corner before we went back to the restaurant.
She sat very quietly during lunch but she did fidget quite a bit :)

After Julie spent an hour in the corner she was told to sit down. She noticed the honeystick on the table and wondered what was going to happen. She found out soon enough!. It had come to our attention (Jane) that Julie had taken a Snickers bar from the super market without paying for it. This called for a severe punishment and the young miss was told to get in the diaper position on our coffee table and her bare bottom was spanked soundly! Her bottom was in quite a state after that but she really deserved it.

julie gets a sound birching for being rude
to her mother again!!

julie gets a sound outdoor spanking for
spilling water in the car

Jane let us know that she saw Julie being rude to her mother again in their kitchen. I called Julie and told her to get her bottom over to our place in 15 minutes. Before she arrived we placed 2 chairs in the middle of our living room and when she arrived she was told to kneel on one and elbows on the other. In that position she felt our birch for the first time. After she was birched she had to spend a good half hour in the corner
holding the birch tightly against her sore bottom.

While Julie was in the car, the clumsy girl dropped her bottle of water and spilled water on the carpet. As it was a beautifull day outside, I decided a spanking was called for immediately
instead of waiting untill we were home.
As it happens we were quite near a spot I know which is excellent for an outdoor spanking so I went there and took the little madam over My knee in the backseat of the car. There was not enough room for a proper spanking really so I bent her over the hood of the car and continued her spanking. She sat on a very sore and red bottom on the way home.

julie gets a sound outdoor punishment for
hitchiking. part 1: a sound spanking and the belt

julie gets a sound outdoor punishment for
hitchiking. part 1: a sound bare bottom switching

When I was driving home, I noticed a young girl next to the road hitchiking. Just as I was thinking how dangerous that is for a young girl, I saw it was JULIE! I told her to get into the car and I drove to our familiar spot in the woods where I took her across My knee for a sound bare bottom spanking and after that made her bend over, hands on a log, for a good belting across her red bare bottom. She gets a sound switching in part 2

After the belting I went to pick a switch because the little minx refused to keep her bottom still during the belting. I switched her allready red bare bottom soundly and took her back to the car

julie gets a very hard slippering for borrowing a dvd box without permission

julie gets a spanking and cornertime for breaking a cup

This video follows the Julie birched for being rude again video. After I told Julie to remain in the corner I went upstairs to check Emails and when I came back sooner, I caught Julie putting something back in our DVD and book cupboard. I noticed that she had taken a certain DVD box which we could not find. I decided that it was time for our dreaded slipper!. I say dreaded because this little slipper is almost as painfull as our cane because of the hard slightly studded plastic sole. It is a feared instrument of pain in this household I can tell you! I bent Julie over my knee and gave her a sound bare bottom slippering. I put her very sore and red bottom back in the corner for another hour after that and her bottom was marked for days! I don't grab the slipper often but this time Julie really deserved it.

When Julie was over for a cozy dinner the little minx broke one of our cups. I told her to get her nose in the corner immediately while we cleaned up the pieces. Then I took the little minx over My knee and gave her a good spanking and put her nose in the corner again while we enjoyed our deserts.

julie gets a sound carpetbeating for
not answering her emails again!

julie gets spanked for changing her hair without permission

Young Julie was lazy again in answering her emails so it was time to tan her naughty bottom again! This time she was bent over, skirt raised and her naughty bottom got a good
long thrashing with our carpetbeater till it was a fiery red.
She was also told that if she doesn't answer her emails promptly in the future, it will be put in the forum again and you the members can decide what lays in store for her naughty bottom.

