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kathy is introduced and gets her first
spanking and cornertime

kathy gets a sound strapping and tawsing
for hiding my case with implements

We are delighted to introduce the lovely, but ever so cheeky 25 year old Kathy to you. Those of you who have seen or joined our sister site www.spanked-in-uniform.com will recognize her as one of our first St. Catherines schoolgirls Kathy is a real spankee and she needs a regular good spanking to keep her in line. I was going to give her a normal first spanking but as you can see she tested Me and the result was that I spanked her much harder then the other first spankings and I put her in the corner I am going to have to be very strict with her so you will see lots more of her

You must have seen on the site that not many girls brat. That is because I punish bratting severely! Kathy doesn't know that yet so she decided, as a joke, to hide my guitar case with my impements ( The case of death as Leia-Ann Woods calls it ) So after Loni got her spanking for being late I told Kathy to lay over the back of the sofa and I gave her a sound strapping and tawsing while poor little Loni watched. Then I put the little brat in the corner but I had to give her another good spanking for not standing properly.



kathy gets soundly punished for smoking a joint

kathy returns and gets a sound welcome
back spanking

You know Me dear members. I have a zero tolerance for any form of drug use so when it came out that Kathy had smoked a joint to "relax" it was time for a very very sore bottom. Now as she is an experienced spankee I decided on a hard hairbrush spanking followed by six of the best with the cane and six of the best with the riding crop. A very contrite young lady pressed her nose against the wall after that session I can tell you

Please welcome back Kathy dear members. She has been away for quite a while but she really misses the spankings and discipline so she contacted us again. She agreed that a sound OTK welcome back spanking was exactly what she wanted and craved. I obviously obliged her :)

kathy asks for a good spanking part 1 and 2

lizzy's first discipline session part 1 to 4

Some women, when they don't get a good spanking regularly, become restless and irritated. One of those women is Kathy. She came to us saying she is bouncing up and down at home, feeling restless and she needs a good spanking. I put her over my knee and gave her a good spanking followed by a sound bare bottom strapping. She left with a very sore bottom but peace in her mind and happy :)

Kathy contacted us and told us she has a friend Elizabeth who is a switch. Lizzy, as she is called, is also quite naughty and she needs a firm hand sometimes. She is 25 years old and she came over with Kathy. I spanked Kathy first as an example and I put Lizzy over my knee. Then some cornertime and I gave them both a sound leather paddling. I also gave Lizzy the oppertunity to paddle Kathy and she did a good job





marie and kathy's discipline session
- 28.10.2016 - part 1 to 3


I had kathy over for her regular spanking when she told me that a friend of hers Marie will be joining us. I put Kathy bare bottom in the corner while I interviewed Marie and in part 1 I gave her her first spanking. In part 2 Kathy went over my knee and I strapped them both soundly in part 3 and 4






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