Young Julie showed up at our door to proudly show us her new hairstyle. What she forgot and didn't bargain on is that she had it done without  permission so she reluctantly agreed that another sore bottom was in order. Over the knee the little minx went and over her tights, over her striped panties and on her bare bottom she was spanked and placed in the corner afterwards.

julie gets an hour cornertime and a good spanking with our honeystick for leaving a restaurant without paying for a cup of coffee

julie gets a sound outdoor switching in the wintercold for getting fired from her job

Julie came to me and she was very upset with herself. A few days before she went into a restaurant and ordered a cup of coffee. To her shock she forgot her purse at home so, in a panic, she left the restaurant without paying. I ordered her to stand in the corner for one full hour and then while scolding
her on her behaviour, I gave her bare bottom 6 hard strokes with our honeystick.
She felt really bad about what she had done and she shed quite a few tears. Then I sent her back to the restaurant to pay for her coffee and apologize

Julie came to us and told us that she got fired from her job because she was late too often and quite lazy. I decided this called for a special punishment so I drove the little minx to our
spot in the woods, made her pick her own switch and gave 12 good strokes of the switch right there in the freezing winter weather.
Straight after the 12 strokes, she pulled up her pants and panties without  permission so I doubled her punishment and gave her 12 extra. Believe me she felt that switch because it hurts much more on a cold bottom then a warm one. p.s. She phoned me a few days later and she got her job back though which is good.

julie gets a severe otk spanking for indecent
behaviour. The hardest spanking she ever got!

julie gets a sound spanking and lines on our punishment stool for swearing

Jane called me again and she informed that she had seen young Julie at a club dancing on the tables in her underwear! I am quite shocked by this so I decided that it is time that little girl felt what my spanking hand is capable off. No paddles, no canes, just a HARD
SEVERE otk spanking!
I called her over and soon she was across my knee getting one of the hardest spankings I have ever given to any girl on the site. She bawled her eyes out as I relentlessly spanked her bottom untill it was a fiery red. This spanking might be too severe for some of you but she really deserved a good hard lesson. p.s. Julie told me later that this was exactly what she needed and she thanked me for teaching her a good lesson.

I noticed that Julie was swearing a lot lately. A young lady should not use bad and foul language so I decided to teach her a special and painfull lesson. On her knees, and on all fours, on our coffee table, I gave her bottom a good spanking! Then I made her sit behind Kelly's computer, on our punishment stool,
bottom bare, and she had to type out 500 times: I must not swear
That had the desired effect because she is now very carefull in her choice of words.

julie gets a severe spanking for spending too much money without permission again

julie has to pick her own switch and gets a sound switching in the woods for taking a day off work without permission

You must remember that a while ago I tanned Julie and Angel's bottoms soundly because they spended too much with their credit cards. To make sure they did as they were told I checked Julie's bank statements and I found that she had done 4 purchases withour permission! Time for another severe hand spanking across my knee dear members. I spanked her severely and she was bawling her eyes out but she agreed that she deserved every hard stinging smack. Now it will be time to check Angel's bank statements but I have a suspicious
feeling that she will be across My knee soon as well for a spanking similair I just gave Julie

Here is our first outdoor spanking this year dear and the unlucky recipient is Julie! The weather here in Holland in changing for the better so when I found out that our Julie had taken a day off work due to the nice weather, I ordered her
to take a bus to our spot in the woods, pick a switch and wait for me.
When I arrived she had picked a nice whippy switch and she was soon bending over holding a pole while her bottom felt the sting of her switch. After the switching I took her straight to work for the rest of the day.

julie gets another sound spanking in the car
for keeping us waiting at the mall

julie gets a severe caning for having
dope in her bag

We all went to the local mall for a spot of lunch and a bit of shopping. We told Julie we are leaving at 3 and when the time came, she was nowhere to be found. She wanted to do more shopping she said! I decided that instead of going straight home, I was going to drive to the woods, park the car and give her another good bottom walloping! I moved to the passenger seat and I soon had the little minx across my
knee and I gave her a fast, hard, long stinging spanking.
When I was finished I told her to sit on her bare bottom all the way home to remind her what she had done.

After a check in Julie's handbag I was quite amazed to find a few grams of dope. She turned white as a sheet because she knew what thet meant. A severe punishment and tears. I decided to give her a severe caning. 6 on her leggings, 6 on her panties and 24 hard strokes on her bare bottom. I used our trestle for this caning and Julie was soon bawling her eyes out
as her bottom felt the sting from my trusty 3 footer.
She did not sit in the train on the way home.

julie gets a sound wooden paddling outdoors
for letting her bicycle get stolen

julie gets a sound strapping on our new punishment bench for oversleeping and being late for work

Julie told me that her 250 Euro bicycle got stolen in Amsterdam. Normally one wouldn't punish a girl for that but when questioned her, it became apparent that the little madam forgot to lock it and that was easy pickings for the idiots who can't keep their hands of someone else's property. Time for a good and unusual punishment so I took her into the woods, parked the car quite a way from our regular spot and I carried the paddle openly while we walked to our favourite spot for spanking. I had her bend over holding a tree and I gave her bottom a sound wooden paddling which had her in tears. Afterwards she had to carry the paddle back to the car and we got quite a few funny looks from hikers and a few women on horseback. That will teach her!

To add more variety to the discipline sessions I bought a new punishment bench. It is actually a massage table but it will function very well to lay naughty girls over or on it. The first naughty minx to get her bottom punished on it is Julie. The little madam overslept a few times and was late for work. I told her to lay flat on the bench and I gave her a sound strapping which
was very effective.
Afterwards she saw the familiar corner again.

julie feels restless so to avoid getting into trouble, she asks for a maintenance spanking

julie gets a sound spanking and paddling in
the diaper position for getting a fine on the

Julie dropped by unanounced and she told me that she was feeling restless and to avoid getting into trouble again and getting a hard spanking she asked me if I would give her a maintenance or reminder spanking. I obliged her and over my knee she went for a nice stinging spanking that will keep her well behaved for a while. She even bought a pair of very sexy stretch pants especially for the occasion and for you members :) Isn't she just adorable?

Julie has been a naughty girl again dear members. She went on the subway without a ticket and she got a fine. As our new punishment table is very popular I decided to have Julie
lay on it in the diaper position and I spanked and paddled her bottom soundly.
After the spanking I told her that she has to pay the fine herself as this is the second time she has done this. She sat on a very sore and stinging bottom in the subway train and she saw the same conductor. If only you knew she thought.

julie gets a mouth soaping and a severe
spanking for using foul language

julie gets a sound spanking for losing
her mobile phone

When Julie was here she called a friend who was supposed to pick her up and during that conversation the F word was used 3 times. One thing I hate is for our girls to swear so I fetched a bar of soap and I put her on her bare bottom on our punishment stool with the bar of soap in her mouth. After 10 minutes I put the little madam across my knee and I gave her a severe hand spanking which had her bawling her eyes out. I am sure she will watch her tongue from now on.

Julie was coming by for her regular behaviour discussions and when I tried to phone her, I kept getting her voicemail which is not allowed. When she arrived and I asked her about it, she confessed that she misplaced her mobile phone. Over my knee she went and she got a nice long sound spanking on her cold bottom as it was quite chilly outside. Her bottom was soon warmed up and a nice shade of red. I sent her home to go and look for the phone and if she didn't find it, she was to come back for another spanking. To be continued?

julie gets a sound bedroom strapping for
not finding her mobile phone

julie gets another severe otk spanking for
drinking too much again

As you have seen in the last video I sent Julie home after her spanking to go and look for her mobile with the promise that if she didn't find it she was to return and she would get another spanking. Well a few hours later she came back and I sent her straight up to the bedroom and lay over the bed with the persuader in front of her. 10 minutes later I went upstairs and I gave the careless young madam a good long strapping and sent her downstairs to kneel bare bottomed on a stool to think about her carelesness. p.s. She did find the mobile at a friend's house

As you well know Julie is one of our girls who occasionally behaves very badly and then I give her a severe hand spanking. She has done it again. She went out with friends and drank too much which I strictly forbid her to do. I told her to put on a pair of white cotton punishment knickers and a plaited skirt and wait in the corner. I then hardened My heart, put her across My knee and gave her a severe hand spanking which had her in tears. It may look harsch to some but I know Julie in and out and she needs this from time to time. We love her to bits though. She is very special to us

julie gets a sound paddling for eating
cookies without asking

julie gets a good spanking for throwing
a snowball at me

When Julie dropped by I went to check the RLS mails on Michael's computer. When I returned I caught Julie with her hand in the cookie jar. As she didn't ask us it was bad manners. I made her bend over the table, went to get my heavy leather paddle and gave a sound paddling! Then I put her in the corner in the kitchen to think about her
bad manners.

When we were taking a quiet stroll in the snow I suddenly felt a snowball hit me. It was Julie who threw it so I dragged her straight inside and pulled her over my knee without even taking our coats off. Spank them as quickly as possible after a bratting I always say. I gave her cold winter bottom a good spanking untill it was hot and red and then she was in the corner, hands behind her back (member request)

julie gets a sound hairbrush spanking for
drinking without asking

julie gets a sound strapping and paddling and our punishment stool for littering

The last paddling I gave Julie for taking cookies out of Michael's cupboard didn't have much effect because when she was over at our house for dinner, she poured herself a drink without asking. I decided that it was time again for a sound hairbrush spanking. I grabbed our wooden hairbrush, turned the bad mannered little madam over my knee, and gave her a good spanking. Afterwards she had to kneel in the corner while I made us dinner and she could only come out when the food was on the table.

When we were all in town doing a bit of shopping we all had a snack. After, Kelly and I put our empty containers nicely in a bin but Julie just dropped hers on the street. Time for another sore bottom dear members. I decided to be creative so she had to sit on a chair in an unusual position and I gave her bottom a sound strapping and paddling which made a few tears appear. Then I thought it was time for her sore red bottom to get re-aquainted with our dreaded punishment stool.

julie gets a sound outdoor and indoor jeans
paddling for being cheeky in the car

julie gets a hard spanking and our punishment stool twice for getting new piercings

When we picked Julie up she was very cheeky in the car so we decided that we should do a little detour to the woods. Now over here it is still very chilly so I decided to give her a jeans paddling. A few members in the forum requested this so I did. I paddled her jean clad bottom soundly in the woods then drove her home and continued the paddling over my knee. Then it was jeans and panties down and nose in the corner for the cheeky little madam.

You must have noticed that our little Julie has got 2 new piercings in her cheeks. She had this done without permission so I decided to give her a special spanking. I put her over my knee and spanked her soundly over her tights and panties and then put her on the punishment stool for 30 min. Then I gave her the next spanking on her bare bottom and put her back on the stool. She hated that!

julie gets a sound trestle birching for
playing truant from work

julie gets a good spanking for being too
lazy to do her laundry

Young Julie decided to go out and have fun which is ok BUT the little madam woke up the next morning and decided to call in sick at work even though she wasn't. I decided a sound birching over our trestle was needed. Soon she was laying over our trestle feeling the sting of my trusty old birchrod explode across her naughty bottom. Then I sent her straight to her boss to apologize.

When Julie dropped by I noticed she had on the same outfit as the last time. When I asked her about it, it became apparent that the little madam was too lazy to do her laundry. I sat on the coffee table, put her across my left knee and gave her lazy little bottom a good long spanking! She had to sit on her sore red bare bottom for the remainder of her visit.

julie gets a sound belting for getting
a tattoo without permission

julie's punishment weekend part one

Tattoos these days are part of fashion it seems. Not my taste but when Julie came and told me she got another Tattoo, I decided to give her a good belting. Some members have asked Me when I was going to use a belt so this was a good time to pull it out. I told her to lay over our trestle and I gave her bottom a sound belting. One hour kneeling in the corner was part of her punishment.

In part one Julie arrives and she has to change into her humiliating little girl punishment outfit. She is inspected, has to remove her make-up and her punishment weekend begins The next morning she oversleeps and is pulled out of bed for her stinging morning spanking. She then has to clean the kitchen but after putting 3 dirty mugs into the cupboard, she is bent over the dining room table and her bottom gets a sound spanking with a hard wooden spatula. She is then put into the corner for 1 hour.

julie's punishment weekend part two

julie's punishment weekend part three

In part two Julie gets her 6 stroke Saturday night bedtime caning and is followed by her Sunday morning spanking. Then she is taken out into the garden where she has to do some excersises to wake her up and get her ready for the day's chores

In part three naughty Julie gets a sound strapping over the side of the couch after Sunday lunch and then she is ordered to scrub the entire floor. Upon inspection she didn't clean underneath the tables and couch so she was bent over, skirt up, panties down and she got a sound bare bottom birching. Then she had to scrub the areas she neglected with her bottom bare.

julie's punishment weekend part four

julie gets soundly spanked so i can feel better
after a stress full day

In part four Julie is ordered to sweep the patio but it becomes clear that the little madam is taking her sweet time about it so I take her inside, throw her over my knee and give her a good spanking. Fifteen minutes later I catch her on her mobile texting a friend instead of sweeping so this time I took her back inside for a severe hand spanking. After the hard spanking, with tear stained eyes and her red and stinging bottom bare, she had to finish sweeping the patio

A while ago I had a rough day. Nothing serious but nothing went according to plan. You know what type of day Now as most of you spankers know, giving someone a good spanking makes one feel much better so I called Julie and told her to come over
She did and she went over My knee obediently and I gave her a good spanking. I felt much better after that and Julie too because it would keep her out of trouble for a while she said.

julie gets a sound spanking for bad
money management

julie gets a sound strapping for buying a
jacket without permission

When I told Julie to come over she told me she had no money for the train She spent her entire salary. I internet banked her some money and when she arrived I scolded her and
put the little madam across my knee for a sound spanking.
Then I put her in the corner and told her that in the next few months I want to see her bank statements and she has to ask for permission for everything exept food.

As you heard in the last Julie video I want to see all her bank statements so i can keep an eye on her spending. She brought them along and when I read them I found an amount which
was pinned in some clothing store and Julie admitted that it was for a jacket which she claimed she needed.
As she knows darn well that she must ask for permission on anything other then food, I bent her over our coffee table and strapped her bottom soundly. Then i put her on the punishment stool for an hour to learn the error of her ways.

julie gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for going to a restaurant without

milena and julie part 1

The third time I told Julie to bring over her bank statements I noticed an amount pinned for some fancy restaurant. When I asked Julie about it she said that it was food and I said that was ok! Cheeky little madam! She was soon over My knee and a wooden hairbrush was stinging her bottom in no uncertain terms! Then I made her kneel in the corner for a while. Bare sore bottom on display.

A new gorgeous and very naughty and wild 19 year old contacted us because she needs strict discipline in her life Her name is Milena This time I decided on something different and as it came to my attention that our Julie had been naughty also, I asked both girls to come to our new location, and I would spank Julie first so Milena can see how I punish our girls
and then she would get her first spanking
. In part one Julie gets a sound spanking for leaving work early without permission
while Milena sits outside and she can see the spanking through the window next to the door.

milena and julie part 2

milena and julie get soundly punished for
sleeping through their alarm clocks
part one

In part two I introduce the lovely Milena to you and of course she gets her first spanking

I don't know if it is the weather or something but a lot of our girls oversleep as of late. Both Milena AND julie slept through their alarm clocks a few times so they are going to be soundly punished. We made one of our beds ready as that is appropriate concidering that they overslept. In part one they both got a sound leather paddling laying over the bed.



milena and julie get soundly punished for
sleeping through their alarm clocks
part two

julie and betty get soundly spanked
part 1 and 2

In part two both girls went over the end of the bed and they got a sound bare bottom birching followed by half an hour against the wall, bottoms bare, hands on their heads, and their noses against the wall.

We have great news again dear members. After a year away for personal reasons, Julie is back and looking as lovely as ever :) And she needs discipline again so I asked her to come over for her first spanking in a year. I also asked Betty over to discuss her recent behaviour and the little madam
was late and burst in just as I was about to start Julie's spanking.
I told her to watch with her bottom bare and as soon as I finished with Julie, she also went over my knee and got a sound spanking






the bar tab part 1, 2, 3 and 4

the facebook spankings part 1 and 2

Julie and Betty came to see me and they wanted to borrow some money to fix their flat tires on their bicycles. I know for a fact that Julie doesn't own a bike and when I confonted Betty
with it, she confessed she doesn't own one either.
The girls needed the money to pay for a bar tab they had opened in the
pub they usually hang out in.
I took them upstairs and for lying to me they got a sound leather paddling followed by some time on the dreaded punishment stools. Yes I put them in our office because they are very effective. For the bar tab they both got a sound bare bottom birching But this is not the end dear members because a few days later when I went to pay the bar tab, it was 40 Euros higher. Which meant that the two naughty minxes had gone back to the pub and put a few rounds on the tab again. For that they got two sound strappings! I will upload these spankings in 4 parts and 2 galleries

Most of you must remember that a while back here in Holland some girl, by mistake, wrote publicly on her Facebook page that there was to be a huge party in her town of Haren and everyone should come. Now there was no party but thousands showed up and it turned into total mayhem with looting, riots etc. To my surprise our Julie was there too! Of course she didn't get involved with the riots but the fact that she was there warrants a sound punishment session. I told her to bring her portable PC and after I scolded her, she had to log into her Facebool page and she had to type exactly what was happening to her. I gave her a sound hand spanking followed by a sound dose of the
carpet beater.
Then she had to spend 30 minutes on the punishment stool and then I gave her another sound hand spanking followed by the Tawse and another session on the stool. At least one of them on Facebook got punished for it.










julie gets soundly spanked and strapped
for being cheeky on facebook
part 1 and 2

julie's painfull morning part 1, 2 and 3

The Facebook saga continues. The last spanking I gave to Julie was for the Facebook party in Haren. One would think that was the end of that but when I checked her
Facebook page a few days later, I found he  comments rather cheeky and brave.
She told her friends it didn't hurt and she took it well bla bla bla This cannot go unpunished so here she is again and this time I gave her a sound OTK spanking followed by a good thrashing with a new strap/paddle I bought.

Julie dropped by and it was obvious right from the start she was in a very naughty mood. How did I know? Well it had been snowing here and Mickey our cameraman got snowed in in traffic. Julie thought that there wouldn't be any filming so as soon as we got out of the car, she threw a few snowballs at me. Now she knows I HATE snow and especially snowballs so I took her upstairs, made her kneel on a chair, and gave her a good spanking. Then I told her to remain in the corner for 30 min but 15 min later I saw her outside saying she needed some fresh air! To her surprise and embarrasment, I gave her a short spanking right there outside so everyone in traffic could see it. I realised she needed a lot more so I took her inside and gave her a sound bare bottom paddling, followed by more cornertime. I finished with a hard tawsing and 12 strokes of the cane.








julie brings brooke part 1 and 2

blondes have more fun part 1, 2, 3 and 4

I love pleasant surprises and and I got quite a good one a few days ago. Julie was ordered to come over because she spent more money on clothes then she can afford and she brought a friend with her. Meet 21 year old Brooke Brooke has been quite fascinated by how Julie is disciplined by us and
now she wants to experience it for herself.
I gave Julie a sound spanking while Brooke watched and then I gave
brooke her first ever spanking.

Well that didn't take long. Not even a week has gone by since Julie and Brooke were both spanked and the girls went out, had a lot of fun and spent lots of money and to make matters worse, they didn't confess it to me. Time for a serious punishment and two very red and sore bottoms. For not reporting I gave them both a sound leather paddling. For having too much fun I gave them a sound bare bottom birching and I finshed their punishment with a sound hand spanking and a taste of my new heavy learther strap.










naughty during our holiday part 1 and 2

pick a switch 2 part 1, 2 and 3

Quite a few members were wondering who will misbehave and get spanked while we were on our last holiday. Well this time it was Julie and Scarlett. Julie decided to change her haircolour which can be washed out quickly apparently which is good. Scarlett had a few parties that got out of hand. I spanked them both soundly with our table tennis bat and hand

Julie went to a local pop festival for a few days and she put up her tent together with another culprit who shall be named and dealt with later. First of all they put their tents up outside the designated area, they lit an illegal fire and when they left, they didn't clean up. As the weather here has finally turned nice, I decided to take Julie to the woods and punish her there. For the tent I gave her a sound spanking, for the fire I gave her a good
strapping and for the mess, I made her pick a switch and I switched her bare bottom soundly.









punished for not giving up her seat
and fighting part 1 to 4

julie soundly punished for a bad
evaluation at work part 1 and 2

Our Julie has been naughty and bad mannered again dear members.When she was on a tram in Amsterdam, an old lady walked in and Julie did not get up and offer her seat to her.And later she got into a verbal fight with some girl on Amsterdam Central station and swearwords were flying all over the place. This is not how I brought her up! :) I told her to come over and I gave her a sound spanking. Then Idecided a spot of humiliation was needed so I gave hera second spanking in the wheelbarrow position (A first for me) In between I made her sit on the dreaded punishment stool and
I finshed off with a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddle, the carpetbeater and a good stinging caning!

Julie emailed me the evaluation she received at work and she has good reason to be nervous. Apparently she was late for work on numerous occassions and her boss said that if she continues to be late, she will be fired. I told her to come over and I gave her a sound hand spanking, followed by one hour on the punishment stool. Then I put her back over my knee for a sound birching and I finished off with a sound thrashing with the carpet beater.






night school missing the first class
part 1 and 2

night school failed first test
part 1 AND 2

Julie and Monique tld me that they had both enrolled in a handy course in Night School which I of course applauded. But we all know these two so I warned them. Slack off and you will be the only adults in the class with very sore bottoms. They went to their first class but decided to pop in to the local pub first for a wee drink which turned into a few and the result: they missed their first class! Well I think you can guess by now what followed :)

Julie and Monique missed a few lessons with the result that they failed their first test. This cannnot go unpunished so my leather paddles became well aquainted with their bottoms again








julie gets soundly punished as
a naughty schoolgirl part 1 to 3

CHEYENNE returns and the lecture
part 1 and 2

It was inevitable that some girls would misbehave when I was in hospital and Julie was one of them. I will not go into detail but she did some childish things so I thought it would be appropriate to punish her as a naughty little schoolgirl. I put together a nice little schoolgirl outfit for her and I first spanked
her soundly. Then I gave her a good dose of the belt and birch
and I caned her bare bottom soundly!
Also in between the various thrashings she had to sit, bare bottom, on our dreaded punishment stool.

After quite a while Cheyenne called me and she asked to come over for a good spanking. She has been very busy and naughty spanking all those helpless subs so she feels it is time to be on the receiving end again. I gave her a good spanking and a sound strapping but towards the end of her spanking Julie showed up. She had to attend a lecture for her work and to avoid getting fidgety during the lecture, she asked me to give her a spanking so she will sit on a sore bottom and that will keep her focused. I obliged and it worked








julie gets soundly punished for
changing her hair colour again
part 1, 2 and 3

double trouble part 1 to 4

What is it with women and hair? Julie in her own wisdom decided to change her hair colour again but it went horribly wrong. She tried to change it back to blond but it turned out some freaky blue Smurf colour. Now she knows that you guys don't like freaky hair colours so she knew what was coming. A sound hand spanking and she had to clean our entire office. Then she got a sound tawsing and I finished off with a good strapping.

Julie and Monique are in trouble again guys. What else is new? I hear you ask :) As you can see Julie didn't go to the hairdressers to get that funky blue colour taken out. Monique got a speeding ticket because she was driving 140 Kph I decided to give Julie a sound OTK strapping first and then Monique a sound hand spanking. Then after some cornertime I made them both lay over our punishment table and I strapped their bare bottoms soundly.












julie and loni get soundly spanked for
being irresponsible with money part 1 to 3

ivey's and julie disciplined again
part 1 to 5

I asked Julie and Loni to come together as they both have something in common. They both bought items they cannot afford They needed a reminder to be responsible and that reminder was a sound spanking over my knee. If you thought that was the end of it, you are sorely mistaken. When I drove home I saw them both through a restaurant window
enjoying what must have been a very expensive lunch.
Luckily they were nearly finished so I dragged them back to our office
and took a belt to their bottoms folowed by the punishment stool

I called Ivey and Julie over to see if they have behaved themselves. Ivey showed up with a pair of raggedy torn jeans i wouldn't be caught dead in and Julie had green locks in her hair AGAIN! I decided a nice lengthy discipline session was deserved so I first spanked them both soundly over my knee. Then I took them to our punishment room and gave them a sound strapping and birching together. This is a four parter













leona and julie are soundly punished
part 1 and 2

julie gets a sound maintenance spanking

When 2 girls are both guilty of the same thing, it is preferable to punish them together. Leona was late picking her models up a few times and Julie was late for work a few times.  A sound bare bottom leathering for both was needed. I made Leona bare her bottom and kneel on our punishment table
and I gave her a sound leathering with my strap, tawse and a few with my extremely painfull and stinging 3 tailed heavy tawse
Then I told Julie to bare her bottom and to lay flat on the table and she got the same. And afterwards they got some cornertime of course,

As you know by now some of our girls, to avoid getting into trouble and get spanked more severely, ask me for a maintenance spanking now and then. This time it was Julie who asked me and of course I obliged. Over my knee she went and her bottom got a nice firm spanking to keep her on the straight and narrow. This spanking took place a while ago.

















the mirror part 1 and 2

julie soundly punished for being late for work part 1 and 2

Julie decided to put another small piercing in her cheek but again the little madam forgot to ask for permission. Time for another sore bottom This time I decided to bring our mirror, usually used by the girls for make up etc. ,into one of our punishment rooms and use it in this session. I gave her a sound strapping, a tawsing, the slipper and I finished with our heavy leather paddle. This is a two parter

Our young Julie is yet again in trouble dear members. She confessed to me that she was late getting out of bed a few times
with the result that she was late for work again.
This time I told her to bare her bottom and lay over my desk waiting for me and I strapped her bare bottom soundly. Then some cornertime and I put her over my knee for a sound bare bottom carpet beating





julie meets the hand and slipper
part 1, 2 and 3

a lesson in obedience
part 1 to 3

On the twenty second our little Julie was 29 years old so it was time for a nice card, party and of course, a birthday spanking. I gave her 29 with my hand and 29 with my slipper for her birthday. That should have been the end but later the little madam was swearing so badly, that I took her by her ear back to the office and gave her a real taste of my hand and trusty Slipper

One of our lovely regular girls Julie came to us again and she has some financial difficulties due to over spending. Time for Me to give her a lesson in obedience. In part one I told her to sit on one of our stools and write the punishment line: I must obey Sir Mike while I used our new hand shaped paddle on her bottom. After that cornertime. Bare bottom on display In part two I paddled her again in an unusual position using our red chair. Bottoma up! The Punishment Stool followed In part three I gave her a sound bare bottom strapping in our sitting room on our couch. Followed by more cornertime






credit card abuse part 1 and 2

return to the woods part 1 to 3

As the name says, Julie came to us and told us she was in a spot of trouble She used her credit card too often and now she can't pay the bills. Of course we will help her but first her bottom will get a sound punishment. In part one I spanked her soundly and gave her cornertime. In part two her bare bottom was soundly strapped. Let's hope that taught her a lesson.

The last time I took our naughty Julie to our spot in the woods was back in 2013. High time to take the little madam back to the woods and give her the discipline she needs.I started with a sound hand spanking and let her pick her own switch for part 2. I part 3 I strapped her striped bottom soundly to make sure she felt the discipline and she will be well behaved for a while












sent to the woods part 1 and 2


As the name says, Julie came to us and told us she was in a spot of trouble She used her credit card too often and now she can't pay the bills. Of course we will help her but first her bottom will get a sound punishment. In part one I spanked her soundly and gave her cornertime. In part two her bare bottom was soundly strapped. Let's hope that taught her a lesson.















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